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  1. I suppose that clan mate solo'd the boss at this point :l
  2. Sounds like the typical alt tab tab player, that also thinks Warlock cannot do "fast paced" mechanics. Not saying it's hard, no classes in the game is hard anyway, but that's definitely more thoughtful than this certain class standing in the middle pressing V, making it immune to any kind of cc until the skill is gone.
  3. I don't like this at all. Why ? This sounds like Mushin is going to be redeemed, which means cucked Cricket once again.
  4. I'd say remove the dark path since it's literally the same modifiers as raid path but only 10%. Simply keep light path bonus since it's normal that raid path is stronger than non-raid one. Maybe tweak some of them, like Bangle, because 50% on Short Fuse yeah... could do a lot better. In terms of skins it's fine, Baleful is just a red/orange Windshock weapon anyway and dragons fits the game more than birbs.
  5. I feel left behind as well and not only in terms of gearing, it's simply the game itself being unattractive. - Cross-server. This might sound like me being antisocial but Holy Hell I cannot stand F8 any longer, I'm pretty meticulous when it comes to different mechanics of the game and seeing people doing dumb things just add another wall of frustration. And the worst thing in all of this ? It's alright, yes it's alright, it just.. doesn't matter, failing is still "REWARDED" (wtf), this is insane, I don't even find any point in playing this if the standards becomes even lower t
  6. There was only one way to make it fair and everyone knows what it was. It's too late to go back now, either enjoy Arena or hope Battle Royale can give boxes with Moonstones as rewards. (as people mostly queue 6v6 for this sole reason) It's not hard to understand as well that limited elo queues will suffer due to low playerbase.
  7. It's obvious you'll see Bronze vs Gold, you can't have an actual matchmaking with a low playerbase + take Battleground as "free-for-all/casual" you'll most likely not have a balanced matchmaking most of the time. If you play any competitive shooter f.e. such as Rainbow Six : Siege, you'll see how the Casual mode is also 'unbalanced' multiple times where I'm thrown with a team of Silver/Gold against a Plat2+/Diamond one. (and the worst is that myself isn't a ranked player as I play the game alone 90% of the time) Same for "cheating the system", happens everywhere, can't really
  8. Hey you ! A while ago, ~6 months to be precise, I've made a thread with some ideas, etc : When it didn't really had answers at all, I've seen that most of the ideas that has been made to the game recently more or less came from there, with some being made to basic ones. (it might also be a coincidence mind you) But yeah so far : the VT necklace upgrade nerf, the Draken accs, the soul (Stormbringer -> Hongmoon 6), the arena chests (while it doesn't give moonstones, it does give its crystal version), triangular gems removed, reduced Hellion cores prices for pr
  9. Would it be that bad ? After all, there's never been a Korean game that made actual success in the West. And seeing how the Western money will more or less finance their mobile games rather than anything else. (NOT aimed to the Western audience I might add, in short you most likely pay for them xddddd) What we need are more Western companies moving their a** and make games like Blade and Soul.
  10. 1. They need to be fun over being rewarding. Events aren't permanent contents or when they are, it's always dc, dc and.. dc. There's no incentive to get 20 oils from an event where you afk either, and they got it right. (thus why only a low amount of oils are available during events) 2. I agree. Awk. mystic badges should simply ask for more Divine Grace stones and Hongmoon 6->10 should not require any oil. This is the least they could do. But like you said, the Evolved stones + Demon Spirit stones have been an issue for far too long. 3. No opinion he
  11. Ah, this is risky but this was my point : yeah Moonstones f.e. would be expensive but the thing is that you would buy them only if you want to speed up the process of gearing up since I wish these could be farmable without being forced to play a game mode you dislike or anything. PvP/BGs 'locks' items that is needed for progression such as materials instead of actually be rewarding miscelleanous stuff to prove one's worth like idk, exclusive PERMANENT costumes.. right ? :^) Obviously not limited to outfits but I don't know how to categorize that.
  12. ^Is it a bad thing on the paper tho ? If the game wouldn't revolve itself around gold this much, I don't think it would be a problem. People being able to get all the mats by themselves would give a chance to everyone for sure at least, and if you want to speed up the process, you pay (gold), simple. Not to mention people charging NCoins can already buy gold legit anyway. Yeah gold needs to circulate but I don't think it's that much of a problem, each "main dailies" giving a minimum of 4g. (starting from NS, and including Sogun + Yunsang as well) I still thi
  13. Well there is a difference between 10 and 100 runs to unlock said items at Hellion cores merchant. Unless you've gone through the whole hundred runs, you just need a party/clan willing to help you to go through 10 runs of almost-impossible-to-wipe dungeons to unlock pretty much everything. Also, with requirements due to how new this was before, you most likely NEEDED the BT accs to even enter these dungeons. (mostly talking about HH there) While it might not be the case now, Raven prisms for Draken cores would have most likely been a good help for newer players. Now wha
  14. Another plague that needs to stop. Therer are other ways, more attractive than that, to earn money, thing that Koreans have yet to understand. (at least on any of their games I've played)
  15. I do get you, but it's also because of this kind of uniqueness that we get broken things like Warden where everyone is able to do anything and thus at full potential. As said on some thread a while ago, let's take Warden for example : highest damage than BM/KFM/WL, tanks easier than BM/KFM, support better than WL. - At the exception of KFM, Warden buffs better than BM. People always look up for more bb/sb rather than HM blocks, since the game has become easier patch after patch, probably the only content worth getting HM block are a few hard mode dungeons and TT/SK. (a
  16. They will remove grab (from BD only, not sure) iirc with the Awakening/specialisation patch, but that's where it gets even funnier : Destro and BD doesn't even get something new to compensate ! Now I just want to share my thoughts on what I wish the game would have been > Things are that simple on a mmo : tank, support, dps. Tanks : Blade Master, Kung-Fu Master, Warden. Support : Warlock, Summoner, Soul Fighter, Assassin. DPS : Destroyer, Blade Dancer, Gunslinger, Force Master. Which means DPS would deal the highest damage, Su
  17. I have 96 Demon Spirit Stones, and my soul is at the same tier as yours, I am not the problem. (Evolved Stones is a much bigger problem for me) The problem is for new players, that still have to struggle with oils for useless stages like Hongmoon 6 -> 10, and you can't throw an event for soul everytime just for the sake of it. This should be a permanent thing already, with obviously more efforts than "get 80 emblems to get soul xd".
  18. At this point, they just need to pay for a single Trove anyway so :/ And I don't think one month for one oil should be qualified as "effort", that's way over the top if anything.
  19. What's the point of putting mobs in the open world now if they are useless since there are no quests anymore ? (no reasons to kill them) What's so confusing about random blue triangles ? If anything, ANY first character should go through them to learn their char much better, instead of pushing them up to dungeons they have no idea what to do in and make everyone waste their time and 'wipe'. It's not hard either to make the choice of not doing them after you get your second character, if you want to make any.. Ugh.
  20. Oh well, should have been obvious. I mean, can't get third awakening when first two are broken LUL.
  21. I don't know. New class was supposed to be Archer but these hands seems to wear something new. But it can also be gauntlets with third spec. effects ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  22. I've never disagree, in fact this is probably the game where I've seen the most whiners and it gets kind of annoying most of the times. I've even made posts "defending" NC Soft so it's to say. But now, two things : - I completely lost trust when Korea announced all their new games going mobile. This clearly shows the Western market brings nothing to them, which is not very surprising but being a one-sided company isn't gonna give them profits from the West either anyway. - And But when you earn mats, you can still get cucked by the game as wel
  23. So what do we play for ? This was, excuse me of the language, pretty f-ing retarded to even say something like that. Now I agree that the reverts are pretty stupid in another way but again, what's the point of playing while barely upgrading your gear ? It makes absolutely no sense. Right now the """pay2win""" (lol) gets worse because of how many items we actually have to upgrade now. It wasn't such an issue before since the biggest gap was only coming from the weapon and soul. Now it's like this : - A whole new tier of soul ? Better keep using oils to upgrad
  24. Ok, now, seriously, thanks. The only reason I wanted to do this event was the outfit. I wasted 100g+ first day because I was impatient, and it hit me pretty hard. (sh*tty box giving nothing good, and of cooooourse, Elder's table obviously gave 5 sacred which I already own 7777777777 of them ^^^) Anyway, thank you, really xD (I still think craft mats should drop from dungeons like past year, it was nice to play dungeons at least, instead of going afk and not play the game)
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