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  1. Character name: Junivyr Server: Yura Description: A long while back, my sister and I were multi-running Naryu Labyrinth just for fun and because we wanted cosmetic drops. (This was before you could buy them with zen beans.) As you may know, there are many different rooms and paths you can take to get through the dungeon. One of the rooms was full of ceramic pots that you can break and pot dogs would come out of them and you could pick up the bombs they drop to blow up more pots... I don't actually know what the real deal with this room was, as I wasn't around to run the dungeon b
  2. I don't even know what all I lost, I just want all my outfits back. Some of them were bought off f5 or from a different clothing merchant in mushin's. Some I bought from f10. Even the ones bought from the bamboo merchant I just want to decorate my characters with. I was saving some for future characters. :( A friend gifted me rosethorn on a few of my characters and I'd already customized it before it was taken from me.
  3. Yes I did the exploit a little for some outfits. (not pet pods though) So I am upset those are gone but my outfits i paid real money for years ago or simply bought or was gifted off f5 are gone as well (stuff i got off f5 before i knew what was happening) This is not fair at all. I want my stuff back. ticket #23598057 server: yura characters: Noramiko, Aishamara, Rikuyoshi, Estephine, Vivyrna
  4. Character Name: Junivyr Server: Yura Description: Junivyr, as a Gunslinger, is the humanized version of my Warlock's (Hiroyashi's) thrall. He is very protective of his master and comrade.
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