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  1. ^ This. I've wanted test dummies in the training room since it was introduced. Sometimes there are very subtle variations of gear that I want to parse, to see which has the higher dps. I agree it would be nice to add the simplified combat mode too. Which training room boss does not attack you? I will switch to that one.
  2. While I understand the complaint of the OP in this thread, this ^^ statement is simply not true. The game dev's have consistently nerfed dungeons that have been out for a long time, which makes them much easier to do for lower level and newer players, compared to how difficult those dungeons were when they were first introduced. DT and NS are great examples of this, as well as the raid dungeons. The dev's have also consistently reduced the cost of upgrading your gear, at least for the lower and mid-level gear. So while I agree that it was a bad move to reduce the gold/mat's received from
  3. I'm wondering if the Skyrift effect applies to snare and strangling roots as well, since they are all categorized as variations of Weed Whack? If so, would the 100%/140% AP additional damage stack with the 220%/250% additional damage from subjugator bracelet, in PvP? With this, wondering if the 70%/105% AP additional damage stacks with the 110%/150% AP bonus from the Divine dragon bracelet effect, in PvE.
  4. Yeah, I suspected the total output must have been affected by a damage modifier buff of some kind, but still, the next highest dps of the group was a little over 500k. So my point is the same.
  5. No, they don't come close to falling in line with most other max geared classes. Someone posted a combat record tonight in faction chat, and the gunner (who was not even max geared) had over 3.2 million dps! That was just with Raven 9, and he did not even have one of the BT accessories. You don't think that's OP??? Take a look at the current ToI rankings. As of earlier today, 9 of the top 10 were gunners, and 16 out of the top 20 were gunners. There has never been a class that dominant. This class badly needs to be nerfed.
  6. ^ this is correct. The AP on the weapon is a very minor issue in 6v6. The bigger issue is the weapon proc and buff effects from your gear. I'd much rather face a stage 9 raven than a stage 6 ascendant. The ascendant will be the better weapon in 6v6. It also depends on when your buffs proc. I use stage 6 ascendant and 8 piece beluga SS set, and when both weapon and SS buffs are up, it is extremely nice defense. But if the buffs are down and a sin with his true transcendent soul proc active hits me with mine toss, I'm still going to be one-shotted. So sometimes it comes down
  7. I'm pretty sure that "Flower Carp Pet" is a Koi fish pet, for those of you looking for a new pet for your aura.
  8. Thanks for the input KurooSakura. I am mostly considering doing this for my Ivory Beluga. Of course, those can be fused with additional pieces for increased stats just like the PvE soul shields, yet pieces 6-8 are extremely expensive in terms of battle points and ascendant stones. Still, the crafting materials for engraving are super expensive too. So I don't know. Maybe I'd be better off just crafting the tradeable level 5 items instead.
  9. Has anyone done the Soul Warden Masterwork (max level) Soul Shield Engraving? I'm wondering if it is worth the cost. As best as I can tell from the description, you can enhance the secondary stats of your legendary soul shields. If I'm understanding it correctly, you can enhance only ONE of the secondary stats, and which one you can enhance depends on your RNG when you craft the soul shield engraving. I like the idea of this, but these cost a lot to make in terms of materials (the most expensive part being the number of Rare Elements you need), so my question is this: Is it
  10. BNStree has info. on "Galaxy Soul Shields", which appear to be the next step up from Ivory Beluga for PvP soul shields. Does anyone know when the NA servers are going to get those? Also, does anyone know how they are purchased in the game (i.e., with galaxy fragments or ascendance stones)? Just looking ahead. Any info. would be appreciated!
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