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  1. I just want to see the Tycoon outfit back in f10 rotation. I like how it looks on Gons but I missed it last time it was in f10.
  2. What’s Ocean and how do I join? I don’t see a link for it anywhere. Are they like some secret club or something only for high skilled players?
  3. Can you point out a wuxia game that isn’t an mmo? No? That’s because there is none right now. The last good one was Jade Empire which was what, 15 years ago? This the most recent wuxia game and well, it’s an mmo with a nice combat system. Since this is the only decent wuxia game right now, this is the one I and others will play. Thx.
  4. You obviously didn’t read everything I said. I just told that person they need to find a group or guild to help them get in content silly. :3 Also, I’m not saying don’t do the work. I’m saying don’t make it harder to get the same rewards that used to be easy to get. That’s just bad design. If you are going to make it hard and time consuming to now complete weeklies, the designers need to give equivalent rewards for the longer time investment, else what is the point? The problem with carry runs is that no one is willing to teach the person being carried how to perform mechs beca
  5. How much of that player base though were actual paying customers? Very little probably. I highLy doubt NCSoft is losing any money over any loss of players because those who can pay have other means to make far more gold.
  6. What makes another person not be able to form their own group for this? Easy, it’s like with everything else in the game. No one is going to join a player that doesn’t have the meta ap for the content they want. I know from experience, multiple times this happened before I finally got to where I’m at and the only reason I got there cuz I knew people. So don’t dismiss their complaint. It’s a legitimate concern. To the one who is afraid they can’t find groups. Unfortunately you will need to know people to get in content. So find a clan, group whatever. I know it’s hard but if you can
  7. Tbf tho, pso2 respects the player’s time for those weeklies. You get a shot at doubling your rewards (on jp side anyway, no idea about na side). Here in bns the reward is a joke for 6 and 7. I partly blame NCSoft for the current predicament tho and the reason is when you design stuff like this, you have to think ahead. You cant just start nerfing things without some sort of equivalent that doesn’t take far more effort to get. All that does is rile up the player base and make people not want to play except for the hardcore who don’t care. Since we are talking pso2, I’ll use it as an
  8. Well, we can agree to disagree. But if they are going to make a quest take you a long time to do, respect the player’s time by providing far superior rewards for that time. Right now as it stands, the rewards are not worth seven days of game time. Daily logins and challenges have far better rewards for less effort. Of course you could try to rebalance it by either nerfing dailies even further, entirely remove daily challenges and keep weeklies (this option may not be feasible, just look at the daily gold nerf fiasco, it has definitely been harder to find groups in f8 now since the nerf from my
  9. Going to have to disagree with you. As I understood it coming from many mmos, weeklies are just quick quests that you can only complete once a week because their rewards are better than daily quests. A weekly does not mean it takes seven days to complete a quest. This is the first I’ve heard of this. People do not like having to take over a day to complete one quest, especially if it doesn’t respect their time by providing paltry rewards. If it’s going to take so long to complete one quest, why do it at all? That’s way too much effort for a paltry sum of gold, it’s faster to just do
  10. Uh, You forget Sandstorm Temple where last boss has outer ring death zone during certain mechs (I died a lot to that until someone explained what’s going on) Shadowmoor 180 death zone, RT jump boss where if u overlap the puddles you are dead, Hollows Heart flower mechs (yes I’ve run into many pugs who can’t burst this boss) and a few others. All of them the average pug cannot burst unless a whale is carrying them. You give new players too much credit. and why do one or the other? Its more lucrative to do both hm and cs. If u just do one u are gimping yourself. And 12g is not neglig
  11. Yes but you lose out on an extra 12 gold that new players won’t be able to access. Additionally, new players can’t access the higher level dungeons anyway so they lose out even more on necessary mats and gold that they need unless they know a sympathetic whale to carry them or someone taught them how to use the mp (unless they swiping ofc)
  12. The key word is should. However, that’s not always the case. When I first started I didn’t know the game had pvp. I didn’t find out until they make u choose a faction. Not everyone researches a game. I came for the story and the art style, I’m like this looks cool so I will try it. Anyway, regardless if someone knows or not, it’s still not enough motivation for some players so again, how do you get the players that hate one mode or the other to do both if even getting mats is not enough motivation for them?
  13. Personally I think it’s stupid to have pvp players do pve to get pvp equipment and vice versa for pve players needing pvp to get pve stuff. In my opinion, mmos should be separated int o two types, competitive pvp and cooperative pve. An mmo shouldn’t cater to both. I understand why they do because they want players to do all content. The problem with that is they don’t consider the fact that some players just really hate either pvp or pve so much that they refuse to touch the respective content, regardless if you need to do it to get mats or gear. Needing mats or gear is not motivation enough
  14. Not really if you just came out of story. HM is one of the few low level dailies that actually gives out more than 10+ gold and can drop a Hongmoon gem chest. If you are new and need the gold or gem, you are kinda screwed cuz the only way to get the loot is moml (my orb my loot for those who don’t know) and I highly doubt new players have orbs unless they swiped.
  15. Kind of hard to when you still have to raid to get raid mats. If a person does not raid or doesn’t have the money to pay someone to get the raid mats they need, they are stuck at low to mid tier gear that only does 500k-2mil in dungeons at most. The only other thing is learning your rotation and how the class plays but that only takes you so far. So if you are parsing 5mil, yeah that’s way higher than most and yes you will still be carrying people, even now.
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