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  1. Because they don't consider those as "mistakes and scams", simple.
  2. Nah, all of this was planned. Normal mode in Korea had 937m hp and the "hard" mode one had 1.8b hp. Meanwhile here in NA/EU, our normal has 236m while our hard one hasn't been changed at all (1.8b).
  3. Like pretty much any Korean games/mmos fyi. Now I'm not gonna quote the other post I'm answering to because it's tl;dr so I'll just pin @Snowyamur The reason Warframe also does good is because the studio/company only owns this one game, added to the fact it's a western company so they fit their business model much better in their own "region" than any eastern games will ever do. NC Soft meanwhile, doesn't only have Blade and Soul to take care of. They have GW 2 + Lineage/2 + Aion + all the other mobile games. Not to mention these said mobile games make
  4. It will be done if the game ever descend further below in playerbase, like it happened with a certain game from Nexon.
  5. My opinion on it is that there's a mix of both good and bad : For the good, you need to first ask yourself if the event is actually worth it. The Resurgence emblems gives rewards like Lycan's fire wings, TT soul shield 1-3, GC steel, Onyx scales, Divine Orb fragment and octagonal gems. The wings are cosmetics and the rest is better off getting them normally rather than with this event at all : > TT soul shields, you can get 1-5 from MSP and MSP stage 6 requires less gear for sure than what this event is even asking for. Besides imagine everyone would be able to
  6. If they'd lower the health points of all bosses, it would make the raid more available for slightly lowered geared since you'd need less dps but would still be punished for missing mechs or rewarded by clearing them which would "self-damage" the boss. Literally no reasons to nerf mechs if the amount of HP is more or less the same, all it does is making people want to get even higher gear because the bosses are only sandbags while they literally requires no skill to clear because there's barely any mechs anymore. But as I said, HP remains the same, DPS requirement remains the
  7. NA I guess ? Because it's like 3g on EU. Still, MOML is stupid and should disappear, it's not like 95% of the orb users pays for their orb. If you do pay, then I suggest to stop wasting money. I know because of the event it makes things harder but once the event is over, just clear Winter Mane in CS then bring a shard for Jinsoyun. (still risk of getting scammed tho, unfortunately) + the loot is not worth it anyway + bid = more money circulating + hepta gem taken by a orb user that has gilded gems is retarded + orb should be deleted anyway xd Bad des
  8. It depends on the class as well. Mine is Warlock (Scourge) so.. The class I just burst/PvE down with ease > Destroyer, Summoner and Soul Fighter : - Destroyer can get annoying but it's really when they're up to like F85 or higher. Otherwise almost all my skills goes through their spin so whatever. - Summoner it's simple as well, just burst the cat while using C then the Summoner is useless. You still have to watch out for Ivy Poison and that debuff slowing you down a lot. If they use Petal Storm just lure them out of there. Abuse ccs against them too. - More or le
  9. It's alarming if people can't even control their own character. All you have to do in BC is WASD + use your Block.
  10. All this sounds a bit ResidentSleeper, besides more dungeons/raids nerfs D: Too long to post I guess.
  11. Late answer, legit forgot but it's there anyway. Your post doesn't really answer my question at all. I asked if 30 sec/1 min of clear difference is a waste of time. And when I talk about not being entitled to the "carry", I'm talking about people leaving because they see a party made of HM13 (and no, I know, HM 13-15s themselves does it as well) so they obviously think "low dps". What's more funny is most of the time I've seen people barely sustaining better than I do with much better gear than mine so I'm doubtful about the "carrying" if anything. I've even clear
  12. It's not about dps, but prolly about technique. They'll surely nerf something like no wipe if conduction fails at Ransacked Treasury or no more death zone in Kamahage in Dreamsong Theater. (tho I'm not sure how they can pull that off, unless he just becomes boss 2 and it's only about braindead dps) Besides I don't recall any major nerfs in dungeons from Korea, weird. Pretty sure we got the whole package already.
  13. Only thing I know is that Warlock's Wingstorm (not sure about Hex Storm too) now pierces defense and parry.
  14. Hopefully the Songbird/Liberty soul badge are able to be fused with other soul badge at this update. :<
  15. Meanwhile I main Warlock with 2 cc and 1 viable escape. (2 if you count F) I'm trying to stick to Scourge, and oh boy, you have even less cc and utility than before : > All skills such as Vampiric Drain, Ghostly Scream or Graveyard have to be used via Quell. So Warlock blocking spam was broken and it got a 3 sec cooldown instead of 2, but somehow a KFM with counter spam + resist 400000 sec at every dodge (he has at least 3 of them, fair enough) is fair and balanced. Alright then. - Ghostly Scream is a single daze, and it's worse than pre-awakening daze Imprison
  16. I literally have Raven 3 with basic accs and yet, I can still solo first boss before enrage. Not gonna lie it was close, think I had like 25 sec before enrage.. however how is it that people still need 1.4k for a "fast" clear ? You can see I'm doing ~200k sustain, 5 of me and the whole party deals 1.2m/s which is literally 12m every 10 sec. Boss 1 would be like 1 minute, now I know you're gonna tell me that with VT it'd be 30sec but really at this point, we're getting to a point where 30 sec is a waste of time ? xd I just don't know man. It makes sense for top dungeons to require "
  17. I got one powder from Moyun and Shuna treasure chest xd Imo they should really bring back "boss treasure chest" on dungeons, especially Winter Mane and Jinsoyun since they're on daily lockout anyway.
  18. Wrong, Hollow Victories collection achievement is made of : Wildwood, Wildwood Crown and Rootwell weapon. Both outfit and accessory are available to merchant after getting the speedkill achievement and it's not like the weapon is very hard to get either. What I don't understand is why the outfits have stopped appearing on merchant since the release of Drowning Deeps. Just make it the same as SSM/HH cosmetics :/
  19. Actually you can drop octa and hepta too, so it's obvious the next to drop was triangular. More like a mistranslation rather than anything else.
  20. You probably get rights for CS/Heaven's Mandate resets because it costed real money but that's it.
  21. I mean, you still get the sparkling chests from Trove so it's pretty stupid in my opinion. If that's what they really aims for, some people there needs some business lessons because they sure are bad at it lol.
  22. It's a general feedback thread, feel free. Now I'll be honest and say that this game, being a free 2 play, need to be """pay 2 win""", allow me to explain : the game isn't free, it needs money to run off. I already see people coming that there's no need to make super gambling/addicting features such as Trove and which I totally agree but it is how it is, people can be easily fed from addiction and it's not like it's proper to gaming only. Fast-food is probably the best example I can find other than gaming, and there's even less common ones such as jewelry/clothing. (you can't tell
  23. You have more to gain from people's money than a freaking orb LOL
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