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  1. NCwest is creating a toxic environment for new players on purpose

    That's what I mean also it is stupid to have raids for newest accs where you need 12 ppl and it is nescessary to keep up with the content Raids should be optional for different purposes than damage like unity or compound or even this +20 rng which is slightly affecting dmg Solo/max 6ppl groups to achieve items for damage Population is lower than it is used to so the game should change along with it.
  2. NCwest is creating a toxic environment for new players on purpose

    Sure this game is all about mechanics but why don't we have anything for lone wolfs? Some people prefer to play solo no raids etc and yet we have no options for it except mao like dungeons which are not rewarding in any way
  3. Patch preview stream?

    Will there be any stream with patch preview as it was before? @Hime
  4. Elemental gems

    As long as they make it more viable than it currently is whatever option is good
  5. Elemental gems

    Hey, I just though about the elemental gems are very limited to one elemental build if you choosed to go for only one you are stuck with it, but, I though maybe we could have a new system implemented in the game that allows you to exchange your current elemental gem for another gem black gem with the other elemental effect currently I am stuck with my shadow gem on my sin and I would like to go lightning but I would lose some damage because my gem is going to stay at shadow elemental which has no use this feature would help a lot of players to fast switch between their builds if they want to.