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  1. Almost 4 months trying...never saw frost earring.
  2. 2-3 months trying and NEVER saw a frost earring. Every week we drop earth/wind acess, it's just ridiculous. I suspect the chance to drop frost and fire accessories are much lower, deplorable...
  3. I think everyone realized that the level of the monsters was radically increased. In raid my dps fell by half, even putting points in accuracy I just can't crit properly the mobs. We couldn't finish BT 12man... NF,NS,IF,EL now takes longer to finish. We're 50 and trying to kill 55-57 mobs, the performance has dropped a lot :( I hope they fix it.
  4. I hate this system :( I have Seraph 12 and still 5 slots, I hope they change it one day. Or make legendary hammers CHEAPER, what would be the most fair thing to do when other players by pure luck doesn't have to spend a lot of money with it.
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