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  1. they should make all the designs be available to be bought/exchanged like everything else needed
  2. Hongmoon focus, what are they?

    @Ygnizem ahhh i see... ok. thanks for the clarification! :D
  3. Hongmoon focus, what are they?

    Does anyone know how 'hongmoon focus' actually relates to the different classes? Gunners have 40 focus, but have skills like their Darkshot that say it consumes 2 focus but returns 6 hongmoon focus on every hit. o.o FMs have 10 orb thingies and although assuming 1 orb is 1 focus, Blazing Beam consumes 2 focus but supposedly returns 17 hongmoon focus. These are just a few examples. So does 1 focus = x hongmoon focus? Say, 1 focus = 100 hongmoon focus? Otherwise, what do BT rings do when they say 10% focus recovery upon critical hit? I assume they apply to hongmoon focus, but then again, how much of that makes 1 focus?
  4. Radiant Energy Antique Exchange Compensation

    Does anyone know how they are planning to implement this? Since right now exchanging them seems to only give us the 10g item.