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  1. Man Brawler, this is a good idea, but Elin gunner... No really guys, Lyn gunner it's just ... so stupid. There is a lot of persons who don't want it (I asked on the faction chat) but okay, why not. But then as I said we really need Yun WL, okay they already have gunner but acutally they should have warlock instead of gunner and Gon should have gunner.
  2. come on this is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing stupid. Gon should've get gunner but lyn it's completely idiot ! Then come on we really need Yun wl (+ the Yun in valindria use wl spells) and why not jin fm !
  3. Well I think I'm gonna buy the dress on f5 with gold...
  4. Oh no that's horrible... I love that outfit si much and I don't have alot of money, and my rng is not the best.... T-T
  5. Where can we get all these roses ? And where can we get the dress ?
  6. I'm exactly in the same situation, I'm main summ atm and I want my WL to become my ain, I just wanted them to send my legendary Necklace, I spend over 700 euros on the game and even with that, they said (somethinglike) "sorry, but since you can obtain it again we can't transfer it" -_- This is just a joke... Btw I'm french, if it change anything ^^
  7. My game crash like every 30 mins.. When I enter in the event tower, when I get out of the tower.... And not a crash by connection problem, a crash with the white window...
  8. I don't think anyone could hit that. But however, I agree that their damages need to be reduced. They make a lot more damages than WL, OK. But they are also way more faster, and have a super good mobility while WL have long CD and long cast Time. +WL is a crisps. I don't Say, make gunner same as WL, no, just make it à little more balanced.
  9. It's way too basic ... I don't know, a class that would fight with a super long ribbon for yun, or a class that would summon a horse for some attacks.
  10. maybe but wer'e forced to upgrade it so we can get 900+ ap and go to that damn BT.
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