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  1. Please use the your vote.

    Hello Dear Assasin Players I want this skill buff : Shadow skill tree for : Webbing : CD : 18 sec , Area : Target Landmine : Dazes poisoned enemies Area : 3m Both skill tree for : Add (Tab) Flash Kick Add (Stealth in 1) Cyclone Sweep unconscious Bolt Strike : +Blinding your opponent for 5 seconds. I why want this?Let's talk a little bit. Shadow build in have your 22 sec CC, 6 sec Stun, 10 sec Daze, 6 sec Knockdown. But your webbing cooldown 30 sec The best chance is that opporent should opponent not move-not use escape skill. Is there anyone who can play like ShadowBuild right now? And now we have the following: Stealth (Escape tab) Bug, Swiftstep (F) Bug. Assasin math : Bolt Strike CD 1 Min its oky? Ascendant weapon effect Bolt Strike CDR %40 So ? Ascent weapon 35 sec in reset all skills. Yes i already know it! %40 - 60 sec = 36 sec. /please ! Lost Skill : Lotus of Poison. If you do agree with me, please write +1. If you do not agree with me, please write -1.
  2. Sin Balance important !

    assasin too nerfed i want some buff Skill balance patch note assasin for %70-80 Skills Nerf :[
  3. Sin Balance important !

    Those who support me This topic Share and reply if i am not mistaken Assasin PvP class But ? (Assasin)Than other class more nerfed I want assasin to get a little buff / a few old skills example : Webbing 30 sec to 18 sec CD Windrush : 6 sec to 15 sec CD example : Lotus of poison , Flash Kick , Side Winder Patch Notes: %70-80 Nerf Skills 15 august 2017 (F/4 Area Damage) (Misty Slash) (Shunpo) (Eternity Badge) and 1 Bugged Skill (Tab Stealth) 13 June 2017 (Guard Break, Webbing, Ice Mine, Smoke Screen) (Shadow Slash, Sneak Attack, Protection Decoy) (Turning Leaf, Fightning Spirit) 12 April 2017 New Skill System Worst-Affected:Assasin why? ( ) 17 January 2017 Nerfed or Buff ? Poison is now refreshed upon successfully hitting an enemy with 5 Poison Stacks with Poison Breath (Tier 3 Stage 1), Choke Bomb, or Plague Mist.? But no have lague Mist Now and Tier 1-2 already refleshed upon succesfully hitting an enemy with 5 poison stacks 25 Octaber 2016 Awakened Skill F exchanged RMB. why ? Because other player say RMB Mastery Sin Fixed Bolt Strike Skill 04 Octaber 2016 Fixed Ani-Cancel Shadow dance/Shadow Dash/Side Winder now apply their effects faster when used near an enemy. hm hm Shadow dash/Side Winder no have now ? 23 August 2016 Spinal Tap (Stage 3) has been added and applies 1 stack of Poison while dealing increased Lightning Damage with a 6 second cooldown. (No have Now) Spinal Tap (Tier 3 Stage 2) now has an area of effect of 2x3m. (No have Now) Spinal Tap no longer decreases the cooldown of Shadow Drain by 6 seconds. (No have Now) Swiftstep (Base) now applies Daze as a Joint Attack. (No have KD now) Stomp has had its shortcut key changed from F to Tab and has been combined with Flash Kick and Webbing. (No have Flash Kicki-Stomp now) Decoy now no longer reduces the cooldown of Hook Kick (Tab) upon a successful Counter. Time Bomb (Stage 1) can no longer apply Daze or Knockdown as a Joint Attack. (only Daze now) Decoy (Tier 3 Stage 1) no longer grants a barrier if no attack is Countered. (No have barrier now) You can now assign skill points to Throwing Dagger and learn Sneak Attack (X). You can now cast other skills faster in succession with Throwing Dagger. ( 6 sec in only aviable now) Lotus kick Charge skill now.But Old Lotus kick 3sec Stun Removed Blind decoy and bolt strike There's no need to look at the old