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  1. Serenity Recruiting raiders!

  2. Serenity Recruiting raiders!

  3. Serenity Recruiting raiders!

    cool, fill out the app!
  4. Serenity Recruiting raiders!

  5. Serenity Recruiting raiders!

  6. Serenity Recruiting raiders!

  7. Serenity Recruiting raiders!

    Server: Yura VT/SK: have 2 raids clearing working on 3rd planning for 4th TT raid: Have 1 raid working Requirements: Active in discord, we want to hear from you! You must be able to hold your own, we are your allies not your bodyguards. We raid weekends primarily 8EST-12EST. Speak english. Culture: We are under a new banner now but we have been playing raiding and enjoying each other for a good long while. We expect you to respect each other and any banter found to be malicious in nature will not go unaddressed. We are a family, ranging from all around the world. Benefits/clan activities: We do clan 6v6 so all members have the peach and exp bonus. We also do clan only tournaments and contests with rewards! We offer an active group on discord doing dungeons at all hours. Some contests done have been best screenshot and best clan outfit also its not just in game that we have fun together. If you are interested apply ~~> <~~ or in game pm Donth or Alurwa
  8. Looking for VT raid group

    Raven 7 will be raven 8 tomorrow i do over 120k dps sustained, can provide parse.
  9. Looking for VT raid group Gems might be on alts. I am very flexible on raid times just let me know and i can plan accordingly. If joining a clan is a must i am flexible there also so long as there is a peach bonus.