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  1. Greetings! I am sorry to bother with something so silly but for airheaded people like me it would be useful to have an icon in the bottom bar (like the one we have for antiqued items) that let us know that we have event currency about to expire. It's not the first time that I have forgotten to redeem items (this time I have lost 8 sacred vials, totally forgetting to use golden seeds) because I lost track of time. My bad of course, not blaming system or something, just something that might help a little inattentive players like me Thank you
  2. I see the problem! I play in EU, sorry if I forgot to mention it
  3. Oh I am sorry to read that you are experiencing issues with MSP. I am able to do 1-6 everyday with my geared chars and 1-3 no problem with less geared alts almost all the time during the day (unless it's very late, then yes, a little more complicated to gather 12 people quick). And the good thing is that people joining are more aware of the little mechanics involved: - no more poison stacks (*) due to players rushing to kill Grassquatches while you are killing red adds; - no more random thrasher spawning when boss is ready; - boss attacks are being correctly reset by tank, always; - gardening is done when party isn't geared enough to survive. Overall it's not bad considering that you get rewarded with more than 12g (if premium) and it doesn't really take that long to do. (*)Yes poison can be cleared with some skills or killing the Woodfields, still annoying though.
  4. What is melee range in meters?

    Thank you for explaining it Granger
  5. Sorry, as a full ranged player it sounds like a stupid question for many of you guys but I was wondering, is this specific for all the bosses or does it change from boss to boss, mechanicwise? Generally I hear less than 3 meters from boss is melee range, more than 3 meters is ranged. I feel like 3 meters is a little too narrow and doesn't apply to every boss but I might be wrong. For some, like Foundry Lavabiter, might be actually true, what about the others?
  6. I felt like I was damaging my weapon
  7. For the ladies out there (and few gents that fancy small things) I suggest to give up on rolling a midget gon for your warden. I did and the result was disappointing since a good amount of the sword tip sinks into the ground. Hands sliders all down, weapon doesn't scale properly on gon, apparently. Until you reach an average height of the character (making it no longer a tiny) it will always sink. Here is what I mean: Jin is fine, it does scale even if you make her super small. Such a shame, gon female faces are so pretty.
  8. This is not exactly a bug since doesn't effect the game itself, I can't fined an appropriate section. Please point it out if there is any! In Herbalist's Lodge a woman standing next to the carts speaks with a male voice. She just says: "What's going on?" and "You scared me!" but it sounds weird. Here she is for a quick reference:
  9. Hello, I might be wrong but this sentence doesn't look right: 'Use standoff [1] against the Dusker Adder. Them, use the automatically activated Return Fire' Them->then?