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  1. costume feedback

    i personally feel the pants on male, and front torso of male could've had something to make it a bit flashier. not necessarily talking about golden pinstripes, or purple flowers. but at the moment it just looks like a flat piece of black fabric, that of course isn't always a bad thing, for example on the business outfits, but on this it feels like a wasted opportunity. the hat too, could've used some sort of detail, like a red or black feather, or a red or black band. other than that, it's a whole new outfit, and i like that. bns lacks "dark" outfits, like ravenesque(nevermore), so seeing something like this in game would be amazing. dislike: pants on male dull left side (when looking from front) of male torso lacks detail hat lacks detail (simple fix by adding single accesory) like: dark vibe an actual cape, and not some weird thing like Inferno has the game lacks good hats, this definitely would've been a great hat overall very unique. does slightly remind me of Scarlet Shadow, and Steel Will, but that's definitely nothing negative. tldr: very unique outfit and style, but lacks detail in some parts.
  2. costume contest

    plain and simple for male characters? as a male main, it's the only one i truly care about. unlike 2nd place (slowly catching up) golden flower, which is just a rushed secondary version on male, with no care or unique details. sure, phantom flower is feminine. but it isn't a bad, simplified, rushed version made after the female one. phantom flower on male actually has care, and unique details put into it. LSD-zulia is probably gonna win, despite the male version having no care put into it.