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  1. Former beastbog farmer here. I can only say you regular farmers will have no chance regardless getting your hits. You need to have 2 things to compete against those illegit farmers. Thank god I made enough bank to avoid this bs. have fun!
  2. I think they were told to take it down, considering how easy it is to get them compared to getting it from Alienware.
  3. afaik, it's just a few people designated to pin the quartz market by monopolizing the rich nodes but jokes on them i sold a few thousand quartz after merge. kek. one of them sent me an unfriendly mail when he spotted me at shiverstone. these guys are full of fails.
  4. Just camped one spot on the mediums at primeval forest. Had no issues mining. The players that was camping didn't have good ping (or wasnt using the speedhack). Stop being lazy ppl.
  5. One guy on yura has the habit of putting his bot in a deserted beastbog channel but he doesn't know I can manipulate the way players spawn to channels. Wonder how long he can keep letting his char die.
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