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  1. And what about ppl buying gold then? What if no1 sells anymore? When trove will come, things will be even worse cause every1 will be selling gold to buy the keys and the few ppl that used to bought gold will rather keep their NCoins for the same reason.
  2. The idea sounds cool, but if they're not gonna implement it, I think there's no point in even trying to sell any gold amount rn. RIP HM coins, it was good till it lasted.
  3. I don't want the rate to be lowered, is already low as it is, but atm you can't sell any amount of gold that is lower than 1k. F9 is stuck with 5g batches, gold doesn't sell at all. But, if you don't want to lower the rate and I agree that it won't be a solution, what are you going to do about the current situation? Like I said, no batch lower than 1k sells, and I don't have 1k to waste in F9.
  4. Although I'm not a great fan of lyns, in particular because it's so damn hard to find good costumes for them not to talk about head accessories glitching with ears, I must disagree with you on every point. You don't have to be a pedo, a gay or a furry to like lyns as race - they're cute, as girl I find em cute, but you can appreciate cuteness even as a male I bet, if you manage to make em cute and not creepy and that requires quite a bit of effort, also they have good race-locked classes. Also, beside BD and Summ, you can have "pretty girls" basically on every class - warlock, KFM, B
  5. It won't happen - you won't see all the old costumes come up all at once, even tho some old ones come back from time to time in specials. The reason is easy: they'd lose preciousness, rarity, if anyone at anytime could buy every costume. That's why they rotate em or make em obtainable only from events etc.
  6. The whole frost build needs a reworking. It's cool and all, but only worth in pvp, maybe, and not really every time - this skill instead, that should be like, a "special"? Heh, you can't really use it anywhere. And why they made such a skill? :v
  7. I mean, I was told frost FM in pve is a big NOPE. Fire deals more dmg and all, but frost has better scenic impact. I've seen a FM using chi bomb in PVP and no matter it failed to land and he died, it still was awesome!
  8. I guess everyone here agrees with me when I say that that skill is absolutely, totally awesome. It looks like a gen kidama, spirit bomb. You see? Exactly. Now, my question is - is there a legit way of using that skill? Bc it's weaker, has a longer cast time, and can only be used in frost build. And no1 plays FM in frost mode. Tho, like I said, I really love that skill and I wish I could use it somehow. I've been suggested I could use it in tag matches, if the conditions allow it, or with unconscious enemies but... Idk. What do you think? Where and how can I use th
  9. BD is easy. Easier than FM, not that much harder than Summoner. Spin spin spiiiin. If you like pvp, lyns and melee, you should definitely go there. Also bc that's the only melee lyn lol
  10. My PC sucks. 5yrs old hardware. But I check "Optimize for combat", press CTRL-F, and everything is fine. If I get kicked out it's usually my PC fault as well for having 20+ chrome pages open on random things. About mass PVP Idk, not even interested, but till now I had no problem if I pressed CTRL-F, either in Grand Harvest or Guwong City. We're lucky you can hide other chars in this game. What about Tera? During rally you're lucky if you have more than 5fps, and you can't hide anything.
  11. Actually, I'm a girl. You know, "Mad Sofia" and all the rest. And, you're the first one telling me my char is not good looking. Heh. Let's ignore the rest. Back to the topic, nope, the game is not dead. I've seen dead games, almost dead games, going-to-die games, but BnS has a stable and resistent community. Here you go.
  12. Then there's me. I'm 750+ AP, HM7, only 3 bg pizza pieces, and a Baleful 1. I don't care about complaints, I don't care about one hits. I still have fun, and it's fairly rewarding to farm battle points, way better than zen beans actually - I bet a lot of ppl would leave if you gate down bg basing on gears. Also... tier brackets? Nope, they don't work. Ask Revelation Online.
  13. "Best looking race"? I don't think so.
  14. I don't play those games indeed. If I don't want to spend real money I'd feel like the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ daughter of a lesser God. Being f2p player tho doesn't mean being just a free rider: if you admit currency exchange is good where it is, then we have a good point; whales can't buy their gold w/o free to play players selling their gold, no? Good good. But atm, the situation is stuck. If you lower exchange rate w/o introducing a big change in gold value, you're just gonna damage f2p players, and that will damage whales too in the long term :o But Idk, it's easy... limits, limi
  15. F9 is dead, economy in F5 is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up, Arena is full of afkers bc of the event, there's bots farming quartz but not in Arena, or alas I haven't seen any, community still toxic and asks for 900+ AP for 700AP stuff, and... uhm, what else? Don't lose hope tho. Oh yeah, there's 2 battlegrounds (6v6) that weren't there b4, but they're not equalized, so I mean, if you like bg pvp get ready to get trashed around a lot, but that's common in every MMO I guess. Faction chats are still obnoxious as ever, but sometimes funny and entertaining, lively. Nerds everywhere too, but you just hav
  16. Easy enough: remove currency exchange, make venture tokens buyable with gold, and gold directly buyable from F10 with NCoins. Problem solved. Bind everything to NPCs - when talking about real money, you can't just leave it in the hands of community market.
  17. Idk about you, but I won't sell my gold any lower than 1:3, or I won't sell it at all. Maybe you play 24/7 and you are full geared, but for those of us that actually struggle making any significant amount, a limit is just a bless. Also, removing the limit won't solve anything, it will just kill the worth of HM Coins.
  18. My Yun BM, and main :o I took these screenshots in... well, in a dungeon, a legit dungeon indeed.
  19. My 100g are still there, and I don't have 1k batches to sell. Just put a 100g minimum... it sounds fair to me.
  20. I have a 100g batch. Useless to say, but it isn't selling - well, there's 5 pages of 100g batches, so what's the point even? Good job. For real. And ofc there's no venture token dropping, since probably the drop rate is what, 0.0001%?
  21. I remember when conversion rate was 1:60-70, good times. I don't think we can go back to that, but alas 1:5-10 like in the original screenshots from KR would be nice. Actually, even fixing a limit to 1:4-5 would make a great difference o_o and I don't think you're gonna ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ the whales that much since HM/NCoins in this game are way more valuable than in-game gold.
  22. UPDATE: So, it really has to do with NCSoft after all, not just me. Others said they have the same problem as well.
  23. It's a problem, don't be obnoxious, low priority or not I'd like it to be fixed - it's been 1yr already. If they have no intentions of fixing it, just remove it at all.
  24. I can't actually wait for them to come up with a solution in a month or two. How do I fix the situation for me now?
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