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  1. this is correct. also for end game raid when both fire/shadow get Twilight Temple Ring/Earring accesories to max or rather max gears. of current content. it will all depend on boss mechanic but they have roughly the same dps potential on actual raid fight.
  2. Primal vs Holy fire

    FYI Primal still gives you higher sustain and burst. even on kr new patch primal still has the 10% edge of sustain. over holyfire. with a long cooldown soul.
  3. that video is the old gunslinger pre open beta. where u dont need to reload to do an air combo. they dont exist now aswell in korea untill recent patch reverting them back to the close beta style of gameplay
  4. Fix gunner class, or quitting game.

    this guy is crying being a crimson lol on an open world PVP there is like 99% population of crimson vs cerulean in the server. speaking of soulstone plain imagine being a cerulean on an open world pvp id take being a pleb sin with pve gears than that gunner on ceru. lol
  5. soul path for fire gunners

    long cool down soul. as it syncronizes very well to your tab skill if u have 8 pcs raven soul shield your opener will always be TAB > V skill and F. also use Bullrush spec untill you get VT badge.
  6. Looking for Static BT run

    Hi, 950ap raven wep user gunslinger [main] here looking for Static BT with discord knows all the mechanics.