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  1. mouse look doesnt work in combat

    When in combat you should be able to adjust your camera even when you cant move your character. this almost never works. please fix. As this in-game screenshot clearly indicates you should still be able to adjust your camera view even when you are unconscious and can not move your character.
  2. mouse look in combat

    NO. I don't think so. It makes no sense at all. When stunned you should Not be able to Move or attack or block with character unless you have a free escape, but you should still be able to see the fight taking place otherwise you may as well watch a cut-scene. You should not be stuck looking at wall or plant or ceiling or any other object that obfuscates your view. The only time you should not see is when blinded.
  3. mouse look in combat

    While in combat my mouse-look locks up when my character is stunned or airborne. When stuck in a ground combo or an air combo I cant use mouse-look to change my angle of view and observe the fight from a different angle. This is especially problematic if you get pushed or knocked towards the edge of the fight ring and cant see your character or your opponent because your view is obstructed by a pillar or wall or plant. While in the air my camera gets stuck focusing on part of the ceiling or a beam or lamp on ceiling and it blocks the view of my character and my opponent. I need to see the both my opponent and myself in order to fight.
  4. galloping instead of windwalking

    When wind walking up a wall and on to flat surface, instead of continuing to run fast the character goes into a gallop . It looks like he is skipping or something it is not the normal fast run. I noticed this while in Celestial Basin. I was able to repeat this strange animation each time without fail.
  5. Ive been farming Celestial Basin for several weeks now and I have noticed that the early warning notice prior to boss spawns/weather change are intermittent. I usually i get a notice about 3 minutes before the boss spawns telling me where to go. sometimes I get the warning sometimes i don't. anyone know why this is?
  6. Dragonblood broken

    Amarathiel thank you for replying with helpful information.
  7. Dragonblood broken

    DirectorTseng Your assumptions are wrong. All of them.
  8. Dragonblood broken

    If you sell dragon blood in the same room that the boss is in, it should work in that particular room, correct? Otherwise why sell them in a room with the boss. You would think you would have to use up all 3 dragon bloods in order to die,at least that's how they usually work. This is not my first time purchasing or using dragon blood which was never a problem before.
  9. Dragonblood broken

    I want refunds now!!! 2nd day in a row. 2 Dragon bloods and a golden dragon blood never activated. 1 Shotted by a 30,482 damage even though I have 100000+ HP. If dragonblood doesn't work in this dungeon why are you taking my silver?
  10. Dragonblood & attack indicators

    I have purchased a total of 4 dragon blood in 2 separate dungeons today as well as a golden dragon blood. in both dungeons they failed to activate. I also noticed that the enemy attack warning indicators .i.e. red circle or rectangle on ground are not accurate. On countless occasions i have stepped out of the red area only to still be hit by a stun,knock-down or aoe.
  11. lag and disconnects.

    The past 3 days have been plagued with lag and disconnects. When in combat during these lag events none of my commands register to the server e.g. attack, resist, or escape. However all enemy attacks continue to register and do damage. After being killed by lag we have to repair our weapons numerous times, and its getting old real fast.
  12. How on earth do you pvp a gunner?

    If you are a Melee class you'll have a hard time beating an equally skilled and geared gunslinger,they just have more tools at their disposal. They have 5 ways to CC you while they AOE and burst you down all while staying out of harms way. With 6 escapes its damn near impossible to get near them. they get BACKSTEP and 5 WHIPLINES in a row. There is STANDOFF, DEADLOCK and SKYSTONE. That's 8 seconds of resistance, where they take zero damage all while dishing it out.

    i meant transformation stone im soo mad i cant even post the propper name of the damn item arggggggggggggg

    WARNING: Contains more salt than the Recommended Daily Value High sodium intake can increase blood pressure and risk of heart disease and lead to stroke. read at your own risk. I finally gathered all the materials I need lets try one more time. open inventory select transmute .scroll down, ah there it is. TRANSMUTE PREMIUM SOUL STONE TRANSMUTING......hammer ...hammer...hammer FAILED TO TRANSMUTE. What again really. are you Effing kidding me Wow what a fun game I really want to keep playing, NOT! what a horrible way to treat your customers. Yes we know there's a chance at failure.But why? If you think it will encourage players to sink more gold you're wrong. I will Never use transmute again. I have never been able to produce one PREMIUM SOUL STONE successfully. After repeatedly sinking nearly 200 gold each try,what do you get? NOTHING. That's rite you get Jack chit. I never seen another game company take advantage of its customer base so blatantly. Its not just transmuting failures but the jewel powder issue the rose thorn box scams where you end up with 5 of the same crappy outfits. daily dash that resets to start every day before getting to any of the quality items at upper rite corner. great just what i need a hundred silky hair wigs. It seems the developers forgot the most important thing in a game. It should be FUN.
  15. stop locking BD,s camera when CC,d

    this is retarded