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  1. First I said from my experience and second I don’t hate bns literally first thing I said and maybe you Don’t experience it but I do have skill delay and it’s not that easy to fix and my pc is 4 months old and runs at 4.4ghz which is exactly what’s required for bns so it’s not my pc
  2. (btw this is just my opinion about bns I actually really love bns and I just hope they fix it for once) I've only played for 2 years I just came back after 5 months of leaving and I know me saying this is not gonna fix anything but seriously why won't they fix bns there are so many problems with bns first the fact that this game is absolutely stupid as a new player. Coming fresh out of the story you literally have nothing. No way to make money and every single party have a 1.1k+ AP requirement because NCS decided to crash the HQ mat prices for no apparent reason. Other than dailies there's li
  3. Hello, everyone, I've decided to make a discord for the Korean server, there are only 2 requirements 1- you must follow the rules 2- you must speak English I've also made a clan for yall to join as well, I'm looking for moderators and helpers for the discord and clan. I'm pretty new to all of this making servers and stuff so I have a feedback and requests channel on the discord for people who need things changed so all are welcome. https://discord.gg/eAdp58 also, the discord isn't fully done yet but I should be within the following week so please feel free t
  4. i wanted to make a jin but i cant make her face right any suggestions?
  5. im trying my best to make an BNS ahri these are the only presets i got could someone help me https://ibb.co/jD5hqS https://ibb.co/n5TkAS here are some other presets i made for fun feel free to use them https://ibb.co/c2Xqc7 https://ibb.co/fE2Z4n https://ibb.co/hsMBjn https://ibb.co/fCeWjn https://ibb.co/gX9gjn https://ibb.co/hWFRH7 was gonna show my Tokyo mew mew character preset but thats mine o3o so heres just a picture of her in gameplay https://ibb.co/edMxqS https://ibb.co/fa9p4n
  6. When you pick summoner they show a video when you revive your cat with the skill wish theres a little animation of you hugging and scratching you cat but when i use wish i glitch and go into fighting stance one day i was in a a dungeon and then i glitched again and the animation suddenly worked but ever since then its hasnt worked
  7. OMG she looks amazing with that outfit
  8. Hello i wasnt easy making her but i tried i wanted to see other peoples yuns if possible https://ibb.co/bAmP7n heres some other photos of her in game https://ibb.co/b8FFf7 https://ibb.co/dWykf7 also i thought id make a little business here by making presets for people what do you guys think? PS free of course i wouldnt ask for money
  9. wait is my cat gear just attached to my character or my cat
  10. i wanna at least send all of my cats gears to my new character but that takes alot of money
  11. i really dont like my character im lvl 46 summoner it took me 2 days to get where i am now should i just make a new character same class and same race or should i beg people to buy me a character alteration cause im poor and stupid and have no job? I WANNA SEND ALL MY TO MY SELF BUT THAT COST MONEY AND I DONT GOT SH**
  12. I had a BNS kr account with 1 lvl 55 lyn gunner 1 lvl 45 summoner 3 lvl 55 KFMs. I know that lyn gunners are coming to NA servers but should i continue using my kr blade and soul or should i just move to NA, the thing is lvling up is so much easier on KR you get alot more xp when you kill monsters then before I was lvl 30 in like 1 hour (exaggerating), I wanna continue making characters and lvling them up but i just cant chose should i stay with KR or go to NA P.S and kr server isnt as bad as you think, people are super nice and my ping never goes higher then 60, the one thing i ha
  13. Buts its not its in CH and KR BNS there new ears in 5.1
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