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  1. imo most if not all modern mmo's are pretty boring and not very fun.why because all the comany's and some weird reason some people are acting like they care if the most people in game would have alot of gold and only reason they do is because they dont even bother to sleep and keep playing. the only reason why i think ncwest even cares is because it will stop them from selling things in shop. for them to play this catch up game with gear if people have tons of gold they won't have to by stuff like matts and troves keys ,which is good for the players especially like me want to be able to hav
  2. nope, you are wrong. it was only 5 stones and like 15g to upgrade it before and they just changed it not in this patch that was just put in but in the last patch or the one before that and i guess i just remember .only thing i was wrong was it was 10 ts instead of the emp. oh and you know why ? because i've been trying to get the stone to upgrade it ever since i first got it and i got when i was lvl 50 lol.
  3. i was talk about the fusing badges ( soul badge ) and what do you mean it didn't change?before it only cost 10-15g and 5 stones now its 5 stones 1 pts,1 emp stone, and 100 of moon and other crystals and the gold cost went up also? so is that the same?
  4. i'm posting this topic to try and understand how come nc increase the materials to upgrade my soul badge? i understand if my mystic might because now we can upgrade it but why soul badge and so much too. it use to cost like 10g and 5 stones ,now i need pts???? and emp stone???? and cost more gold? i have a hard time getting those stone in the first place even after how many times they said they increase the drop rate for them in IF and even drops in EL now... but i never see them drop soo..was the drop rate before 0.0000000001 % and now its 0.0000001 percent ? i see mabe 1 drop or not even fro
  5. ya,sorry if this sound callus but i solo him with alts with 900-1k ap before they even nerf yeti and it only takes around 15 mins each..... so for your group to fail for a hour is
  6. i'm not sure if you trolling or not but i'm sorry to say that it's on the same timer and resets when server resets but you will have to be login for 3h to get the all the xp charms after server resets tho lol
  7. i understand how op is feeling that why i make sure to put those people that kick you out for having abit low ap for low lvl dungeons .hell when i have over the ap some people still kick me but when that happens i think its not because its the ap but they just dont like you and the people just goes around stays in group untill the group get inside to leave or after the first few mobs ,that bugs me alot because whats the point of them doing that except to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ the people off and waste their own time and everyone elses and probably hoping that those people cant finish the dungeon...
  8. ya its kinda funny becuase i got a 3.4- 6 core -2 gig video card and 16 gig ram and i got a prog with my vid card to check to see if my pc meets game req and it tells me i don't.... out of all my games this is the only game it tells me i dont meet the requirement for....
  9. sorry if i get some people mad for giving my two cent but i feel like i gotta say something but all i read in this post is that gunner is dps class and thats why they should do so much damage /etc etc? if so let me ask you do you think gunner is the only dps class or the first dps class ever in this game? becuase destroyers are also dps and suppose to be front line dps class so why does destro does such crappy dps if they don't have top gear compare to gunners in pve and pvp?why does destro get nurf just on awhim becuase some destro has good gear and can kill lots of people in pvp? arn't the
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