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  1. YES, Blade & Soul was released to Central and South America in case you missed it, otherwise I'd be banned long ago. YES, we have the right to play this game. YES we are very welcome. YES again we should be playing this game. otherwise, we wouldn't be able to download it, we wouldn't have the translation for our languages, and we wouldn't have BIG, BEATIFUL, SHINY BUTTON with the Brazilian flag in the Official Blade & Soul Website called 'FOR BRAZILIANS' because some of the players aren't fully familiar with English language. We don't have an exclusive server for Central and South America regions because the North American Server covers those regions by technical and legal therms. So, quit the "you aren't welcome here" crap. We are also a part of their profit, profit used to upgrade features for ALL players.
  2. It is significant, if it's so useless to some of you, then don't register. Simple like that, but even if it's little, it means a lot to some players. We won't wait untill the next expansion, that God knows when it will come out to complain about this kind of behavior again, it's a doubt that we have and none it's getting answers from anyone that actually knows about it, so yeah, some panic, some use forums, some just throw a temper tantrum, but we just want information to know what will be our next move.
  3. We're just having a doubt, naturally. What's the worth complaining after the "event" it's over, wouldn't do much, if so many people are being excluded, we'll complain when there's still time to fix it, afterall it would be really unfair to be excluded IMO. It's not like we don't contribute at all, a lot of players of these regions also pay for Premium and HM Store Items, so we deserve as much as any others.
  4. My billing address it's also from where I live, kinda obvious. If it was simple like that, just change your billing address, no one would be worried.
  5. If it was that simple, to just change the account country, players would be creating a chaotic situations in group chats? They send me an IP security verification everytime my internet breaks at home, even if I'm the same location without moving an inch, they take this seriously. And even if it was that simple I wouldn't do this, not my thing to lie for a bundle.
  6. I think it's more like IP-based, and I wouldn't consider lying, even if it's a small lie.
  7. - Source: http://static.bladeandsoul.com/uploads/articles/pdf/BnS-Dawn-of-the Lost-Continent-Giveaway-Rules_EN.pdf?_ga=2.126092296.428386558.1510929694-1324786259.1509992090 I couldn't help but notice the quoted part of the Lost Continent Explorer's Bundle rules of eligibility, that not only caused doubt in me but in a few fellow players. Thing is, why aren't the regions of South and Central America there too? A lot of people replied once I posted this same doubt in a Facebook group, and someone said that the same happened before with other giveaways, but players from the South and Central America were able to claim the gift, tho, is it the same this time, or we are "excluded" from this Expansion's reward? Also, players of Australia are having the same doubt, so are we in or out?