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  1. That was abit arrogant :( , and no gunner for gon :P
  2. i mean they cant just believe what Julia said about some little girl being Jinsoyun.
  3. There is a reason why we have to take care of JSY , what i dont get it is how did the new 8 masters discovered who she really is ? LOL Why did jiwan sent her to us? she's better off at the divine realm than here.
  4. I dont think there will be a new race , Lycandi are basically jin/gon but with fake ears/tail their "God" Lycan aint really a god , the rest of npc races arent humanoid . Not all yuns are the same they can be badass like fem gon too ( but those legs and pose bothered me )
  5. ikr they also treat you as if ur a male , jyansei is rather dumb like they couldt figure out what ilsim is up to.
  6. You could say they are most of them look like children instead of straight up saying they are children , there are lyn npc that age . u could even make a grandma o/
  7. yeahh i want to know when its coming too , i only play this game because of the story lol <_<
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