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  1. hello guys i want to ask you about what do you think about (change class ability ) i think that would be cool to have it in this game please share us what do you think here
  2. this is right because the clans need sometime to have more players number what allowed them to have more raid and more active member for pvp and pve etc
  3. we should make it this is why they did feedback so nobody from the player has he's own life ? they should get the game to a new stage so people don't quite so fast when they realize that
  4. hey as the Title say i just suggest to cancel daily challenge and replace it with gold farm area like mobs in that map drop 10-1-100 gold with Reasonable proportion this is Suggestion due to the daily time daily challenge keep you in the game day by day and a lot of player don't have time for this just want to farm gold in anytime and the event as well bound with daily challenge this what make the game unplayable for a lot of people Especially those who have job and kids to care about so i just want you guys to feed this Suggestion back and tell me what
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