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  1. Astarae, what server are you on? This is a lot of information to absorb. If your on my server, I can get help you directly, either by getting you in touch with a gunslinger guru from my clan, or inviting you into clan, where we can assist you on dungeon runs for your starter elemental gear/legendary accessories, and get you into Skybreak Spire (BT) once your geared up just a little better. We could carry you, but we would rather you learn mechs and be an asset to the team. As for the VT gear, your a long ways off that, but we have a working relationship right now with a group of players we inj
  2. Getting hexagonal gems isn't an issue, even going to heptagonal isn't that big of a task, after that though the cost goes through the roof in a hurry on the octagonal gems and gilded triangles. I'm not saying reduce costs on gems, i'm simply saying add a way to farm gems. That's not true farming of gems as your farming other things to make gold to purchase what you require, and that system is dependent on there being what you need in market, and what your farming actually selling on the marketplace. You aren't in control over whether or not you will receive that gem in the end. It's all depend
  3. I have my fire ring, fire earring, first legendary neck, legendary belt, and legendary bracelet all stage 10, I have a raven 8, working away at getting the elysian and moonstone to take it 9, i will whale the 3 PTS i need when they come up on the market. I just finished taking my PVP sword to Ascendent 6 so it's maxed out. Pet Aura is Ultimate stage 2, soul is cosmic stage 1. I work on pet pods, i can only do that dungeon once a day, and well, i have only ever had one pet pod drop from there, the rest have been made by either buying off market with gold, or buying pet pouches and m
  4. your talking about a system wide issue. The game is grindy, it's from Korea, and apparently that's a thing there. Korea is pay to play, and if you look at some comparisons at just XP required to level your HM levels, you start to notice some major differences. It's literally 1 billion more XP here in NA/EU for us to level to HM20 over KR. KR dungeons like cold storage hand out more XP (about 4x the amount) then ours does. Our game being F2P is built on the idea the company has to make money. I am convinced that is why we're set up to pay to get ahead at any kind of reasonable speed, and why ce
  5. 8 mil HP would give those that do less DPS a real shot at clearing this within enrage timer. We wiped twice at 300k, and finally cleared her with 3 seconds left ourselves. The three attempts previous to this we wiped around 20% left, the first two to the enrage timer, and ppl in party dead, which lead to discussions about how to squeeze the most DPS out of what we had, which was grabs, believe it or not. The parse after clearing her showed everyone that the most damage done was with our skill to hit her when grabbed (over 1 million dmg each) which isn't even close to what my normal rotation lo
  6. I am sure they tried it on their test build servers, with their GM stuff that's insane, which probably nerfed them down to something that resembled what an avg player usually plays as. I don't know why they described it as fun in the stream, because it's not. They should hold an event where the devs come online, red to all of us players and we can spend a day hunting and killing them over this event dungeon.
  7. We had the random GS off a blind recruit after the first person that was with us left because it was too hard for them, and that was before we got to Poh. GS was fairly new, HM9, and had never seen supply chain before, wasn't around when it used to be the end game content, and was first one down every time. We also burned a lot of party res charms, and individual res charms again in attempting to clear this. We ran into issues with stuns being on CD. It needs to change, hell even dialing back the nerf on the players to give us an additional 5% would help at this point.
  8. Botting is against the ToS, it would lead to more bans too. All the GM's would have to do is come in game and try to talk to someone who was farming these areas for an excessively long time, to realize it's a bot, and then ban the account on the spot when they got no answer, especially when actions are taking place. It could also expose cheaters as well, which would improve everyone's game experience all over.
  9. I cleared this dungeon once yesterday, took 6 attempts, took both dragon blood for everyone in party. Party comp was a BM (me) Des, FM, SF, SIN, and GS. Everyone but the GS was a clan mate. Everyone in clan was HM12+ 4 of us over 1.1k AP before going in. Poh had literally 3 seconds left on her enrage timer when we finally killed her. What we learned, the lever mech is not as forgiving as it used to be. You almost have to have someone who can grab, as this is where the most damage is done, without the grabs we wouldn't have cleared it. You really need two people that can sleep the
  10. I was talking about this with some of my clan members, and there really is no way to "actively' farm for gems. Sure we have the DC which gives solar energy which we can then turn around and use for gems, and then salvage those gems to make gem powders, which in turn, we can use to make gem fragments, and transmute our gems up to the next level, which is all fine and dandy. The gem powder and gem fragment can even be traded, even better. This system is for players that have reached level 55 only. What if though, we changed the triangle and square gems still kicking around in game so
  11. You're more persistent then me, after 4-5 fails in a row i give up on PTS, and just purchase them. It's more cost effective that way when you can't make them to save your life.
  12. My WL and FM character each had their bale/seraph unlock all 6 at stage 2, the main was dawnforge 5 when I hammered out the 6th slot myself. I start to wonder if there is an RNG multiplier or something attached to individual characters, and perhaps the main is just broken. Even on dungeon runs, ppl in my clan report seeing SM gloves every 2-3 runs, I run 10 and see them once.
  13. Yup, leechers, love to hate them. For the event dungeon, really, it's not that big of an issue, it's not like if you kill the viper cap faster the rewards for the party get better. It's always the standard 5 frozen mushrooms from the dynamic quest, and another 3 from taking the quest letter. I've been in high DPS groups that have killed the vipercap in around 30 seconds and been with a bunch of under 40's that take considerably longer. It's on other dungeons where it's basically a carry where it really pisses me off.
  14. Simple question, I posed it to support with no response as of this post but perhaps someone in the community knows the answer for me. Are you guaranteed all 6 slots on the final evolution of the weapon? I am working on getting my PVP weapon up to ascendant 6, it's currently at Galaxy 10, and not one slot has unlocked on the weapon yet. I am roughly 80 galaxy frags away from being able to evolve it straight up to ascendant 6, as I've collected the ivory beluga orbs and ascendant stones required to take it all the way, and some of the other missing mats I would need can be purchased
  15. I have a gunner, i jumped on the gunner bandwagon like so many others did when it launched, powered it up to lvl 50 within 2 days. I am aware of the TAB for tomb, it's got an 8 second buff, with good ping, you can fire it off 4-5 times, 5 shots each time, and yes, the CD on it is very long. With the right badges, you can buff that tomb to do stupid amounts of damage, in fact it was exploited so much in Korea, that it got nerfed, and the shadow build actually got a buff to kind of bring the two builds into line with each other. That same adjustment will find it's way here as well, as time goes
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