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  1. Alright fair enough. I can see their business standpoint. but one final question. I assume it's possible to grab two unrefined scaleburn weapons yes? one just has to be bought i think? so it's possible to have both seraph and baleful. If so, then perfect i guess.
  2. So I last played on the week when warlocks came out i believe. So it's been a long time. I've never actually gotten past act 2 (half way into it) on my older characters. At the moment i'm on act 4 chapter 3 or 4 ( i don't remember, logged off) So questions. I know i will get iverymoon gear as i go down the act 4 story quest line ( i didn't bother, i just bought them ) So the question is. When and how do i get my upgradeable weapon?(when i google it, i THOUGHT the gear was suppose to upgrade but ctrl+i says otherwise) Preferably the seraph. As ctrl+
  3. so im not sure how to post a picture but during combat and only combat from what i can tell. next to my cross hair is this curved empty bar. at the very top of the bar is this angry demon face. what is it?
  4. So i just came back to blade and soul. Mainly for the gunslinger. I'm sure many others are doing the same as well. Just to try out. ( i'm here in an attempt to stick with it and stay) My first issue is... a face palm for myself. I obviously didn't read well enough on September 6 to redeem that satchel. So rip me and that character slot. This leads to the second issue of... "well dang... i can't play without deleting a current character" so i decided to buy Ncoins. It's only 5$ for a single character slot so why not spend a bit more and get my character lo
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