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  1. 1) Meh. The game itself isn't bad, but as every single Korean games, you get to progress 4000 times faster if you pay. Dungeons being braindead since 80% of them have been nerfed.. and classes are just unoriginal, "easy" mode that barelt requires much gameplay attention. 2) Warden, Warden and uh, Warden. You tank better than KFM/BM. (8m melee tank, xddddddddd. just... whatever) You can use a wannabe Soulburn that instant-casts. You can be cc immuned 80% of the time, thanks to Blade Ward. Your dps is not so far away from top-tier like Force Master (
  2. Just wish we could get the items by completing certain dungeons like last event, and the event would be good enough. We used to get the secret recipe from NS, the dining table from Shattered Masts, etc. There's no incentive to play the game yet again, it's going to be 15 mins of daily challenges, wait 45 mins to get the second throw for daily dash (so in the meantime, you can do Outlaw/CoS) aaaand, that's it. Give me a reason to play the game already.
  3. It's not about being a braindead class, it's just how making one unoriginal class literally throws 3 another class out of the window. Why would you even tank with KFM/BM when you can be immune to any cc for 80% of the time ? Why would you even pick Warlock to Soulburn when Soulflare regens something more useful (HP) and can be cast twice faster ? And here I thought dealing 444444444/s dps by holding RMB with Gunslinger was the worst... they managed to go even further with Warden, astonishing.
  4. Transmutation. "But we can't farm Demon Spirit Stones.. We lack of Evolved Stones.." Here you go. It's not a problem with the events then, it's a problem with the game itself. Events are fine for what they should be, what the game need is more direct ways of upgrading. You can't wait X event just for the sake of it. Best example could be the latest Soul/Pet Aura event. While easily the majority of the community enjoyed it, it could also be technically a ""bad"" event as out of the event, there's no direct ways to get to legendary soul quickly. S
  5. @Showta Glad to see someone that finally makes sense. I even had an argument today on faction chat about how people should just "suck it up" as this kind of "money grab" thingie is more or less the same everywhere Korea is included in the lot. I'm frustrated as well with all of this but yet, I'm threw up with people's whine at this state. It's like the only kind of event that would matter is some exploit like Tower of Memory where you could get 40 oils just by going afk with X chars. Do you realise with 40 oils (41 actually) grants you Awakened Hongmoon/Ascending to Awk. Trans./Cos
  6. I think it's whatever, ok event at best. Instead of complaining about those, it's more likely the upgrade system that needs a change. Getting 2-3 oils per event is fine, using 5442584 oils for a 2% elemental increase is not. I'm not gonna talk about heroic-tier soul still requiring oils to upgrade.
  7. @Vyd We mean, back in the day, some people were using Destiny Ring to get more AP and dare to kick people with lower AP even tho they had BT accs which are far superior despite their lower AP stats. (I take crit/focus bonus + elemental damage over ~20 sh*tty AP)
  8. Imprison (3) needs the full effect to be able to reset Leech. But anyway it doesn't matter because with latest awakening/specialization patch in Korea, you can cast 3 while moving without cancelling it. Wingstorm (V) and Enthrall (G) are fine, besides pretty much every ultimate Hongmoon skills are trash so it doesn't really matter when it comes to G. It's nice to use it against "sub bosses" so you can most likely one hit him, but it gets tedious at higher lvls. (where a mob literally has the hp of a regular sub boss, like 500-600k) That's balance when Shadow WL is one of the lowes
  9. No wonder why this world is screwed lmao. With such mentality, no one's flying further than their nose for sure.
  10. It's about clearing dailies you know. You do them once a day and you're done, you don't farm those lol. Why ? Reward chests, despite their abyssmal chance, can give some Venture Token. (yes Sparkling is a legend, and Brilliant is even more rare than a shiny Ponyta) However, you would never know when you'd get them. To begin with I don't even understand why you are talking about Celestial Basin, to be honest if 3/4 of the playtime is basin, then you simply don't enjoy the game. Remember to enjoy a game before burning out and quit.
  11. I don't mind much, except this top 3 > - Evolved Stones : with a low probability but ACCESSIBLE in dungeons. First step would be to make them able to drop from Cold Storage and Heaven's Mandate, then some higher dungeons from Ebondrake Citadel up to latest dungeon. - Hard mode : it's still meh. Yes there's the merchant but we don't get it every 10 runs either. Hey now, Sandstorm Temple USED to drop Sacred Vials and Pet Packs from hard mode, tell me what happened ? Because they have been removed from the dungeon tooltip. (they now drops only in Shadowmoor HM, last bos
  12. That's the problem everyone has : they only look at the damn gold reward. Getting 5g from a dungeon isn't gonna make you buy any moonstone crystal or such. By simply farming chests/pouches, you'll get more than enough soulstone/sacred crystals anyway. Or are you telling me people are buying orbs/stones to CONVERT THEM INTO CRYSTALS ??? That'd probably be the worst waste of money you can ever make on this game. Also Basin bosses are like every ~40mins, by that time I already cleared all Blackram up to Sogun's at best, so it can't really kill you to do something while waiting a
  13. @Arohk Your post makes me think of Leech. Whereas you use it on a mob has such a big flaw : Leech starts to be in cooldown the very moment where the animation begins. However, Siphon starts ONLY AFTER the Leech animation ends, which is utter bs as if the mob dies, your Leech will be in cooldown but you haven't even gained the Siphon state. Actually I feel more like asking why this has never been fixed after all this time.. oh well.
  14. It's his/her point lol. Sundered Nexus is pretty long, same for Sogun's Lament. While Sogun still gives 4g thanks to side-quests, Sundered Nexus doesn't have any and the reward is something like 2g I think ? (counting both Be Ido and Drill Sergeant) Now Naryu Labyrinth is almost 2g for a full run with all 3 dailies, which I don't think it's bad for a lv45 dungeon. I know there's a lot of gimmicks but in parties, it doesn't matter at all. Both Bloodshade Harbor + Blackram Supply Chain is 1g60 total (~80s per daily), it's not bad either, and it would be quick in a party.
  15. KFM + Assassin both shares Fighting Spirit and things are fine. The difference of Warlock being "dead" was never about Soulburn but it's about a deeper meaning. I main Shadow Warlock by the way and no I do play the game but I've heavily stepped up from it, the Gunslinger release already annoyed me enough as it literally absolutely outdamaged every single ranged dps ever with even less efoorts. Let me not start on the gameplay design it brought to the game with Alpha Call.. like the bosses weren't already 'easy', we can now burst it with BB/SB twice more than before ! Interesting right. Th
  16. Doesn't seems like the HP increased that much, we are already melting normal SSM->ST (110~180m HP) within a minute so.. and by watching the stream, it doesn't seems the boosted Zaiwei Ruins are above 100m at all.
  17. I challenge them to make classes with an actual specification, unlike Gunslinger and Warden.
  18. To be honest, as a "main" char stand point, I have like 6k sacred so the more I can dump, the better. Also, farming becomes more relevant, before you could get 4444 sacred and 3333 soulstone crystals from treasure chests but it would end up being useless because endgame gear was most likely asking for moonstones/elysian only.. I don't really see the problem here in a way. Now I wish BT accs would have asked for XX transformation stones instead of premium ones. It's still great accs, not everyone does Nightfall Sanctuary but the fact we do have TT accs available, BT accs have indeed lost a b
  19. While I absolutely agree, pretty much 90% of the players will avoid those said rooms. It's 'suicide' to even make 950+ AP parties, and even then you'll most likely "wipe" at first boss, and 3/4 of the people end up leaving the party. Sad but true. Now I'm sorry but there's no reasons to let players around either if they're not dedicated to the game. Why should you get something worth while literally just pressing "lfp" at every dungeon, randomly mashing buttons at boss strong enough for current alt/new players gear ? You don't know the dungeon ? Read a guid
  20. BR : I'd take anything PvP that has equalized gear. Also, incoming cheap tricks and haven't seen 100-0 aerials so far. Animations : as a Warlock main, super disappointed. This doesn't really shows us 'elements', I know the Warlock is now a distortionist or a curse users but I still think the animation are pretty poor for a magic class as such. Expected something fancy af. Tower of Infinity possibly being removed : what else can I say ? FINALLY.
  21. I still think it needs some tweaking. Probably coming with the new Dowager raid but reducing stage 3->9 cost wouldn't be a bad thing either. 2-3 PTS + 20-30 trans. stones + 200-300 moonstone crystals, to chose between those values. (amount of HQ wings remains unchanged)
  22. ? They clearly said gilded triangulars will be exchanged via antique for the same gem with updated stats + 128 powder. So you don't lose any gilded triangulars at all, that's the main point. And now it's "cheaper" to make gems ? Well no ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, it's like : - when Baleful used to cost 3 PTS to upgrade while now, it's literally "mats free". - when I had to go through Riftwalk 3->6 just to get Raven 6, but then it became super cheap after some updates. - when people used to have to max Oath necklace but now, "new" versions literally gives "free" stage 5-6 stats. (wh
  23. It was a Soul Fighter actually, from a "private" discord server. (can't remember the name, but was from an 'op' European guild)
  24. By easier time I meant as it's the very first boss of the raid yeah, so you don't have to go through the whole VT nor trying to bother with Scion's Keep. (unlike shadow Warlock and wind Summoner xd) Now again, rng is rng anyway. (thinking of this guy trying to get Husk from HQ but you'd then get 9-10 weeks of Rancor in a row, sad.)
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