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  1. Nightfall Sanctuary: The Shield Bearer Compensation

    TT reset pls for those of whom have defeated boss 1.
  2. Need Feedback. Will this PC Run Blade and Soul?

    Yeah, but still u will get no more than 40 FPS.
  3. Need Feedback. Will this PC Run Blade and Soul?

    It's ok for daily dungs but not enough for 12 ppl raid.
  4. Dungeon Daily gold nerf???

    17g a day? what are you talking about? You can get 14g by completing the HH's request.
  5. White Orb - Get rid of this item

    could not agree more!
  6. Male Fashion Issues

    Male's outfits are always ugly as hell, idk why...
  7. Lvl 55 patch and weapon upgrade

    Top weapon will still be aransu, and of course they will become cheaper, this is always how it ends.
  8. Change BT/VT accessory element

    That's not gonna happen, just image everyone can get all the accs within single one run...profit will drooooooooooooooooop...
  9. Please make the Divine Grace Stone account tied.

    In fact, one of my friends succeeded in transferring the stones to his other alts by submitting the ticket to GM.
  10. You need a good team and a good leader
  11. Well, I'm pretty sure they will let you buy the bundle next time, you just have to wait untill then.
  12. They solved this problem by selling the bundle in F10.
  13. Just choose flame gunner, solve everything. XD