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  1. So, maintenance do nothing. Another day I cannot log in correctly. Louncher loading failed treetimes and than game shut down. Fifth try and I can do daily with incredible lags.... Hope they fix it :(
  2. Same problem. After several attempts of start game and file repair nothing change. I can play now but every 5 mins game freez and turn off. One year playing without issue and no change on my PC or conection. So, who knows...maybe after today maintenance it will be good.
  3. thx for answers :) hard dungeon for me yet. So, maybe soon. It's bad, most of important things can be crafted only if you are higher lvl with average equipment and better experience in playing, cause material is bound to account. Nothing for alts and started players.
  4. Hi, pls... anyone know where can be obtained material chest, which must be opened by guild key? Need some rare material like rare elements and never find that. Thx for answers and sorry for my english :)
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