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  1. We need a emergency maintenance ASAP

    I'm on Zulia and I started DCing every 30 minutes today.
  2. While leveling my gunslinger, I ran Blackram Narrows for the weapon and when I tried to unseal it, Hongmoon Unsealing Charms couldn't be used. Only regular Unsealing Charms were displayed. Is anybody else having this problem in obtaining gunslinger weapons?
  3. Friends List Won't Load

    I've been having this issue since yesterday. I can still search for friends in that window, though, which is how I whisper them. I couldn't whisper them until late last night, but haven't checked today.
  4. Viridian Coast Sentinal coast crashing game

    That's where I keep crashing. I don't get that message, rather it tells me there's something wrong with the BnS Client.
  5. DC every 15 mins

    I've been DC'd without warning about every 30 minutes today. I'm on Zulia, if that matters.
  6. Don't forget to register for Gunslinger Satchel!

    Found this from another user on Twitter, but if you use Chrome, reload the registration page using shift+F5. That worked for me. Hope this helps.