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  1. The use of Dragonblood makes it more of a joke than anything else. Only Poharan was a bit of a struggle as she had 7 sec left before enrage, otherwise me and my team cleared the jong in one go. Slashimi is ridiculously easy, Tae Jangum/Mak Sobo just has adds to be taken care of, really nothing hard at all. Only the lever thing at Poharan makes it a bit of a nuisance as you have to get a better timing this time. (oh and yeah, not gonna deny being sandwich'd by both tigers isn't enjoyable at all, but again, just adds that needs distraction)
  2. Mixed feelings about this. I can understand the frustration behind RNG, but now at the same time, I never failed transmuting to PTS once. :shrug: I also understand about heavily lacking of Moonstones since there's literally 0 incentive to play Whaleground, I mean Battleground. People are there to farm Moonstones, not to get farmed lul. Rest is fine I'd say.
  3. Let's hear your options then. Ah it's actually the future dungeons dropping new bracelets, etc.. nevermind. BT gear works, even against those lv58s, you see people still clearing raids weekly etc.. there's no need for "options" for now. By reading this thread again, everything has been said at the beginning of it anyway : it's simply a bit harder when it comes to new dungeons, but dungeons like /EC/DT/NF, even with baleful/seraphs the dungeon was even faster than before. I don't know, this sounds of anything but a nerf.
  4. There is no need to "learn 2 play" on a game that just requires an actual team. But instead of going around the same topic, why don't you tell us what kind of compensation we should deserve for this "massive" (lol) stats loss, because you've been simply ranting over and over again so far.
  5. Yes because the complaining just keeps going on and on. - The typical "this game will be milked until its death" then realising that 50 years later, the game still haven't closed. I've got through 3 games already and they're still alive. (one is a f2p from 2005 mind you) - BT gear is "minimal stuff" apparently. (I don't wanna imagine MSP ss)
  6. Using common sense is being a white knight to NC Soft ? Who said that they gave out stuff nicely ? How do you think EU/NA people got most of their knowledge from ? Why do you think we are the people asking for 1k+ for EC and above that new players can't join ? Ironically, you are the one describing a "massive stats loss" which means a loss of damage, read the title already. If we are fine the way we are now, then our requirements would logically stay the same, for "us so called elitists" (lol) Why do you need an option to compensate for something that is STILL working perfect
  7. Except they didn't, they're still below 55. We're losing stats yet I still see people doing the same DPS, care to explain ? To each his opinion, I'm personally fine my gear is still working everywhere, Starstone Mines/Hollow's Heart included. And to make a summary of my gear : Raven 6 (razor) s3 BT accs s9 bracelet leg neck/belt s6 soul isn't even past s10 + pet aura s6 Hollow gloves This isn't even high/top tier at all. The dps being the same is coming from friends of mine that plays melee btw. You just can't say our
  8. Probably because the update didn't hit us hard at all. Only complain is the crit loss, even tho 50% of crit is still 1/2 chance of a crit every hit, it's not the end of the world. I really have no idea what's so wrong with the update. tl;dr of the situation : only Citadel and above have been scaled, and even with the new lvls they're still a joke. Literally 4 man'd Citadel with Raven 6 (me), some Summoner idk didn't pay attention to his weap but opieOP and two baleful weaps. I'll ask again : how is this a nerf ? Why people still don't take in account the AP gain ? (we
  9. 55 HM7 ? It's enough to do the contents needed up to Baleful/Seraph 7 which is around Sogun. And if you're that stuck, there's still the Void Fragment path up until Bale/Sera 9 which is simple Celestial Basin farm. Oh and why don't you just blame on the people that asks 3333 AP for sh*t dungeons like EC/DT ? Nah seriously, saw NF Hard 1.1k+ Raven only ? Hello this isn't Starstone Mines hard mode, stop trying to clear the dungeon in 2mins with broken DPS and do the mechs. And again it's like Riftwalk/Dawnforged is an inexistant path for players... when you're up to 4200% of additional
  10. I think it's mostly how the content has been scaled that is the problem. Mind multiple people tried newest contents with their 120% or so of accuracy and the boss had 0% of evasion. Tried myself on Starstone Mines, was the same. (and some with around 115-119% that reported having bosses with like 1% of evasion or something) You can feel the crit loss indeed but having "harder" dps isn't really a bad thing, even now I still ran some dungeons where we still melted through contents like it was nothing and all of us got hit by this update, mind you. However I don't und
  11. ikr, especially when they blame you to not use your char when all they have to do is rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr + f + alpha every 5 mins. DPS isn't the only thing needed on this game and this 'class' completely ruins it. Btw being a dps class doesn't give you the right to deal 222222m more than other classes, come back to earth already.
  12. Question is : do you really need those Tri-star gems.
  13. I actually do Zaiwei Ruins daily, just to get my 2 orbs for CS/HM solo and here we go. (if you can't solo, you can probably ask either a clanmate or a friend) When you're in Zaiwei Ruins, you can simply farm the Murkwing Lord by making him spawn over and over again, no need to do the whole gimmick Scorpio -> Pyrefist -> Tarakhan. (even if it's good indeed)
  14. I haven't even spent a single cent on this game :l (not like I can anyway) One thing that greatly helps is a clan. The difference between F8 IF/EL and clan IF/EL is night and day.
  15. You should more complain about the stupidity that everyone can do every roles with future updates. Oh well I'll finally be able to play Warlock tank ! LUL
  16. Warlock, has 2 out of 3 of my favorite elements. There was Sin as well but I always prefered 'magic' over melee and no other class has Frost/Lightning in combination. (would have been my main if it ever existed) And Warlock's gameplay is fun, but Frost WL feels a little lacking, as I don't have any badges for it. So, Warlock :)
  17. If dps is a problem, you can still uncheck "show combat record", that's not the reason why you're doing dungeons anyway. For me it's not even a dps problem or well not fully, because 2-hit every mobs just by holding RMB makes the game even more boring that it already is but the main point is that for a dps class they sure have a lot of variety like what ? Gotta share the same opinion as one guy above about their hook things having the same distance as SS and they can spam this like 3-5 times ? Hello ? I don't know it just made the game even more braindead and boring, Alp
  18. Too bad you don't need Raven for IF, and by that I mean that Riftwalk/Dawnforged players exists. And saying the mechanics are hard is hilarious, barely half a year I started playing this game and it feels like a cake walk already.
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