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  1. Explanations

    Pretty sure they gonna mess up the servers even worse..
  2. You need to stop this...

    Every week there is a longer maintenance for european server, last week 3h extra, this week same or more and there is no explanation about why and it's annoying. . very ! But guess is asking too much ...
  3. SRLY?

    Really hope that extra hour will be into fixing crashy servers ...
  4. Get rid of F9

    I remember the time where u coul get a costume with 20 30 gold.. T_T
  5. Crash, Requeued

    I am crashing like no tomorrow.. 8h of main and the game is worse than before.. thanks ncsoft
  6. what is that event ?

    So it's not an event..
  7. what is that event ?

    The rose stuff is on that list eccept the costume ? *chaching*
  8. Trove not so f2p friendly...

    The funny part is that today i got a crit but couldn't see it nor take it wich kinda sucks >.<..
  9. Thanks for making it clear being a f2p player sucks, especially with this trove ''event'' of swiping the card..