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  1. I tried this class and did WAY more damage ranged then I did melee, melee was so weak I would have to stay at a distance in order to actually hurt anything. This makes no sense because it states at low to mid levels you should melee more. Why would I melee if the damage is so horrible?
  2. OH NO I made a mistake call out the MISTAKE POLICE...lol
  3. thank you all I got it figured out it was a silly mistake that I did not take it out of my wardrobe first, I thought I was wearing it when I right clicked it but it was just viewing it.
  4. I did put it on and nothing seemed to happen, I tried every outfit I had and still get attacked.
  5. I was playing my blade dancer and having a good time. I am still new to the game and finally got to level 48 only to run into an impossible gold quest. "The Bully" put on faction uniform and walk into someones camp and get GANKED by 200+ lvl 50 monsters in 1 shot. Things like that make me hate this game and will just remove my subscription. I was having fun until that point where I just get 1 shot by anything so sad cause i was having fun and paid for 3 months now just to see it all go to waste.
  6. made a soul fighter and it said to stay melee for most part of low level soloing but it seems I was doing WAY!!!!! more damage ranged and when I went melee I had to hit 200x just to tickle one monster. Seems like a weak class to play compared to ANY other class.
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