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  1. December Update Questions

    I've watched it already. I didn't hear anything about what I'm asking. Im about to rewatch it just in case
  2. So I've been trying to find answers to these questions, but no luck :p 1. Do the nebula stones work on all Aransu stages? 2. Is it possible to go aransu to exalted path? I don't have time to raid anymore so trying to upgrade aransu is a pain 3. Other ways to get XP soups? I have some for hm14 and the training room ones are lvl what other ways than crafting? Is it possible? Thanksss
  3. How to get Warden + Newsletter awards

    I still haven't gotten the free 7-day premium?
  4. Gold making strategies

    usually i run the end game dungeons (SSM, DD, IF) multiple times a day if i can. If the SSM gloves drop or the IF engine, i just let people bid it out lol. i've gotten about 300g for one day. usually i get about 100-200g per day.
  5. Does anyone have any idea how much these would cost? From other versions, etc. I heard people think it'd be around 50 ncoins...which would mean dyeing an outfit would cost a little more than $5 I wish they mentioned it in the preview or something
  6. clan's stuck at RK. can't raid with them (timezones + too many people) any clans willing to take a noob? are there any clans that haven't completed it yet?