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  1. Hi. After UE4 update i cant find Compound System window with the etching stones and the bonuses. Can anyone help me.
  2. i gifted over 170 gift boxes from the event and i dont get Penta gem. "Season of Giving gift giving rewards will be sent to your In-game Mail"
  3. Thx for the info, it was very helpful
  4. I am the leader but there is nothing on Manage, only change clan name, edit clan notice, kicks left (without any button), and Automatic Appointment. https://imgur.com/yomnTSF https://imgur.com/pLse1hI
  5. Hello! I just make clan, and i need to unlock the clan crafting and clan warehouse, but i dont know how. Can someone help me pls.
  6. I did over 120-130 Hatchi runs befor i see the gloves for first time
  7. Looking for Bulgarian clan ingame character GetOutOfMyFace PM me Търся си Български клан основният ми герой е гънслингър HM20 Почти HM21 18xx attack power средно ниво на екипировка, нямам никакви изисквания към клана, ще се радвам ако се събираме за райдове, да си говорим или пишем и да помагам когато мога. нямам почти никакъв опит със хай енд дънджъните. Играя от 19ч. до към 24:00 може и до по късно. Не вярвам някой да прочете този пост :D
  8. Hello guys. I want to upgrade to Raven Pistol, but something wrong in the shop with the Sealed Raven king's Felocity and Sealed Raven King's Energy. The icon of the Raven King's Felocity in the shop is different. and dont know what to buy from the shop Felocity or Energy.
  9. Hi guys i am new in the game. I made summoner but is impossible to play without the HM skill Rosethorn for focus recovery. There are some Elixirs i need to drink to unlock the skill. I cant find the elixirs nowhere in the game (except Achievement Manager). The only think i manage to find is the Hongmoon pellet. i am with 765 Achievement points and maybe i will need like 2-3 months to collect the 1300 points and buy the elixirs from achievement manager. Help me pls.
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