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  1. Seriously you upscale lvl 50 bosses to 55 and reduce gold gain. I understand the logic in reducing gold gain for lvl 50 bosses, but lvl 55 bosses reduced gold gain, seriously ? Then again, it wouldn't hurt to revert the changes done overall and put the gold gain as it was pre-55 lvl patch for lower instances. You shy away many new players by basically telling them "NOPE no gold for you". Get 1100+ AP THEN you can farm gold. It makes no sense, and I'm impressed by your lack of understanding. KR quests give so much gold meanwhile we receive nothing. The only way to get gold is pretty much
  2. It is the same as it was early release, and is very bad imo. I can tell now why new people aren't interested in this game. It is good that you spend ressources advertizing BNS, but you might wanna change a thing or two at how you wanna attract new players in. For starters, the trailer is outdated, you show a few basic skills in the preview, early content (which is pretty bad imo), and focus on martial arts aspect. It looks like some shaoling kungfu game, which is just not interesting for a Western population. Instead, put in your preview more interesting skills, enlarg
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