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  1. New 'Dead Reckoning' outfit

    So I've gone to the Blade and Soul website and seen that they are giving away those free satchels and they show a picture of the Jin, Yun and Gon wearing the outfit. They don't show Lyn. I'm almost 100% sure that the gunslinger class will not be available for a Lyn but my main question is: does that mean a Lyn cannot equip the outfit??I am a Lyn main so if not, that's pretty sad for me. Can someone pls tell me what exactly is going on with the Lyn's version???? I will cry if a Lyn cant equip that outfit. It would be cute.
  2. Evolvment

    I have seen older videos of people evolving their equipment, however I cannot seem to evolve anything. Did they remove it for some things or lower level stuff or remove it all together? I think I've only ever seen items with stages, never seen one in-game myself. Can someone explain pls?