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  1. Its gotta be something with your system, my 2700x system doesn't crash when i do that, hell my i5 2320 with 8gb ddr4 never crashed when doing that.
  2. "They're down 25%" .....still made 26 million usd off bns alone.. 184 million usd on mobile games, yea I dont think they are hurting in the financial department.
  3. Then any and all dng only charms need to be removed feom the game, such as the friendahip charms.
  4. Idk about anyone else, but it seems to me that with every update (even small patches,) there is something or multiple things that go wrong or break. KR has a test server and with this update I think it's well past time for NcWest to open their test server to us when updates like this come around. It's very clear that they don't test the content they are pushing out. In streams we always here "don't pay attention to the trove icon, that's just there for testing purposes" and regarding updates "were still testing stuff out its not the final build." So why is it that trove and rng boxes are t
  5. if the item isn't account bound you cant mail it? :thinking:
  6. Yea, I thought the same thing, but I figured out how to use that black screen for the advantage that other people do. Soon as the START appears on the screen I hold W and start sprinting while spamming my CC skill so that the second the black screen goes away, I'm already on top of the other person, have them dazed and then shoot then in the air and eat away half their health. THIS IS THE SECRET ARENA PEOPLE DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW. It's not the fact one person had faster loading screen then the other, it's the fact of who knows how to use the black screen to take control of the fight from t
  7. Threads like this are ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing retarded, you guys do realize trove, just like all the other pay events is RNG right? Complaining on the forums about how you bought 500+ keys and didn't get a gilded gem is like going on yelp and writing a bad review of a casino because you spent $1000 and lost it all. You're gambling with trove, that's the way gambling works. You might get what you want in 2 keys and you might not see it in 3000 keys, that's how rng works.
  8. thats exactly the point of this patch, help you gear your alts that you've been running through BT for months and still have yet to see that ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ fire earring, or if you dont have any alts/have all of them geared, let you make some extra gold by selling the rough hewn acc. on the market to people who again cant seem to get that one BT acc no matter how many times they run BT because RNG is RNG.
  9. Its not a "matching system" its a "Hey this person queued up for a dng, heres a list of people looking for that dng" it doesn't base it on gear or ap or anything its a list of people who hit "LFP" its a queue, not a matching system. :facepalm:
  10. nobody gives a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, have fun in a new game. hahahaha
  11. Maybe it's not broken, maybe they are making people look at gear rather than pointless ap? :thinking:
  12. i bought roughly 170-180 boxes, got 4 or 5 oils from the boxes and the rest from cyrpto grams(i got roghly a 50 % drop rate so about 85-90) was able to get my soul up to transcendant 3 from awakened hongmoon also got 4 or 5 PSTS, 1 dragonfly outfit, a bunch of pets i sold for 60g each, no red raider no octa gems. Ether way to me it was worth it, decent drop rates on the crytograms, got my soul upgraded got some prem stones, im happy with it.
  13. you can not believe all you want but i've gotten it 2 or 3 times from DTHM box and 1 time from HHNM box, i've been playing since august of last year, and run 10+ dngs a day. but i've never once gotten it from the daily box, its either 1 or 10 gold from the daily box.
  14. cryptos from i think i was told the china server have a 20% drop rate, you need what is it, 60 or 80 to get 1 octa gem, the boxes are going to cost atleast 139n coin each like the thanksgiving boxes, at a 20% drop rate(which is far better then the 5-10% of maple leafs) its still going to cost a lot of money/hmcoin to get enough cryptos to buy one octa gem, imo transmuting to octa would be far better unless you have lots of money to throw at the game.
  15. i got reverted from raven 9 to raven 6 the day before the patch and they told me to unequip the weapon, remove the skin and any gems which i did, and when they got done reverting it they gave me back all the mats i spent on upgrading to raven 9, was able to get back to raven 9 with 4 prem sotnes and a bunch of o ther mats left when the patch hit the next day.
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