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  1. Great move

    I think it would be an overall better soul "reduction" if we actually got the reduction KR got instead of this cost redistribution. Everything now has to cost farm-able mats to upgrade, so now you have to choose between upgrading accessories or weapon vs upgrading your soul, which at higher stages still costs oils, plus a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ton of mats. Just like with what happened to the BT/TT accessory cost "reduction" to not cost as much, but then adding a metric ton of soulstones to the cost for no reason. Those who farmed event oils on multiple alts to fund their souls can't just do that. It was already a pain to farm oils with evo stone drop rates for those who crafted oils, and now you spend more time farming materials than actually running other content (I'm talking to you people who insist MSP spam is the way to go, enjoy your burnout). It may cost less in terms of gold, but it's still not easy to farm or upgrade with the amount of mats that are required. GG. Soulstone Crystal 2250, Moonstone Crystal 563, Sacred Crystal 2250, Elysian Crystal 563 Sacred Oils 66 - Is only a cost reduction in total of 38 oils instead of the 66 oil reduction that shows. From True Cosmic to True Tiger. This is just my opinion, and I'm a bit skewed that we didn't get the flat price reduction like KR did.
  2. Empyrean Shadows: Item and Systems Preview

    Is there any reason that we didn't get a flat cost reduction like KR did and instead you added mats to the cost? Every time we get a "reduction" its more of a lets move stuff around and make it look like a reduction but its still going to cost a bunch of mats.