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  1. At this point what I don't understand is why they just don't get rid of the orb ? Think about it : 1) No need for compensation that way. 2) People can still do the event for free everyday. 3) No "orb = loot" rules, people will have to bid = more gold circulating between the players. 4) Players who spent for Trove still have sparkling chests, against the average player that has only the option of brilliant chests from CS/HM anyway. Selling shards in F10 was a cheap unsuccessful way of getting money from people, which I'm pretty sure made people even more a
  2. It's fine, you'll get dps when 3rd spec is being released xd
  3. Hey, I just wanted to have your third specialisation opinions on what it could be. If you don't have the knowledge of the future specs, mind that you can check the plans KR devs have for them : https://pastebin.com/uBG1EnqC (translated by a reddit member a few months ago) Also know that names might be able to change, f.e. Black Tortoise ended up to be Black Wolf for KFM's 3rd specialisation Destro "Guardian" : I was thinking of a gameplay based around the shield, but like.. the npcs that does wield shields but in a Destroyer manner obviously. Which could be intere
  4. That simply means they disagree with whatever people have been proposing for Evolved Stones. Tho I still wonder what peoeple proposed overall for those, I've recently proposed to simply make them drop from "end level" open world areas such as Moon Refuge or lockout dungeons such as CS/Heaven's Mandate. We'll see, not like I'll cry if they refuse xd
  5. ikr Tho, my first thread about feedback didn't got any answers as well but I could see most of recent changes had been more or less taken from my thread, with a few tweaks to it for some. Unless I happen to be just lucky and see through people's ideas xd At least this is what I've been proposing which made it into the live : - Riftwalk/Dawnforged being cheaper than Raven, note that the materials idea was because back in the day, Raven wasn't asking for Sacred/Soulstones. - Draken accs has been streamlined as well. - VT necklace upgrade reduction in a nuts
  6. Then take it - Evolved stones are still a joke to obtain : Make them drop from Moon Refuge, All mobs from Celestial Basin + Moon Refuge have a very low chance to drop them, Add them on the Cold Storage + Heaven's Mandate loot table, - Hongmoon 6 to Hongmoon 10 still requires Sacred Vials which is absolutely ridiculous. That's literally the worse pay:upgrade ratio of this game, your dps barely increases by literally having to "spend" ~3.000 gold. (counting 1 vial = ~300g) And no, NC Soft cannot always throw in soul events just for that, at this point
  7. Let's say it is, on a cliché point of view. (would say "giants" for Gons) Also, I think it tells you about the guardian thing on the char. creation screen, tho they only describes Gon as "descendants of the dragons", while Yun inherited of the "phoenix" but I guess it's what the Vermillion Bird is, otherwise there's a slight detail change in the lore. Kirin is the term they're using for the Lyn.
  8. What really hurts the community is how the patch begun from absolutely awesome : awakening, unity system, soul event, lv60 voucher ... To absolutely atrocious : "misinformation" of antique items with no compensation for them, talisman upgrade prices off the charts, gold rewards decreased by HALF, different dyad upgrade system. The least we can get for the antiques is a special transmute recipe -> 1 freezing orb + 1 black rose feather = 1 frozen feather. Also 1 orb of ascension for every 10 white orbs owned + 5 lesser demon spirit stones for every 10 demon s
  9. While I agree right now, I have been giving it the doubt because of awakening. Limitless is still going to be proc'd with Soul Shackle, however it's going to be fixed to snare/root due to the whole skill specialisation thing. Not only I have to mention snare is a potential wipe during certain raids, but also this spec has a longer cooldown than the old move 2. It's going to be tested out but I'm slightly toward using Legacy for "Shadow" Warlock after awakening is being patched here. Doesn't really matter anyway as our new fused badge shall be the newest one released today alo
  10. Except there are mechs that you can simply NOT nerf. Dreamsong Theater is a good example, boss 1 is simply not possible to nerf, the only thing I could see to "help" is making the circle spawns in a certain order. (first circle always at 12'o clock f.e.) Shadowmoor as well, you would have to remove the curse system entirely to make it impossible to wipe or it wouldn't make sense. You could remove some cc from the boss' attacks + failing at stun/kd the boss when he grabs during third curse mark wouldn't be that "punishing" as hurling it away.. however nerfing the curse would be
  11. Normal mode should still wipe "important" mechanics.
  12. 1) and 3) is pretty much the same, the point of keeping them is to upgrade to square dyads, just saying. There's also nothing wrong with triangle dyads having their value diminished if it's not the top tier of the gems any longer. Only problem I see is why it is not the same recipe as Korea.
  13. bUt I sPeNt 444 pts fOr bAlEfUl rAzOr pls refund xd Just a reminder : if people didn't fuse, they'd most likely had to trove/rng boxes XX(X) € for gilded/dyads because that's literally the only other way to gather gems aside from transmutation. The 370 pet pods requirement for maxed out Talisman is much more worrying, and I knew the moment I've seen the "64 loss", people would still complain, lmfao.
  14. Hello, for a start, thanks for this said stream, it was the first stream of the team and I think it was good enough. The "new" team seems promising in my opinion ! Thus said I have a few questions concerning the update. 1. Will the patch notes be available in a previous date than Tuesday 12th seeing the current conditions ? Since the stream has been unable to cover all the update due to short time. 2. I suppose the talisman item has upgrades considering that it's a potential good PvP Battleground item. (HP/Def boost ?) However I still think 370 pet packs for the it
  15. It's actually true but what this person doesn't say is that these people are most likely players that started the game at release, without giving it up in the long way. I myself haven't spend a cent on this game, and currently I'm at : Awk. Cosmic 2 soul Aransu 6 Both awakened BT accs Awakened VT neck Virtuous heart 1 Divinity brac s10 Fused Soul Badge (Limitless) VT mystic badge VT 8 ss First stage of legendary pet (enough for PvE anyway) Gems - 3 octas, 5 heptas (soon octa ruby, so count half gems being octas)
  16. "free 2 play" path lmao, what kind of bs is this. Anyway the concept itself is busted anyway, even PvP weapons works in PvE it's just that their bonus are obviously not fit for it. Raid and PvE weapons are the same, it's made to clear PvE content and that's the thing : Raid is still PvE. So why choose a path with 50% cd on short fuse or 10% on RMB (? not sure) for FM when you can go raid path that gives 100000000000% bonus instead ? They put themselves in a corner in my opinion when they release raid path, I don't really understand why there are 2 paths to begin w
  17. @FlameSui I was there as well, when Belsazar stepped up from Vindictus EU, which is when the game started to go downhill fast enough. The RISE update just nailed the hit in the head, the update just destroyed everything I've played the game for. Thus said, I'm worried enough as well for Blade and Soul. ET is most likely coming soon, yet easily 3/4 of the community still haven't cleared TT nor even tried it. Upgrades starts to be really tedious, especially on the sacred Vials side. (needed for literally everything at this point, even last acc breakthrough) To be honest, your op
  18. I don't PvP but let me tell you how all of this also affects PvE, making the game even more of a boring fest that it already is.. Warden and Warlock : simple, instant-sb + better sanctum + better burst/dps. "Sanctum is party xd" No I can see you right there, Blade Ward is personal but do you really think every single party member are going to stay in WL's Sanctum area specifically because it's being cast ? No. Warden and KFM/BM : Blade Ward, probably 80% up during the whole fight, this resists any kind of cc, Aerial and Knockback included. Yes in short
  19. This is what happens when you play with fire. For a long time now, and this isn't Blade and Soul only by the way don't worry, all this "RNG this, RNG that" would end up backfiring. I play another game than BnS, tho it's not at the same level at all (triple A game) and specially not the same genre (tactical FPS) but literally : when "rng lootboxes" are released, let's say there's 20 items to collect, you'll never need more than 20 packs to HOPE to get the whole thing as there's no duplicate item f.e. Why not make the same kind of thing for Blade and Soul ? Along RNG box
  20. Players are so desperate that they make their own patch notes.
  21. Of course if you're from SEA the ping is relatively annoying to deal with, which means the dps also drops a lot. Also I'm from Europe, the ping isn't the best but it's not as terrible either, I'd say it's acceptable at least for PvE. But anyway the dungeons are fine the way they are, you're not supposed to do everything with story gear. It's also not hard at all to get Raven/Rift-Dawn nowadays, and as long as most of legendary accs are stage 3 min. (BT accs f.e.), it's fine.
  22. Yeah I got it, but even when I have "low geared" dealing ~100k (X5 then) while I'm here dealing around 300-350k sustain, I'm still not even close to a min of the enrage timer so there's clearly something wrong.
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