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  1. Memento Mori Clan Lead/Advisor: oTORIo / Azgaro We are currently recruiting more members. Especially for the Clan Battle Ground. Multi-Culture players are here! [ENG/KOR/CHI] Need · Clan Battle Ground [High Spec with Flexible schedule players prefer] Please DM for the details in discord Azgaro#7171 그외의 자세한사항은 Azgaro#7171 discord로 연락주세요
  2. I think it will be really good if there is store that can let user to switch Obsidian's element. For example, Heptagonal Flame Obsidian + 10 gold -> Heptagonal Frost Obsidian. It might be good for user w/o harm.
  3. I wonder what kind of macro in 6vs6 can happen . I play battle ground a lot, and one player whispered me with tilted mind and he told me that I am using macro even though I just pressed 2 button to spam shin kick. Whenever they see good move, they think macro. That's also a funny fact.
  4. It seems like the stats for awakened necklace is weird. Could you double check?? It losts the piercing stats from 944 -> 874. Is this correct?
  5. The Jewel/Element update

    why jewel and element got this much damn expensive now.... I don't know why BNS develop team messed up with price like from 20gold each to 40 gold each..
  6. From the last week, our Clan has placed in rank 90, but we were getting 45% bonus which is wrong reward. Plus it still showed that we are at rank 394. I have submiited ticket last time, but support didn't correct and answered so wrong. Our clan members are so disappointed and this happened today again. The weekly clan reward says "it will be updated after maintenance" but the bonus wasn't updated today neither even if our clan got placed on rank 76. I really wonder if other clans are same as ours. Please fix this bug and let us have the bonus. We supposed to get 65% Clan battle bonus last week, but we missed it because of this bug. We also are missing 70% Clan battle bonus this week(I checked it after maintenance, but still 45% and it still shows rank 394 last week. what the...... Please fix the bug, our clan members are getting so disappointed because we were so excited to farm peaches with bonus from last week and this week, but the bonus error really frustrated us.
  7. Radiant Ring

    some parts are not upadted. 1. I don't see any 5 additional gold for Exchanged Radiant Energy 2. The Clan battle weekly bonus is not applied after maintenance Please check it.
  8. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    I honestly don't think it is more accessible to upgrade gem lol.. Your streaming was saying "We will make gem upgrading system more accessible", but it is not really accessible anymore. You just gave wrong information to all players by twitch streaming
  9. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    no... it will be way more imbalance... then the crystal or power price will go super high. Please do not make this huge mistake. the market price will be so ruined. If you change like that, there will be no one who is going to trust twtich tv streaming preview update from now on. Don't make NCsoft or BNS as bad. I can't even imagine how the crystal or power price will be like(because there are almost no way to get it). Many people will not trust twtich tv streaming update...