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  1. I have a simple suggestion to resolve some part of this issue: Pick every outfit and accessoires from the exploided outfit-chests and send it to every character, yes not every account, every character. That would calm down the players that spend real money to get those. To sort out which player got what and when would be imo way too much work on your side und nobody could seriously demand that. But those people, that spend real money to get those outfits need to get those back, there is no room for debate! That is, of course, that some overcompensation and the outfits must be una
  2. Hi there! Just as the title says would i like to ask if its possible, in the near future, to make the new ue4 character creator, which is in use right now for the coming korean frontier server, accesable for na and eu players. It would be awesome to play around with it until the new engine hits our regions.^^
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