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  1. RIP Crafting

    If that spreadsheet is accurate, EVERYTHING is going to need at least Soulstones. Most things are going to require Moonstones as well as other dungeon materials, and a lot of gold. Unless they change the availability of crafting mats, people won't even be able to start levelling until they hit 50, and then they'll need a load of cash and resources to get anywhere. Looks like the only way for regular players to get any income will be selling gathering materials, but these are going to be available for every player on multiple characters. They won't even need to log them in. They can set the contract to four days and log out. Basically, crafting anything will be bound to dungeons and gold - yay... another pastime for whales... Time to call it a day I think. Endgame centred around dungeons/PvP... sure, makes sense. Endgame where you can't do ANYTHING productive or entertaining outside dungeons/PvP... no thanks. Surely even dungeon-dwellers want something to do outside of dungeons for a change of scenery, or for when they only have a half hour or so to kill? To add insult to injury, the only profession earning me any gold at the minute - Merry Potters - isn't being "streamlined", it's being "butchered", and the market for refiners and quartz/picks has bombed since they announced the upcoming changes.
  2. Is Blade and Soul, losing population?

    I wouldn't be surprised if the population is dwindling. The biggest issue I have with the game is the lack of communication and interaction with the community. Take a look at some of the current issues; the currency exchange, quartz availabilty, getting credit for boss kills after the merge, etc... feedback from NCSOFT... zero. They either don't care, or they don't understand that a little communication goes a long way in keeping players happy.
  3. Costume Prices

    It's not about "getting stuff for free." It's maths. If they sold the outfit at half the price, but got double the sales, they'd have the same income along with happier customers.
  4. If Blade and Soul was BuyToPlay?

    It's not quite that simple with Black Desert Online. The good... Firstly, the cheapest B2P option is £6.99, which is cheap. So, to simply play the game is not costly. On the playerbase, I don't have figures, but judging from forum activity, it's a lot more active than BnS, especially since it went on Steam. The not so good... Outfits are very expensive, and they are the only option to customize your look in the game. The basic game armours all look the same, outside of a few different models, such as boss armour, and if I remember right you don't even have helmet models on basic armour. You can buy some cash shop outfits from the in-game marketplace dirt cheap, but it's an utter lottery whether you get them - BDO has a bizarre bidding system where you have around one minute to bid from the moment premium items are placed, then you need random luck against potentially hundreds of other people - the price is fixed and doesn't go to a high bidder. Sellers are also limited on how many they can sell. You also need to be physically at the marketplace, so you can't do other stuff while trying to get an outfit. Outfits aren't the only thing that can be bought for real cash in BDO either. It's not as P2W as BnS, but there are items in the shop that give a huge boost to the endgame enhancement system. Specifically talking about outfits, I prefer BnS, even with the broken exchange and greedy price hike on outfits such as Loose Cannon. You have much more choice.
  5. Costume Prices

    Soha's outfit hitting the store at a hugely inflated price at the same time the Gunner is announced... shocker...
  6. Lower currency exchange rate

    So, you're basically arguing that F2P players should just stay away from BnS then? Let's face it, once you've run the story on one character and had a few weeks of the combat, there's nothing left but grind. If that grind is not rewarding for time invested, then why would players stay, when there are countless other F2P games out there, or buyable games for PC and consoles that provide a lot more entertainment for your money? Let's also remember that the founding principle of BnS in NA/EU was that it would not be P2W, yet that is exactly what it is. Not only do you buy the typical things you see in F2P games, such as cosmetics, premium and boosts, you can also buy essential upgrade materials, dungeon drops, items from the achievement vendor, etc. Anyway, I'm not even sure why I'm arguing. NCSOFT's actions speak louder than any opinions on here, and they largely support what you say, either with increasing prices for costumes - such as Loose Cannon - or lack of a fix for the exchange, etc. Maybe I'll login for content updates, but I'd rather spend disposable income on quality PS4 games.
  7. Lower currency exchange rate

    Have you ever heard the idiom "time is money"? With the way F2P MMOs work these days, it's as true of virtual economies as real economies. There's no such thing as "free." Whether you do a real job and spend your cash on a game, or play a game like a job, or a mix of both, it all amounts to the same thing. It's extremely sad, but it's true. What you basically want is some poor sap cleaning your toilet for less than minimum wage, rather than paying them a decent salary for a thankless job. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it's true.
  8. Open world PvP

    No thanks. I left Black Desert Online, even though it was a pretty good game, for one reason... non-consensual PvP. There's nothing more annoying for PvE players than getting ganked by some geared-up griefer, killing lowbies for kicks.
  9. Lower currency exchange rate

    I said it recently in another post, but I'll repeat it here. "Whales" don't exclusively pay for the game. If they did, NCSOFT would directly sell gold as well as NCoin. What NCSOFT actually do is act like an employment agency; they get paid by a client/whale to find an employee/f2p worker to gather gold for them. It works while both parties are happy. The game is already distinctly unrewarding for f2p players. You have to work your backside off to gather gold, and you can't obtain it in the normal ways you can in other games, e.g. mob farming, free gathering of crafting mats, etc. If they make it even less rewarding, by lowering the exchange rate, you'll end up with only whales and gold-selling bots playing the game. There has to be a balance, and the game has to be fun, rather than a job.
  10. Just Delete currency exchange already...

    Another idea would be to make the latest additions to specials, such as old costumes, pet skins, etc. directly available for gold. Less people selling gold on the exchange, if they're using it to buy old cosmetic stuff. More people buying gold for the same reason. Selling a limited amount of items in the store directly for gold would create a gold sink that would allow NCSOFT to properly control and balance the exchange.
  11. Blade & Soul a game for 24/7.

    Fair points, but it's worth adding that boss gear means little, and it also gets thrown at you with events, login rewards, etc. It's all about enhancement, which, as far as I recall, you can buy items such as Memory Fragments to assist with - I don't know, it's 6 months since I played. I do know that people there complained about whales as much as they do in BnS. I actually liked the game, but hated the non-consensual PvP. Can you imagine how those in BnS who complain about Raven vs lower-gear players would like the BDO system? :O
  12. Blade & Soul a game for 24/7.

    Not that I'm defending some of the choices NCSOFT make, but I'd say other games are just as bad. Take BDO for example - beautiful visuals, excellent framework to the game, fast action combat, housing, and a much more engaging crafting/gathering system. Plus daily log-in rewards in addition to something similar to Daily Dash. Then you get to the end-game content... Massively grindy and luck-based enhancement system aimed at whales. In fact, it's far worse than BnS, as PvP is non-consensual after 49, meaning some players just go around zones killing low-geared players to get their jollies. Even worse, end-game PvE is basically farming open-world mobs, so you just get whales claiming spots and killing anyone entering their turf... Personally, I think the best option with MMO's these days is to stay away from the end-game grind and play multiple games when new content, events, etc. are released.
  13. Please fix currency exchange

    The way I see it, the exchange is pivotal to the game, and needs some work. You often hear people dismissing F2P players as though they're unimportant, and the income from whales is everything to NCSOFT. Look at how the system actually works though; NCSOFT don't directly sell gold. What they do, in effect, is act like an employment agency. A whale comes to them and pays for them to find a worker to gather gold. While the system is in balance, everyone is reasonably happy. Whales can progress as fast as they like. F2P players and players with small budgets can still make progress at a slower rate, as well as buy costumes, etc. If it's too hard to sell gold, or the rate drops too low, it's going to push players away at some point. Gold is already pretty hard and grindy to gather as it is, especially for lower-geared players.
  14. Do you hate EU players? Honestly..

    The reason for the latest downtime? To fix rank rewards from two months ago... You'd think they could have tagged this onto Wednesday's scheduled maintenance. It's not exactly an emergency fix...
  15. Please fix currency exchange

    It doesn't matter what the rate is, as it's pretty much impossible to sell gold right now. If they allowed it to go lower, it'd still be page after page of small quantities swamping the exchange. Something's amiss. All these 1 to 10g sales aren't normal players selling gold to meet their game needs.