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  1. Sum Ultimate move: party time

    You might want to re-read that yourself; they were agreeing with you.
  2. LVL 50 boost and costumes

    Black costume around lvl 20? I think you mean Masked Hongmoon. It should be available from the coin exchanger in Jadestone, but you'll probably need some fabric to buy it, now.
  3. Lagging Like Crazy After the Update

    They just released a big new content update. Online population is currently way above normal. Lagginess will continue until enough people lose interest, and stop playing. Welcome to online gaming.
  4. Free reward
  5. I would expect so, it's a single-use consumable item.
  6. LV50 Voucher & A Cap only! Nothing more?

    Now if only they'd let me buy an 11th character slot, so I could use it.
  7. not getting xp

    I didn't level to 51 until my second level up in the new storyline. I assume the first 'level up' was tidying something up to do with switching from the HM track to the 'level 55' track.
  8. A little question

    You're forced to pick a side around lvl 18 or so, or you can't progress in the story - but nowadays, that’s about the last you have to do with it. Just don't wear your faction uniform. You used to have to run faction quests to get soul stones for upgrades, but I get plenty of those just from daily challenges, now.
  9. White Orbs need reasonable drop rate

    I would assume from that comment that you haven't run either of the dungeons in question. For Heaven's Mandate, the orb is required before you even begin. For Cold Storage, the orb isn't required for phase 1, which is all that's needed for dungeon completion. An orb is only needed to unlock the optional phase 2, and has a chance to drop in phase 1 (I'd estimate about 1 chance in 5 or 6).
  10. Sort of. Some of the required items can't be bought until either reaching silver rank in the arena, or achieving 10 wins in Whirlwind Valley.
  11. Some of them will probably suit your play style, others may not. Personally, as best as I can tell, the ones I'd want most are locked behind a PvP wall.
  12. any program to use for have a better ping?

    Pingzapper isn't free, except for a 7 day trial period. After that you need a subscription. It does lower my ping by about 100ms, but even with that I'm still up around 250ms. Ymmv.
  13. Nerf Yuhui!

    Yuhui where? I know of the two duels at Ironsights, but she's pretty easy there; does she show up someplace else, like Mushin's Tower, or something?
  14. Turned into worst gasmen around

    Not so funny, or even strange. It's long been recognized that eastern and western gamers are polar opposites in that regard. In general, eastern gamers (or Asian? I don’t know where, say, Russian gamers would place themselves on this scale) are quite happy with paying for power, while western gamers are willing to pay for fashion, but detest paying for power, and have low regard for those who do (how often is ‘whale’ used as a derogatory label, here?) What bemuses me is that so many game developers, of late, seem hellbent on forgetting that hard-won insight.
  15. Assassin Training Problem

    I'm not sure if this is your issue, but the timing on some of those training sequences is ridiculously tight, far more restrictive than you'll experience in actual gameplay. If you have high ping, some of them are downright impossible. That sequence sounds vaguely familiar, though, so I may have completed it on my assassin, and if I could do it, you should be able to manage it - just keep trying, and watch for any timing cues that may help.