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  1. 1) Blade and Soul no longer shows up in task manager and cannot be forcefully closed.( So if you get that major koldrack freeze good luck have fun ) 2) Changing character still disconnects the player in most cases. 3) Quit button response time is very long. Question: is heartbeat even on? cuz otherwise we took a performance cut for nothing much really
  2. Seems we went from armory chest cd to mass revival charms folks. Time for a hotfix
  3. I'd prefer it back tbh. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up some raid and dgn rotations for me. I went from having a useful party protect in raids to being utterly useless everywhere except movement reliant mechanics.
  4. You'd say that after so much whaling we'd get a better server /playdumb
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