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  1. 9 minutes ago, FrozenB said:

    Maybe it is a balance for easier weekly challenge rewards because now we can do 2 PVE raids and skip all the toxic PVP weekly quest?

    balance my ass. This is just some artificial way to continue to screw players and slow progression. This game is just backwards in too many ways. progression is slowed by much needed and basic mats being fairly rare and scarce. Top that off with an aggressive update schedule in which every two months there is content that makes all your work next to obsolete. 

  2. Since a lot of you are ASSUMING i lose to summoners or am bad at pvp, i'm going to ASSUME none of you understood or comprehended my topic. ONCE AGAIN, the cat's health is way too high and they do way too much damage to be so versatile. Both things need adjusting but i'd like to see more responses from people who DON'T MAIN summoner. I'll also assume people who disagree are summoners whether they'll admit it or not. See how assuming works? 

  3. @grimoir:

    I'd also like to add that your "tips" doesn't correlate with my balance suggestions. What that means is, i would still LOSE to summoner even if these suggestions got implemented tomorrow. I just wanted to throw that out there so you take some time to READ before replying to me with easy to slam opinions.

  4. 7 minutes ago, Grimoir said:

    Actually your post says a lot about your level of skill....and you are even contradicting yourself, you complain about summoners in arena yet "the nerf should only be in PVE"...but anyway let me enlighten your world a bit:


    Here are some rules you should follow when fighting summoners:

    1. If you go after the cat, you lose. Never go for the cat

    2. If the cat crouches, dont hit it. Why? Because every hit you do to it you heal it, so...use your brain

    3. Stealth is only usefull for a summoner if you blindly hit into it, if you dont they are sitting ducks

    4. A summoner will ALWAYS  bait your escapes, if you are dumb enough to fall into the traps and mind games, you lose

    5. If you are a kfm...the cat should literally do nothing to you if you play it right, there is no excuses if you are simply bad

    6. Avoid the cat pin bait and you will live.

    7. Dont fight s summoner in the petal storm because that prevents your evasion and block


    Those are the simpliest basics. IF you would actually take time to know the class you fight you wouldnt have a problem.

    Again you're making baseless assumptions on my skill and it's DERAILING the focus of the topic. If you didn't have "selective reading" you would have noticed i didn't contradict myself and only suggested two balancing fixes to summoner. The "TL;DR" or "Too selective; didn't understand" version would be: Nerf their overall damage output and nerf the health of the pet. The pet's health would, in fact, affect how summoner is played in all instances of pvp and pve. The damage nerf would only hinder them a bit in open world or 6v6 pvp. Nothing actually changes about the way the class is played(other then making the summoner more mindful of their pet), so stop acting like i'm asking for something ridiculous or drastic. 

  5. @klausflouride:

    don't worry, they probably won't balance the class any further. My topic is a topic that NEEDS TO BE SAID. NCSOFT has proven they lack integrity so this topic will fall into the pile while they continue to make money off of people attracted to easy classes with outrageous benefits. If i was capcom working on street fighter, why not just give ryu a fire ball you can't block. People (that play ryu) will defend it and suggest he's fine while the MAJORITY are looked at as whiny and poor players that need to "git gud". I know how this works.

  6. @grimoir: Yea i didn't come here to argue or even debate your opinion. What i said is fact and has nothing to do with my level of skill (which you're assuming is bad). Your rebuttal is baseless and full of assumptions. My topic is backed by evidence, concrete and anecdotal. Also, don't be the grammar police, just don't be "that guy".

  7. There should be no reason why the easiest class should be as good as it is. Currently the lowest dps is KFM (which needs a damage buff but i'll make a separate topic for that) yet KFM is the hardest class to play.  Summoner is essentially this game's "mage" class yet they have decent utility and crazy damage. There is literally no other game where a class like summoner could get away with having absolutely no weaknesses. In PVE they're highly requested for their stealth and they can also heal. They can send their pet to help revive a fallen party member or even themselves. 


    In arena PVP, there is no such thing as a terrible summoner. Their tier of terrible would be, what is considered decent, for much harder to play classes. Every summoner, remotely competent at the game, is an immediate threat regardless of the player skill. One comment you frequently hear other players say is: "OMG a summoner" or "i hate summoners"or "braindead/class carry scummoner". If you don't believe me, watch region chat in the pvp lobby during active hours.


    This class doesn't have a relevant weakness and that is a balance problem. Their rotation has no real ending and their "road to victory" is about as straight forward as destroyers. Plus they're mid tier in PVE DPS. Their cat does WAY TOO MUCH in the means of helping them win and killing the cat is more like an all or nothing strategy as it can darn near make itself invincible for a short period of time. The only argument summoners have in their defense (which is a terrible argument) is, "there are no summoners winning tournaments or something about the top PVP spot or other blah blah blah about the 1% of pvpers.


    To balance this class they need a PVE damage nerf and their cat needs a huge health nerf. Since their cat is so important, it should be important to the summoner to keep the fragile thing alive. Killing the cat is a huge threat to the summoner so if they at least had to turn their brain on long enough to worry about the cat, then the class would be balanced. As far as damage is concerned, there is no way in hell the easiest class and  "mage" should out DPS harder classes of equal or better gear. That's just a slap in the face to any and every rule of balance. The damage nerf wouldn't even affect arena pvp so this is an ACTUAL BALANCING not a "crymoarnerf"

  8. Just level up a summoner and run in a circle while rolling your face across the keyboard. Your cat will handle the rest. I promise you you'll win at least 50% of your matches. (not sarcasm either)

  9. 9 hours ago, XO said:

    Eh, I think from your impatience you seemed to have overlooked that this would kill the raid lol. It would lock out people still behind/new players because who would raid BT if they don't need anything from it?

    You're forgetting that there is already a "lock out" in the form of finding a static capable of farming raven king. You may find it easy, but the vast majority of players still haven't gotten their first kill. This will do nothing to lock out the content especially since you need multiple accessories to get your "awakened" version. BT is old but very relevant and useful as it gives gold, accessories, soul shield upgrades, useful materials and aesthetics.

  10. This is sort of a response to the communities issue of "catching up" to relevant end game dungeons. Currently the problem with black tower or skyspire is that you only get one shot at much needed loot. I have the almost perfect solution to remedy this problem and also keep BT from being overlooked yet still a road block. My solution is simple, every time you beat the last boss which is raven king, a token drops for everyone. This is very similar to a weekly since it can only be done once a week and this token can't be farmed with resets. (keeps the integrity of the system)


    Once you obtain four token, which is one month of beating the raven king, you should be able to exchange the token for a accessory of your choice. If you already have an accessory then you can exchange 1 tokens for 1-4 soul shields or 2 tokens for 5-8 soul shields. What this system does, is allow you to gear up since you already proved without a doubt you can clear BT and it's just in your way. After a month you'll get your accessory and can begin working on the next tier raid. It would take a maximum of 2 months or 8 weeks of beating raven king to get fully geared which is perfect.


    Not only does this eliminate frustration from months of bad fortune, but it also allows you to feel as if you are progressing after you proved you can farm the content. You shouldn't be stuck in content you can consistently clear right? I can't see how anyone would disagree with this but i'm curious on opinions anyway.

  11. to influence any gambling addiction you may have. Also to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ you off and dump any excess gold off into oblivion. Should you manage to hit the jackpot you won't keep it to yourself. You'll most likely shout it out in faction chat to influence others to partake in the RNG circle of doom.

  12. Even though i like the idea of exchanging my radiant energy for even more gold, the problem is, NCSOFT is now stuck between a rock and a hard place. Flooding the market with gold or massively devaluing gems. Even at the current 10g rate, there will be a massive increase in gold which will cause inflation. Tomorrow, the golden crap storm will slowly but surely hit us all. People will be walking around with thousands of gold and everyone will know it. You think the price of moonstones are bad now? Just you wait.

  13. 18 minutes ago, Kazuene said:

    Can any lawyer confirm if this fits on bait and switch advertising?

    Offering something really valuable and good and on the last minute taking it off, giving us something a lot less valuable.


    I really dont care about the gold i will possible lose, but theres people who will lose a lot more than me if they keep this radiant-10g exchange. Plus, they advertised about the new gem system and how it would get cheaper and accessible, and now they take out its availability completely. Thats so stupid, i didnt expected them to do something like this

    It is not bait and switch. Bait and switch would be them NOT announcing the change before hand.  Even if they didn't announce it, you agree'd in the EULA that NCOINS have no value. Which means you can't claim any lost property as any property was forfeit during your digital transaction, which you also agree'd too.


    Again, you guys only have yourselves to blame for this. NCSOFT is in no way involved in any remotely illegal business. I have read the terms over and over and i can assure you that there is no case for wrong doing or lost property. What occured was a lack of communication or misinformation unproven to be with ill intent. In other words, you can only assume they conspired to mislead you. You can't prove it. They've covered their end by disclaiming the content is subject to change. that disclaimer, is on record and will stand up. You can't dispute this. Just take your losses and decide what to do from there.

  14. 6 minutes ago, SnugglesFairie said:

    I don't post often, even though I have been playing everyday since the first beta.  I have also been premium that whole time.  But this past few changes have really annoyed me and others like me. So I am posting in hopes that some devs read it and take it to heart.


    Stop with the misinformation. 


      ~ 12 man raids-announced, then delayed.

      ~ the crafting changes....  people were not given enough time or notice that you were taking down the crafting system.  So items that took many days to craft ( like emp charms ) ended up not getting finished.  The trade in / exchange for those items  ( dyes, cookies... ) were crap!  No where near the value of what it took to make them.  Give more notice than a few days before making massive changes.

      ~ This whole radiant energy screw up. Even hours ago Jonathon was posting to people on twitter, giving them the wrong info. 

      ~ Evolved stone availability.   We were promised over 11 months ago that you guys were looking into solutions.  We finally got a crappy one with basin bosses.  We were told more changes would be coming.  But no more info or changes made.

      ~ Pet and weapon skin wardrobe.  This was announced as coming soon back in January on a live stream.  We haven't heard anything about it since.  Where is it? 

      ~ controller tweaks: The imput delay with gameguard and now this new one were promised to get looked into.  No one has heard anything about it since.  And please test the skill changes on controllers. I know there aren't a lot of us, but some of these changes have really hurt us.  Even if we remap buttons, it still doesn't allow us to do proper rotations or ani cancelling. 


     ~ fabrics:  other regions can dismantle outfits from dungeons or wheels.  We can't.  Were were promised over a year ago for changes to that.  All we can do now is dismantle stuff we pay real money for.  Yet things like this merchant is requiring fabric and high quality fabrics to  buy items.   Not all of us are whales.  We can't spend a lot of real life money and then just trash our outfits.  We need a solution.



    Other serious issues that need to stop:

      ~ stop taking things away from premium users.   You keep lowering the value of it.  If I didn't prepay for a year, I would have canceled it by now. 

      ~  the gem mailing fee:   thankfully you guys listened to us and changed this back.  But we aren't korea.  We don't get the gold and items that they do from their dungeons.  Either give us those items and gold, or stop trying to make us match them.


      ~ Stop locking things behind PVP and Battle grounds. 


             * moonstones:  you took them out of ssp for the most part.  You removed them from mushin's tower.  They are now locked behind battle grounds as the only reliable source to get them.  We were promised about 10 months ago, a solution to this.  Other regions have battle grounds and areas that drop moonstones.  So do some of their dungeons.  We don't have that.  We need a way to get these without doing PVP or battleground.  To win at battle grounds, you need skills and good gear.  Yet to get pets and souls and skills- we need moonstones and skills.  How do we get those- winning at pvp or battleground.  See the circular hell here? 


       * SKILLS:  you took these away from dragon express and premium members. Now to get them we must win battle grounds ( how is a new player with no gear and no skills going to win battlegrounds.  We hamper the team we are on ).  Or we must be silver and gold to get them.  Again some of us do not like to pvp.  Some of us play classes that aren't good in pvp.  I personally have MS.  I can't use a keyboard and a mouse to play anymore.  I must use a controller.   And I have to say, that pvp is very hard on a controller.  Add in an alt with no skills or gear- getting wins or gold/ silver is not going to happen for me.  I know there are people who just hate pvp.  We need a way to get skills that aren't locked behind pvp.


       * Pet changes:  now at least 4 times more expensive.  And to get the items for this, again... pvp.  See above reasons as to why this is bad.

       * souls : pvp again....  see above


    I don't know who keeps making all of these changes or giving out false info.  But it is getting really annoying.  It is like whomever is doing this, doesn't play our region.  We don't have certain battleground or areas that drop evolved stones or moonstones.  We do not get the amount of gold from quests.  We don't have a lot that they do.  Yet we keep getting changes to "match them."   Well if u want us to match them... give us the gold.  Give us the areas, battle grounds, and dungeons, and events that drop the items we need.


    Sorry for the wall of text.




    For the love of anything holy LISTEN TO THIS MAN (or woman) I'd also like to add fix the "stuck combat mode" please! sheesh.

  15. Let's stop being pretentious acting as if NCSOFT did something illegal. They said in the stream that content is SUBJECT TO CHANGE. It's your own fault for investing in this "stock market" environment. You lost and you're upset. You gambled and you're negative. You got WHAT YOU PAID FOR so there is no scam. A scam would be taking your money and giving you nothing. I'm playing devil's advocate but only because i know law better then most of you and they aren't even remotely in any legal trouble here.


    As far as being anti-consumer? YES YES YES!!!! This game along with many other "free to play" games are obscenely anti consumer. This still is your fault, the consumer. It's your responsibility to decide if a deal is raw or not. They aren't guilty of false advertisement as misinformation and false advertisement are two completely different issues. You were led to believe you were going to receive a better then reasonable deal for your in game item. Before releasing a final build to you, they notified you a day early that deal would change. No contracts were signed, no binding statements were made or notarized by official entities. You aren't a share holder and you don't own property, you are entitled to nothing.


    You're not a victim of a scam, you're a victim of naivety and impulsive decision making. Had you not invested early, would you have felt slighted? The answer is no. You chose to get the jump on the competition and play the dozens. Don't mistake this post as a defense for the companies lack of consumer friendly behavior. I just hate how people misuse terms and over exaggerate extremes. If you're angry at a company for telling lies, don't lie and say they scammed you when you'd be a ignorant hypocrite like those who call people they disagree with, nazi's. 

  16. The game doesn't give you enough gold to sink. It'd be different if the average account holder, F2Per, or casual has roughly 10k gold but it's not. The average is somewhere around 500 or less and that's considering you're not in the process of a VERY expensive upgrade. It's a useless feature when it could take you literal months to afford the most basic of upgrades. You get around 7 to 10 gold in top dungeon runs. It's dumb how you pay real money for outfits, then salvage them for a chance at absolute failure? i'm better off handing my money to the guy with a sign standing on the corner.

  17. The REAL reason this won't be implemented any time soon is because it's the only real reward for raiding. Once that content becomes obsolete, i'm sure they'll ease down the dungeon or provide an alternative. Until then i HIGHLY suggest you stay away from open world PVP content because those badges are designed to one shot anything with a virtual pulse.

  18. Especially from the salvaged fabrics. You don't make any money from this so why implement it other then to cause frustration as it seems to be it's only purpose. I refuse to use transmute when i see a chance of failure because i hate gambling precious and hard to come by materials. The fabrics being lost is basically like throwing real money in the garbage. I'm sure you'd just up the cost to transmute but anything is better then losing your hard earned mats.