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  1. I don't even know what all I lost, I just want all my outfits back. Some of them were bought off f5 or from a different clothing merchant in mushin's. Some I bought from f10. Even the ones bought from the bamboo merchant I just want to decorate my characters with. I was saving some for future characters. :( A friend gifted me rosethorn on a few of my characters and I'd already customized it before it was taken from me.
  2. Yes I did the exploit a little for some outfits. (not pet pods though) So I am upset those are gone but my outfits i paid real money for years ago or simply bought or was gifted off f5 are gone as well (stuff i got off f5 before i knew what was happening) This is not fair at all. I want my stuff back. ticket #23598057 server: yura characters: Noramiko, Aishamara, Rikuyoshi, Estephine, Vivyrna
  3. Character Name: Junivyr Server: Yura Description: Junivyr, as a Gunslinger, is the humanized version of my Warlock's (Hiroyashi's) thrall. He is very protective of his master and comrade.
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