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  1. Show off your characters!!

    How is this toon able to fight oO she have to be a destro with a realy realy Big Axe to keep the balance Jesus
  2. Why are PTS RNG to transmute?

    You twist and turn my words again ... same like the line above, twist and turn. Besides of that you are either blinded on both eyes or just du.... Where do price drop last weeks ?!?!?!?! they getting higher and higher (except now cause the trove) Half a year ago moonstones where at 1-2g now around 5g, sacred orbs 30s now 1g+ ?!?! where did thy drop ?? Drop means the OPPOSITE dude, are you playing on a privat server ???? But I guess its like: vs: So I guess as you told ppls that the game is sooooo easy and they can run everything easely with low gear you basicly said ...they can run any dungeon with any pleb just not with you cause you dont have the time to bother" cause let me guess time is precious. Thumbs up dude!!! BTW, I do run almost only HMs for better and more loot to safe my time, but here e#is my actual count: 1 PTS out of 14 trys so much about 50% RNG lol Before you will tell again that I could have sold the mats bla bla bla. I do run 6vs6 alot and like I said HM dungeons as well, so I can try 1 or 2 times per day, and it doesnt bother me that much, its just to proof that there is something wrong with RNG and there should be a change somehow like the 40key counter in trove. e.g. If u waste up 10 trys u get 3 PTS with the 11. try. In fact that they said 50% you should get 5 out of 10 most time.And this wouldnt change that much cause everyone needs a ton of this to upgrade everything. but keep going to twist my words, its funny to proof that you are well what ever you are ....
  3. Why are PTS RNG to transmute?

    [edited - PhoenixMitra] The whole thing about money sink and stuff is insanly wrong, the whales and "better" players own massive amounts of gold, it doesnt bother em if they need 2 or 5 trys to get a PTS, they just own to much gold, while the common player always needs to gather the last penny to upgrade something.. its exactly like IRL, 1% of the gamer own more then 50% of the mone/,gold/ressources while 99% of the gamer needs to share less then 50% that the whales left. There is one thing Grimoir in all your theorys that is so absurd wrong, TIME !!! Time is limited for the major part of the community, 99% of us cant play 12/15/18h a day, we got a life, partners, work, kids, other intressts then just a single game. Everything you tell all the time is, you can get everything by just grinding normal mode over and over again and again. So while the whales get there stuff just for free in terms of time (just look the trove now, and how many ppl will be max geard later without any clue for gameplay and mechs running normal mode with gear that was made for HM) the commone player should waste the last precious thing we have left .... time .... while they grab even more money they never deserved.
  4. Reasons to leave BNS

    thanks for proofing again that you are just a blinded white Knight of Scamsoft, ALOT ppl leaving the game cause the tons of issues.
  5. Friendly advice about Trove

    then run BT oO Trove just means alot cash geared ppl without any clue about mechs
  6. Dungeon Daily gold nerf???

    I was already saying this half a year after merge one ^^ while you are basicly right, with 1 EU and 1 NA server, I dont think the whale will stay if the dont have some cheap victims to slay in pvp ^^
  7. Dungeon Daily gold nerf???

    for the same reason most players still are here, cause our firends, partners klanmates. but this doenst work forever ....
  8. Dungeon Daily gold nerf???

    Exactly ONE Crystal, just the VT necklace needs 1200 Crystals !!!! not to mention the thousends for EVERY Leggendary item, how many Hours you wanna grind Naksun ? And the loot from the tables where RNG !!!! I was doing this with 12 !!! Boxes per day and got a Single sacred oil and 100 weapon elemen ts but not a single one for Accesoirs so just stop telling ppl what you got, cause its RANDOM !!! but Im the one that doenst have smart thoughts .... Happy ?!?!?!? you kiddin dont you ? I need them as well and drop rate is just as low as almost every drop ... its RNG !! I got more then 1700 sacred crystalls without any need anymore but orbs are rare as everything else. why do you think that the price just exploded up to 500% and more ?!?!?!? how shall new players make nice money with em IF the drop rate is so damn low, and If the better geared ppl just bid in dungeons ? even 1g :5 ppl is NOTHING. WHAT ???? I said I got ONE damn premstone out of 11 !!! tries, so what do you tell about Im greedy and want all 8 ??? a single Premstone is around 330 - 360g so sure 2 x means 700g + for 500g ... so much about math and smart players ... Honestly, you got proofen that you are wrong over and over again, from so many ppl in this forum, even in this thread not a single line of your postings telling the truth or shows that you got even just the minimum about empathie for other players aka human beeings !!! You just play the White Knight for NCSoft, even if 1000 ppl tell you take care the Coffee is very hot, you burn yourself cause NCSoft tells you no dude its fine just try it ..... WHY ???????????????? What shall we do to get you open your eyes ? Even a few whales just said they see the Issues and dont feel well. We all dont complain cause we got boring or cause we wanna get everything for free. we just wanna be treated fair and equal and we wanna improve the game we love to play to STAY with the game and keep the playerbase healthy. The sintgle statement you got all day is, we are all to stupid/stubborn/braindead/lazy/whiny/skillless to play BNS, and pls dont let me quote every post you did before using these words .... Srsly, even If you would be an employee there must be a point where you see the points of the community, and even if u cant agree to em, how can you still defend them ? Games where made to have Fun, to escape the real world for a while like reading a good book. or just to free you mind after a hard day. But cause Companys like NCSOFT we lost this option, just look how we treat everyone else, its just the same we do in real life ... we have to "work" another job to get stuff done while the rich ones just use there money to get everything in an instant ... but they tell us to be lucky and satesfied with the breadcrumbs they left ...
  9. Dungeon Daily gold nerf???

    not to mention that the soul was buged before and most ppl just throw away cause you couldnt upgrade this oO So funny ... thats why we have to farm old content like Naksun over and over and over and over again while hoping that the RNG is with us to get moonstone crystals. What about the tons of elements (20g per piece in dragonexpress) and dont tell me now we can get them from daily dash. What about the nonsenses with the sacred orbs ? from 30s up to 1g40s and more cause the 5million ExP charms dont use crystals, and the whales and and 24/7 hardcore addicted just buy them to get boost there HM levels. What about premium transformation stones ? I just wasted mats 11 times to get a single one, and the descriptions says there is a chance to fail VERY FUNNY !!! Chance to fail usualy means "dude you will get it mostly but there is a chance to loose ur mats by failing" Instead its more like "dude dont even try it, you will waste alot mats cause there is just a small chance to get one" I know, and you are right. But its more to show new players another point of view. Maybe IF more ppl leave the game or even try to avoid the game completly, NCsoft will be forced to change some things. Whales dont having fun, dont pay anymore.
  10. 3 weeks of Hype for Login Bonus Items and additional for Premium Users and we get this ? lol just lol Besides, is this some sort of punishment for prem user ? to klick through 3 and a half page within the Item storage filled with errror message to get the stuff every day ? unbelievable
  11. Dungeon Daily gold nerf???

    Ok enought is enought .... Realy Dude why you still defende Scamsoft Vs everything that ppl tell and got proofs for. You are a Veteran Player with average or max gear, In fact that you call other peopel "too stubborn" I guess you know almost everything in the game but new players DOENST !!!. Stop telling people that they should be satiesfied with just loosing battlegrounds for getting just the stuff we max players dont want or need anymore. No one wnna be treatening like ppl second class, but you do so. BnS Turns into a ghost town and will get merged again cause neither the devs nor the Publisher listen to the Playerbase and dont care for 90% of the Community cause we dont pay as much as the whale do. Every Change for new players in the last year was to keep whales busy. New ppl just get the minimum stuff to get exited in first place, but they just leaving after reaching gear/paywalls. and dont try to convince me from opposite New Player cant get some items/mats/ressources cause they are locked like: -Arena: New player missing all HM Skills/books cause they dont drop in pve anymore (0,1% drop rate isnt a droprate ....) so much about equality and eSports -6vs6 BGs: Even most average ppl cant compare here cause they feel like newbies if they have to fight vs Whales. But all getting forced into do 6vs6 even if they just get the minimum for loosing (to entertain the whales) cause there is NO real other source to get moonstones. -SSP: is a dead zone now, and new ppl cant even touch the Bosses for there drops, cause whales and average player just outdmg them. -crafting: almost just to craft stuff for urself, but important items are locked behind the moonstone dilemma -daylie rewards: Less rewards for old dungeons (wich are designed and meant for NEW players) and not reachable rewards in higher tier dungeons for new ppl cause impatient playerbase and the fact that everyone needs just a TON of everything and wanna finish the own stuff pretty fast. - market: exploding prices of almost every important item cause the insane demand on mats for higher tier items to upgrade and the fact that are a few ppl + whales got an insame amount of gold while most of us own just a fractional part. (Side fact: 8 people worldwide own more money then 40% of the poor. and 1% of the rich ones own 50,8% of all money in the world Yes new ppl can join existing clans, to get carried but If you form a clan/grp of 6 real new players, they cant do anything and will leave the game soon. cause it takes an insane amount of time and effort to break through the gear/pay wall by own.
  12. As the titel says, we all got a massive loss in stats. While I totaly understand that stats scale down if level up in any MMo ever released. But this is why ur old gear gets outdated, and then u have to refarm new stuff and gear to compensate this losses. For Example IF u wear a level 30 Item with 1000 armor, and level up to 50, u just get 550 Armor from the levle 30 Item and u need a level 50 Item with 1000 armor to get full benefit. The system was made once to avoid ppl wearing some nice levle 20 Item with endgear/Level. But actualy we just leveled up to 55 and got alot weaker then bevore and this cant be work as intend. I got 56% dmg reduction at 50 now I got 37% I got 60% crit rating bevore now 50% I got 53% blockrate bevore now 27% left same for evasion, crit dmg, elemental dmg and more. Even the Bonus perks for 10/20/50/80/100 HM points still got levle 50 stats. ALL Dungeons got upgraded to Level 55 !!! but we still get level 50 loot without any Option to compensate any of these stats. Basicly we got the same situation like a few weeks before as Bosses where 55+ and we where level 50. The hole thing is beyond any logic to farm Level 55 - 58 Bosses to get level 50 gear. the hole descaling doesnt work propper cause we dont have Scaling items like TESO, TERA, Neverwinter, or Riders of Icarus. We just got a new item, the gloves and this should get us an advantage cause one more Item with stats, but in fact it just compansate the loss in crit dmg. and the changes are so irrational that my highest hit as destro with 1050ap and BT/VT gear (no legy badge) and BB/SB active soul and weapon buff was 465 per F klick x 2 .... now WITH the new gloves I even cant reach (392k) 400k with same buffs and gear. So I just ask: HOW can we compansate this massive loss in stats/defense/dmg ???
  13. Arena boosters.

    Me again ^^ NC do care about arena, just not for our benefit ^^ You do need arena or 6vs6 to get HM skill books, unless you can buy the expensiv ones in market, you need to do either arena or 6vs6, in both cases u get farmed by boosters or by whales, But u can avoid this by just buying the tokens you need from NCoin shop ^^ et voila Scamsoft care alot for there cash flow ^^ Its truly Free, suffer or pay your choice !
  14. Skill skins

    WOW ^^ finaly we found something we think the same ! Besides, who needs this ?!
  15. I was in SSP mins ago, for bloodstonecrystals you now need 3 prestige instead of 30, even so charms and quest but the chests for Soulstones still need 100/300/500 prestige. So no more reason to run SSP
  16. Is nur erstaunlich wieviele makro guides es für BnS gibt sogar für Gunner. Aber kleiner, du bist ein Hoffnungsloser Fall, dein Art der Konversation ist dauerhaft derart fäkal vorbelastet, das ich mich weigere auf deine chronische Diarrhö in zukunft einzugehen.
  17. Dude you made my day. Geil dieser satz ist einfach nur geil. da muss man nichtmal mehr spekulieren ob und wie den cashern mehr gegönnt wird oder nicht ^^ Abgesehen davon schreib einfach immer den Englischen support an der deutsche ist ein Totaler Reinfall. und generell solltest du mehrere Tickets schreiben, weil das so ein bissel ist wie die RNG boxen ^^ 1,4% chance einen GM zu bekommen der die tickets auch liest und nicht nur den copy paste bot durchlaufen lässt. "leider können wir dir nicht weiter helfen, aber bitte versuchs doch neu, beim englishen Support"
  18. war irgendwie klar... makros OPTIMIEREN das ani canclen bei den stunnlock 100 - 0 combos, du techchased einfach den gegner ganz normal und wenn sein tab escape auf CD ist, nutzt das makro, um die CCs perfekt aneinander zu reihen und so den maximalen dmg + CC lock zu erreichen. Natürlich kann man das auch manuell, aber nicht so präzise das man aus jeder Stunnlock combo das maximum rausholt auf 10ms genau. Ein destro oder BD mit einem Ani Cancle makro schlägt pro sekunde 2 bis 3 mal öfter zu wenn die Pausen zwischen den einzelnen befehlen mit der ping konform gehen. Bevor du wieder nur die hälfte liest ... JA gute spieler bzw die "pros" gleichen das durch Übung aus, aber die sitzen auch x stunden nur in der Arena wärend der "otto normal spieler" da deutlich weniger zeit und damit übung verbringt. ausserdem is die Arena vom aussterben bedroht da makro user nunmal existieren und die Pros 5 gleiche chars haben mit denen sie das komplette Ranking blockieren ... Apropos ranking, und Pro spieler nutzen keine makros ... is schon lustig das viele spieler die im Ranking ganz weit oben sind nie an den offline Turnieren teilnehmen, kommt halt nicht ganz so gut wenn das Makro dann vor ort unter beobachtung genutzt wird ... Aber hey no CD hacks gabs/gibts ja auch nicht, oder wie war das mit dem level 20 Summoner der 5 oder 6 wochen auf platz 1 im ranking war und Freundschafft ohne cooldown gespammt hat ....
  19. how u gonna be farming gold in SSP now ? you absicly dont get any prestige to trade in for now.
  20. you would be surprised how calm I am, actualy I enjoy how many ppl, got the same conclusion and how just a few try to convince us from the opposite. Btw, I never said we deserve anything I just asked for OPTIONS, but guys like you always try to stultify my statements ? Besides, I already did this with my suggestions how to make the gloves special and useful.
  21. I guess its cause all NPCS got nerfed before if u are the atacker. but defending side still earned the same prestige. so the stronger faction still got a bonus, now its equal for both sides lol. But now SSP is a dead area,
  22. Gunner huge Nerf in 6v6

    Finaly !!! enjoy the time you guys have left. Oh and hopefully this means less lyngunner in future !
  23. The thing is, Battleground PvP is just the feeding ground for whales, Basicly there is nothing in the game where you have to spend hundreds of thousends of €/$ except 6vs6 where the whales can try there new toys, and thats why things never will change here. If they change just a single thing whales and 24/7 harcore addicted gamer would lost there advantages. More HP/defense would lenghten the fights so there burst souls and insta kill combos/makros wouldnt be that effective, so they would have to learn to play the class instead of just using 100-0 rotations. Same for CC immunity, less dmg, and everthing else you suggest to improve the PvP experience for most players. Just take the whole stupid items with trigger effects that just bypass any defense. Usualy PvP means knowledge, stamina, surviveability, reflexes, koordination, strategie and taktik to overcome or exploite an enemies weakness or mistakes. But this is oldscool and not so healthy for companys cash flow
  24. Hey we arent weaker now we just got a stats recalculation .... lol honestly give it up, I already try to explain exactly this for days now, and some ppl will tell you that we just have l2p or we are trash and that we arent weaker, even with proofing the opposite.
  25. Login Bonus Srsly ?

    Ok some ppl realy think that a company like NCSoft get us stuff for free cause they are so nice and heartly to there customers ... they dont. They spent stuff as a trialversion of something we wont or need in case of pay2progress, or to change things behind our view. The actual login Bonus is for gold sink, while the most player hardly get the gold to upgrade some stuff here and there, the whales and hardcore addicted 24/7 gamers got tons of gold. Additional the next trove is already close and they need to take as much HM/Ncoins out of the game as possible, to max the incoming cash. Its just simple the 5 mio ExP Chars are new and a pretty easy and fast way for the rich ones to get there HM Level upgraded. Just check the market price for sacred orbs and evolving stones. So while they nerfed gold rewards and exp for old dungeons and not lowering the EXP amount for HM levels, we can now craft the new 5 million EXP ones for alot expensive mats from market or Hongmoonshop and they encourage us to do this with the actual login bonus Charms. but who of us would waste 1 million EXP charms if you can make 5millions with em. So yes there is a reason to complain about, and there is no reason to say be grateful that we got something for free. NOTHING is for free in Life, not even the death !!!