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  1. 50 box RIP off

    i bought roughly 170-180 boxes, got 4 or 5 oils from the boxes and the rest from cyrpto grams(i got roghly a 50 % drop rate so about 85-90) was able to get my soul up to transcendant 3 from awakened hongmoon also got 4 or 5 PSTS, 1 dragonfly outfit, a bunch of pets i sold for 60g each, no red raider no octa gems. Ether way to me it was worth it, decent drop rates on the crytograms, got my soul upgraded got some prem stones, im happy with it.
  2. you can not believe all you want but i've gotten it 2 or 3 times from DTHM box and 1 time from HHNM box, i've been playing since august of last year, and run 10+ dngs a day. but i've never once gotten it from the daily box, its either 1 or 10 gold from the daily box.
  3. cryptos from i think i was told the china server have a 20% drop rate, you need what is it, 60 or 80 to get 1 octa gem, the boxes are going to cost atleast 139n coin each like the thanksgiving boxes, at a 20% drop rate(which is far better then the 5-10% of maple leafs) its still going to cost a lot of money/hmcoin to get enough cryptos to buy one octa gem, imo transmuting to octa would be far better unless you have lots of money to throw at the game.
  4. Got reverted even when i didnt agree to it

    i got reverted from raven 9 to raven 6 the day before the patch and they told me to unequip the weapon, remove the skin and any gems which i did, and when they got done reverting it they gave me back all the mats i spent on upgrading to raven 9, was able to get back to raven 9 with 4 prem sotnes and a bunch of o ther mats left when the patch hit the next day.

    i5 2320 3.0 GHz 8GB ram 64bit Win 8.1 AMD ATI HD7750 game runs perfectly smooth 100-120 fps out of combat 40-60 fps in combat, sometimes i'll get a frame drop at the start of hte fight and if it doesn't stop doing it then i just have to restart my computer and its back to running perfectly smooth again. Try running shadow play with the game if you dont, ATI has playstv for recording, without the program running i get max 15 frames in combat 20-30 out of combat, with it running i get max frames out of combat and 40-60 in combat.
  6. West vs. Korea (pet,outfits,rng box)

    So if i'm awakened gusty pet, and then i were to wait for the stage above the current last stage ultimate pet then theres no RNG from awakened to ultimate? hmmm doubt that. You have RNG on every stage, not just the last one. You could spend 100 pet pods on going from awakened to the next stage because of RNG, its not just the last stage that has RNG from what im aware of.
  7. West vs. Korea (pet,outfits,rng box)

    One thing you have to keep in mind is that upgrades in Korea are RNG, I've seen videos from KR where someone bought well over 100 pet pods to get upgrade from the last stage to max pet, would you rather have to use a total of 200 pet pods to get max pet or a possible 2000 pet pods because of RNG? Just because the numbers for the upgrades say its cheaper doesn't mean it is actually cheaper.
  8. AFK fix

    making it so you would have to hit the boss would ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed alot of people out of their mushroom. if you LFP 9 times out of 10 everyone wont wait for people to come in and just get started with the dng. People with long loading screens will then get no mushrooms because everyone is already half way through the dng when they finally get in, and by time the boss is dead they are just getting to the room.
  9. I would welcome this. Any game that has a subscription choice you always get benefits a SMALL stat boots would be nice, this would be nothing game breaking just a little extra benefit to those of us that support the game with our hard earned money. If this stat boost would ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ so many of you off, why dont you go ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about how you have to pay monthly to unlock 90% of WoW, or 50%+ of Runescape or any other game where half or more of the game is locked behind a pay wall. a bit of crit and AP is not game breaking, its just a nice bonus for people who pay to play the game.
  10. 11 hours, no ncoin :/

    Anyone else having issues? I bought 20k ncoin 11 hours ago and i still dont have it. I bought another $10 a few hours ago just to see if I would get it instantly(like i always do) and I did get the 800 ncoin within 30 seconds. 11 hours after my 20k purchase and still nothing, i did get the initial "your order has been submitted" email and the money was taken out of my bank account soon as i purchased it and i did put in a ticket just incase, and i know they say it can take up to 12 hours, but really? 12 hours? Either something is messed up or i just have some shitty luck right now with that one purchase.
  11. It's called a business model, company needs to make money to stay afloat. Ever since this last update so many people have been complaining about every little thing. Have you guys ever played a game with an actual grind? People complain about upgrading gear, go play TEA and tell me how long its gonna take you to make top tier Vision maker gear, MONTHS for 1 piece(unless amount of mats needed has dropped in the last couple years.) Go play Conquer Online and tell me how long it takes you to get max level with AT LEAST one Reborn, i played for about 2 years and never saw max level(120 back then) nor even minimum Reborn level(110), also never had high tier +ed gear or super quality, in those 2 years I only ever saw ONE Dragonball drop, which you need A LOT to upgrade to Super quality gear. This game is a cake walk as far as upgrading and farming compared to all the other games I come from. Stop complaining about stupid shit and enjoy the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing game, holy shit.
  12. Let's talk about this glove drop rate

    got a drop on my 2nd or 3rd run, clan mate got em for 2k. Purple gloves bad drop rate sometimes, on my gunner 2 runs and i got my upgraded purple gloves, 30 runs on my SF and i've only seen 2 drop, only managed to win 1 of them.
  13. Why are PTS RNG to transmute?

    my experience its about a 50% chance, some say its 33.33% chance either way 1 out of 3 or 1 out of 2 isn't bad at all imo. As Grimoir said, its RNG so it makes it harder to get maxed out, would you rather work for your gear or have it spoon fed to you like a toddler? I'd rather work for it a bit.
  14. 1 run and 50g later I had my earring, doesn't seem like that bad of a drop rate XD
  15. Dungeon Daily gold nerf???

    cant gear up alts? Sounds like a personal issue, I made a gunner with this patch, haven't transfered over any matts(other than 20 raven feathers) and absolutely no gold from my main, I've got bale 10, true xanos/DT acc, True Starstone gloves, stage 8 soul(mastery bundle) stage 6 pet, BT 5 piece(where those 20 feathers from my main came in since i didn't want to wait for weekly reset.) 1035 AP, I've ran a few star stone mines(hence the upgraded gloves) and a few Hollow Heart. If you want to run the new content on a low AP alt, you just gotta try and wait in f8 for those "1050+" call outs and hope your AP is close enough if its under 1050, or do clan runs. It's not hard to gear up an alt, just have to get the right pugs or run shit with a clan.