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  1. i have the same problem now when i launch the game with noping guess ill have to wait until the fix it, or how did you guys fix it?
  2. Today i tried to log in into the game first without noping and it was ok, then i tried to log in with it and XINGCODE error appeared, it says: Failed to update XIGNCODE due to insufficient hard drive space or because the program is being blocked by a firewall or anti-virus software. Do you guys have the same problem? or is it just me?
  3. every event should be noob friendly, forcing content like the last event and this one is a bad idea specially when the ap requirements are not respected by the community.
  4. the dungeon is poorly optimized, 1060 6gb, 16gb ram, i7 6700 hq 2.60ghz, 256 ssd, 1tb 7200 rpm, and still lags lol
  5. around 140k-160k depends on ping though, if you can pull 5 bulletstorms or 5 unloads when you use firefall
  6. first finish the story quests, trade all old items, get your legendary weapon with 6 gems slots (you can keep buying one until u get the 6 gem at grand square wheel ncp it costs 5 naryu coins) and you will be set to start grinding ur legendary accs. for legendary accs prioritize ur bracelet first if u cant do naryu sanctum, get ur necklace from desolated tomb first then bracelet, get ur elementary accs from naryu sanctum and desolate tomb and then get ur belt. get ur mystic and soul badge. start upgrading ur weapon to raven 1 which is the cheaper and better option (depend on what cla
  7. unload got buffed while bulletstorm got nerfed, enigma mystic badge got a buff while skyrift got nerfed too, so using skyrift is not worth if u have long fights. If we talk about bracelet the reason why u always go tiger is because u can control the timing on it while dragon is pure rng, yes u may get more procs with hm rmb but it is not as reliable as your v skill, also 3 piece vt gives you cd on your v, aransu badges activate when u use your v skill so it synergizes well with the tiger bracelet, also it does more dmg. forgot to mention nodah uses legacy soulbadge, while some gunners us
  8. dawnforge is bad rn not worth going that path soulstones too expensive and you need them for legendary elements/jewels meanwhile the droprate for moonstones elysian crystals is relatively high 30%
  9. you let the bm do his rotatoin for x amount of time and thats it people in vt raids (first boss) need to know this so they dont steal aggro from a range tank WITH NO THREAT abilities, or you simpli let the gunner tank not that hard.
  10. dude so what? more dps, the easier and faster pve content you do, why would you care about it. pvp 6v6 they are already getting a nerf, pvp 1v1 gunner is trash in kr rn
  11. bueno el servidor esta en norte america asi que el lenguaje oficial es en ingles, si te molesta te puedes retirar, la comunidad de habla hispana en este juego es pequeño por lo que es muy poco probable que tengamos un servidor latino. Mis tres soluciones aprende ingles o busca otro juego como Black dessert online que tiene servidor latinoo como dicen los demas unete a un clan que hable español.
  12. force master has pretty ok dps, but they are on a pretty bad spot (last place on a parse, a guy posted few months ago with our current NA gear). Gunner has the best dps rn (in korea, in NA assasins and gs have the highest dps); in korea gs have a 1.3/1.5 M dmg without buffs, but assasins are getting a buff so they maybe will become highest dps. They will rework fm too but a lot of people are not happy with it, because of the complexity and need to spam more buttons than you already have to, aransu badges also does not benefit fm as much as it does with other classes.
  13. that is exactly why you need to learn mechs so you dont waste stuff like that and be able to kill the boss as i already told you watch guides learn the mech and u should be fine . Running and walking, dont think that is a problem, in shattered masts u dont have to pick up anything, think you are talking about soguns lament in that case 3 people on each line a you should be fine.
  14. if u have legendary accesories pinnacle is useless since you only need luncent, breeze, oblivion/covenant in order to upgrade them. If you dont have legendary accesories, pinnacle is a bit better than hollows, anyway you need to start grinding for those legendary accesories (bracelet first). The chests cost aroung 1g dont get to greedy with them, not worth it, as of whirlind keys u need them to open pvp chests. This dungeon is hard for newbies since u depend on mechs in order to complete it (if you dont have the dps to just cheese it), it also seems that you had a party with well geared
  15. you must press 3 in order to activate it, u cant just hold f because it wont do nothing. as replied above it is rng sometimes u will get it a lot sometimes a few times. maybe u have high ping because 2 sec is not that fast, or maybe u have to get use to it in order to react and press the correct button
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