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  1. Depends on what kind of gamer you are with blade and soul. Kfm requires great ping, ani cancel and a crap ton of gear to do....subpar dps. It's also a tank and very difficult to use in pvp. If you enjoy challenges and are ready to fail a lot then stick with KFM. If you enjoy a more casual and rewarding experience then go with warlock.  Everyone will want you for you utility and you can beast through pvp with the right hm skills. Kfm doesn't really become good until you have BT ready stuff and even then it's meh. Now once you get VT gear...kfm breaks loose!!! I can't spek much for soul fighter but i can assure you they are in high demand for VT groups for their rez abilities.

  2. I have both accessories and i like both elements. I have one thrall heart and i'm trying to decide which badge would give me the most mileage. So basically, i'm concerned on which would make my life easier. I like all content so i do 6v6, ToI, outlaw island and end game raids. Which will allow me to be the most "brain dead" in terms of farming content yet still viable for the other modes? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I don't understand for the life of me, why NCSOFT refuses to incentivize premium service much more. No one thinks it's attractive. It's like bettlejuice in a beauty pageant! For the i millionth time. Here are some suggestion to make the premium service much more desirable.


    1. For premium level 8 and above you now have 100% free mailing to alternate characters. This will be something you can't live without should you have an alt. This is the least you can do since we don't actually receive "more gold" like it's currently listed.


    2. For level 10 premium users (and above see below), you should get 6 free TEMPORARY outfit exchange tickets every month. These vouchers will expire before the next month's set are issued to prevent stacking. This will allow one free outfit exchange should people care to do so, once a month.


    3. A new temporary exchange ticket is introduced for level 5 and above premium users allowing one free hair/make up change a month. Like the vouchers above, they expire before the next set is given out to prevent stacking. This will allow a change of pace minus the cost to a full character alteration voucher.


    4. Add new level 11 to premium service which removes the cost for weapon alteration completely.


    5. Add new level 12 to premium service which rewards allows dungeon costumes to become account bound tradable at the cost of vouchers.


    6. Add new level 13 to premium service which gives 10% reduced cost to crafting outfits. (Example: i can craft the forge keepers outfit for less materials.)


    7. Add new level 14 to premium service which removes the "chance of failure" from transmuting outfit pouches.


    8. Add new level 15 (max level) to premium service which allows infinite wind walking in towns. 


    Notice how i stayed away from anything that could be considered "pay to win". This will HEAVILY incentivize people to not only make more purchases to increase their premium level, but will actually make premium VERY attractive without giving premium users any real advantage outside of, a few gold saved and quality of life improvements. I can't see how this would be difficult to implement or how it would fail to turn much profit. No one wants to see this game die and adding real value to premium while making premium members feel good can only help. NOTHING is pay to win here.

  4. ehhh i don't feel sorry for you. There are systems put in place to ensure you don't accidentally salvage anything blue and above. You prolly wanted to abuse the reroll at worst or was overtly negligent at best. Depending on the SS we're talking about, was it from BT or above? Chances are, it was or they wouldn't have much issue refunding the easy to obtain longui set. The reason i'm suspecting foul play is because your "friend" already got away with it and prolly rerolled and got crit. If were talking VT SS, (higher pieces) i'm sure the incentive to want to reroll one is alluring.

  5. KFM actually isn't very rewarding at all. You WILL struggle in pvp (arena/solo/tag AND 6v6) You WILL struggle to keep aggro and DPS over other classes until you're damn near max geared. I currently have "everything" except VT stuff, soul and pet maxed. I'm two octa and the rest heptag gems. I can max out DPS around low/mid 300k. Sustain roughly mid 100k. If a gunner at raven 6 is on my team, he will snatch aggro if i fail to burst absolutely PERFECT.


    KFM is NOT for anyone looking for simple enjoyment. KFM is a class i only recommend for masochists or people who get a thrill out of a challenge. There is no reward for perfecting "3rf" or the other MANY ani-cances the class "REQUIRES". You will do basic DPS and will struggle to keep your rhythm while avoiding being knocked around by enemies. You will have to be prefect at ani-cancel or your dps will drop dramatically. 


    You could go fire build but you'll see that it's not optimal until you have VT gear. Wind is for single target (bosses)and pvp, fire is for AOE(mobs) 6v6 pvp with VT gear. You'll become frustrated if you're not devoted or if you try to play any way outside of casually. You'll prolly devolve into the frauds who use macro's. Just go summoner or assassin because those classes actually have reasonable returns on their investments. 

  6. The drop rate is VERY similar to the frequency of offals and embers. I'd assume it's around the rate of the wings in this event. MEANING, you'll prolly see it some where in 1-500 runs. When you do see it, i'd suggest you keep a minimum of 3-5k worth of gold because people who "grind" that dungeon, are doing so for a reason. 

  7. You could try joining a clan to run dungeons with. It's way more fun that way. I know there's times where even the clan won't run it with you but it's really the only option you have. Can't force people to "play right". Just look for a casual clan and ask how often they do things AS a clan.

  8. AP is next to useless outside of joining dungeon lobbies and giving you negligible damage gains. I did a burst test in the training room with AP gems to see if i could notice a viable difference. So i used all hex gems versus all hep gems. The difference was around 2-4k give or take. Basically negligible as hell. Gems is a scam if anything. They make your stats LOOK pretty but give you next to nothing.

  9. As of now this is a huge playability crutch as the left analog stick may register an "+XY(left down/right down)" motion instead if the desired "down twice" input. On top of that, the back dash animation itself becomes delayed. Please fix this by allowing us to map "back dash" to a command/button. As it stands, controller users are already at a massive disadvantage, we don't need this on top of it. Certain attacks (pve and pvp) need to be reacted to quickly, and we're unable to properly play when basic human error prevents proper inputs. This is mostly noticeable when running in a circle and being at an angle to your target. To anyone that wants to respond to this thread, don't tell me to use keyboard and all that crap. I'd rather play with controller, thank you.

  10. fm is actually one of the best classes in this game for pve and pvp. they may struggle with the spinners or sins but so does everyone else. everyone is getting adjusted during the update. my advice is to learn the class better because if anything, fm freeze needs a nerf. not a big one but a slight one. one that breaks the freeze should you get hit. regardless, fm is a great all around class that doesnt logically need a buff.

  11. 2 hours ago, fruiteaterz said:

    I will just share what i wrote in another similar thread regarding this whole case.


    Casino's don't offer any form of vertical progression. Casino's don't allow children under the age of 18 to enter. Casino's don't offer refunds. (yes i could get a refund if i dispute with paypal) Casino's offer monetary trade. Casino's take taxes from anything you win. (except vegas) To compare this event to a casino is just wrong. Gambling? yes! but gambling is not another word for casino. This company cannot use a casino's business practice and they don't. Instead they use their own form of anti consumer practice conjured up around 2007 in the form of microtransaction and double dip percentages coded by a random number generator.


  12. 1 hour ago, Beleth said:

    No that's exactly what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna lump you with others because that's exactly who you are. One of those others. Who spend money on these cash grabs every time and think this time their luck will change but it doesn't so they make these "statements" and then end up spending cash again. Don't get pissy at me, get mad at yourself for falling for their scheme. You participate into gambling and then you have complaints because you played yourself big time. Smart people know to stay away from those boxes but people like you take a risk and usually end up on a losing side. 


    Anyway, if you're really done giving them money which I highly doubt, I couldn't be happier. Others should do the same and maybe then, just maybe we won't have these cash grab events anymore and forums full of complaints. 

    That makes no sense. This is literally my first time taking part (for 100 bucks) in an RNG event and you're putting in a group with people that have already been burnt. You see how over reaching you are now? It'd be different if i was saying this a few months ago or even saying this last event. (which i only spent about 20 bucks) So what you'd rather me do is shut up and tuck my tail so NO ONE ELSE CAN LEARN WITH ME? 


    My message is LOUD and clear. Even youtubers are making videos warning people NOT TO BUY. So i have no effect at all? You're severely underestimating this thread's view count and how many people (who may be sitting on the toilet) is reading my posts. Whether they agree with me or not, my message is getting heard. You're accomplishing nothing by attempting to down play my "statement" as a knee jerk reaction to failure. I'm most likely older then you and i can assure you i don't play those type of games. Just because i spent 5k on something i enjoy doesn't mean i'm some type of fool. 


    A fool would be someone that does the same thing they've done before expecting a different result. I got burned once and said i'm done, yet here you are to call me a fool early. Allow me to make my mistake, voice my complaint and move the hell on. Instead, you're trying to shut me up like you work for NCSOFT hoping i'm all talk and can't wait for winter trove to make it rain again. I may have played myself but don't you dare imply i lost a damn thing out of all of this, okay? 100 bucks lost or thousands bucks saved? You saw my past spending venture, so you tell me if i really lost here!

  13. 9 minutes ago, NightFer said:

    1. Its none of your business where I have my information from. But its a reliable source at least.

    2. Your money in particular pays little to none of the expenses, but the combined funds of all the products NCSoft have does. So you have the same rights as everyone else across all platforms and games.

    3. I just gave an example with myself who spent money, didnt get what I want (yes, I wanted the wings so badly and didnt get them), and still doubled the investment I got by the combined costs of the items I got. Call me lucky, thats how life works.

    4. Do YOU really thing your QQ post helped anyone?

    This is too easy, i shouldn't even go in on you. 


    1. and 2.: Your sources huh? Suuuuuure! I'll give you the  undeserved benefit of the doubt and play along. So you have the overhead from NCSOFT and you refuse to tell your fellow gamers if their money is being used properly because WHY? We still have shitty servers and bugs out the yin yang. You single handedly have the opportunity to whistle blow, but for no money at all, you choose to keep quiet? *cough* bullshit *cough*


    3. Since you spent your own money and know where it's going because....."sources" (sarcasm and yes i did air quotes) i'll assume our money is going to the right places amirite? amirite? come on, you can let me in on the secret "wink wink" (rolls eyes)


    4. YES! YES actually YES...my "QQing" as you would so juvenile-ly call it is raising awareness to not only people who are viewing this forum, but people in game who i'm saving from an overly anti consumer RNG event. Almost no one in my clan spent what they originally were going to, thanks to me. So YES....i helped save pockets. Now it's YOUR TURN. given you have sources and all.........who did YOU help? (plays jeopardy music)

  14. 3 hours ago, Beleth said:

    "I'm never going to spend money on this game" 


    Ahh... the sweet lie we tell ourselves until they put another very fancy set of items in one of those cash grabs and we blindly throw money at it and in worse case scenario there's always the forum where we can share our threats and frustration until next fancy cash grab event. 


    This is to all displeased people.


    Aren't you guys tired? The moment you press the purchase button it's ON YOU! The only time you have a right to complain is if they promised you a guaranteed item and you didn't get. If there's 100% to get an item and you didn't get! When you're buying RNG box nobody is giving you 100% success rate so nobody owes you a thing! Now get back to work and save up till the next event because we all know you're going to make one of those "opening 1000 event boxes" video.



    You don't know me so don't lump me in with people who make false threats. To correct you, i never made a THREAT. I made a statement, there's a difference you should learn it but i'll help you by giving you an example. A threat would be, "change your business or i'll stop buying". A statement, like i made is, "I'm officially done buying". So you tell me how i made a threat? Learn to use words properly before addressing my topics attempting to put me in my place. You sound jealous of people able to afford those 1000 box videos, why even bring it up? Who ever said anything was promised or guaranteed? I'm pissed at the rates of failure and how outlandish they are for the price to participate. It's not worth participating is the take home point here. That's anti company AND anti consumer.