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  1. 1. Add more ways to complete the daily and weekly challenges! This includes:

    - get (insert amount) of captures! (objectives)

    - get (insert amount) of kills 

    - get (insert amount) of deflections (stopped others from capturing/mid capture)

    - get (insert amount) of overall damage on enemy opponents!

    - survive (insert amount) of near death encounters!

    - get (insert amount) of kill assists! (opponent CC'd/grappled by you, gets killed by another player)

    - get (insert amount) of Battle Points!

    - play (insert amount) of matches! (the no afk will enable this to work as intended) 

    - get the standard 1or 3 wins!


    Completing any of the above objectives  will reward a clear in the daily or weeklies! It will also take the focus away from fear of whales and allow everyone to participate in 6v6 at their own pace while incentivizing supportive play. You're welcome NCsoft, now make it happen.

  2. So apparently KFM's "glory badge" allowed for instant comet strike after tremor move 1 and 3. This "issue" is how KFM does their damage in 6v6 and ncsoft taking it away makes the fire element next to useless. You allow Warlock to have untabbable combos and let classes like destroyer do tons of instant damage in a convenient way yet KFM gets the attention? I know we're not dealing with the world's best development team but i find it amazing how ncsoft can ignore the broken "issue" with Force Master's game plan of infinite stalling yet focus on the only viable kill tactic fire KFM has.


    What exactly does NCSOFT want KFM's to do? Ignore everyone else's one shot potential and play a fair game of pvp by forcing the opponent to blow all of their tabs? We go a whole two season's with crappy useless subjugator bracelet and the moment we finally get our time to shine, it's taken away do to balance reasons. I wouldn't have an argument if other classes we're so severely balanced like KFM is. Stop nerfing an already low tier class while allowing ranged classes to face roll everyone. Wind element is already dominant in arena, and those of us who don't like being toyed with by assassin, force master, warlock and gunner prefer to play battleground instead using fire element. 


    Now all the KFM's are talking about going wind element as if that element wasn't dominant enough. I understand this may have "not been intended" but it should stay as you're literally nerfing any viable fire element build. It was all we had and now it's gone with nothing to replace it other than a buff to flurry which helps like 0.2% of the KFM's that enjoy arena. My suggestion is to buff tremor move 2, to have the same pull as move 1 and 3. To balance this move 2 doesn't get the 30% increase to damage like move 1 and 3. I feel that's a fair trade off. Please send this to the guy working on balancing because it's obvious he either doesn't play the game, or mains a ranged class.

  3. Because it's broken by design and there is no logical or rational defense for it to exist in a player versus player environment. It's not competitive, it's not fair, there is no counter, there is no answer. It requires no effort, no skill, no talent, no condition. It's only prerequisite is range which is much too far for how powerful it is and there is no downside to using it. It wastes time, it forces tab, it's cool down is WAY too quick and overall it's broken.


    Any other game worth it's salt in pvp would not allow phantom grip (or assassin stealth) without giving it severe restrictions. The overall design behind the move, has no place in an online competitive scene and can't be taken seriously if left alone. This game overall has proven it has no clue how to properly arrange a pvp experience and thus allow moves like this to exist. In a balanced competitive game, there are downsides or ways to avoid terrible situations, no matter which class/character you pick. Phantom grip may not deal damage, but it's utility is far beyond the scope of feasible competition.


    Losing control of your character, to a move that can't be seen, can't be guessed, can't be avoided is unacceptable. It wreaks of poor game design and terrible battle/combat directing. If you must keep the move in the game, then design a prerequisite for this move to become available. The aggressor must Stun or Daze in order to phantom grip their opponent. This is a step in the right direction but not enough. While the opponent is phantom grip'd the aggressor cannot move and cool down are also frozen. It's better to just remove it from pvp and keep broken gameplay elements like that, in the PVE experience. I'm not responding to debate, there is no logical argument that can be made for a move with no downside in pvp.

  4. Well at least in pvp FM flirts with the fine line between broken and overpowered. You literally can't be killed unless jumped, aerial or one shot. In arena...well phantom grip, two tabs, set play cool down rotation, impact, freeze and approach block (with camera lock), health restoration, two invincible body shield skills and great movement skills. What do you expect to be? You're basically asking to be a second warlock...good at literally everything. You ranged classes are already spoiled as hell, this is LITERALLY THE ONLY MMO that let's you have it your way like it's burger king. You don't work at anything yet get everything, as the game basically is only balanced around screwing with melee classes.

  5. i'm with you but who are we kidding? ncsoft wouldn't give a damn if they we're charitable beavers. they're about as anticonsumer as the ceo of a scam artist company and about as caring as a selfish sociopath. common decency for paying customers is a foriegn language to them and expecting anything more of them is the folly of a fool's adventure. 

  6. All jokes aside, marriage is okay but joint skills is a hell to the no. We don't need a team of WL/GUNNER couples in 6v6. PLUS, you can't have a game with a marriage system if there is no HOUSING! Literally everyone is homeless in this game and it's dumb as hell how this is one of the few MMO's with not even a hint of housing in it. 

  7. The system is essentially set up to where you pay twice for the same outfit. Once for the initial purchase and double for the colors. You never feel like an owner, more like a renter since you're not free to do what you want with it without going through the middle man first. So yes, it's another anti-consumer practice NCSOFT is famous for. It's pathetic and unless i hit the lottery or land on the daily dash space enough times, i'll NEVER buy a color for an outfit. I implore you all to not buy but....asking gamers to be smart with their money is about as useless as suggesting ANYTHING.....on this website. NCSOFT won't listen, gamers keep spending....sounds even.

  8. You do realize you're unwittingly asking for another loot box item right? Aura's behind a crappy rng system, will be THE ONLY WAY you get to keep your shiny. I say, kill it dead and we'll eventually get over it. YES i also have the true heart and enjoy it's aesthetic appeal but it's ncsoft and they wouldn't give us a damn if the damn saved us from a burning building.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Yolie said:

    Lol!  Let Whales be Whales.  Sure thing!


    And btw, where is your data showing us how the majority is against the change?  Any empirical evidence?  Of course not.  This is the same old-same old forum nonsense that happens in any game when there is a change.  And btw, we have a lot more important things to worry about in terms of game improvements.


    Oh, no!  But the whales will leave!  LOL!  Yeah, right.  Whales aren't going anywhere.  It's the casuals, and newbies that you have to attract.  And they don't have 400-500 gold to pony up everytime they upgrade.  Ah, but they can make do with half that if the rest is in mats.

    It can be proved by searching the websites and seeing the constant complaints. It can be proved by reading the chat and seeing the constant complaints. There has been numerous and active complaint threads on this very topic EVERY... SINGLE...DAY since it's release. You're being willfully ignorant but you ARE entitled to your opinion. I just wouldn't bet money on it. 


    You also claim this some how hurts whales but benefits casuals? You're about as RIGHT as the direction LEFT. That couldn't be further from the truth and how exactly does grinding 3000 plus powders help a casual? That's one of the most masochistic, hardcore, time consuming, mind numbing, no life having activities currently available. In the time it'd take you to successfully level ONE legendary accessory, you could have leveled all 10 alts to 55 and mastered every mechanic in VT and BT. Explain anything casual about this? 

  10. 15 minutes ago, Yolie said:

    Lol.  Nope.  Almost everyone?  What, did you take a CNN poll? 


    Not everyone agrees, and I'll go as far as to add, a majority does not agree.  How can I say that?  The people I talk too in game, my clan, and in general, think the new "prices" for elements are just fine.


    You see, not everyone is a whale.  People cane make soulstones faster than they can gold, by simply running content.  Hell, take a little time to run SSP and you have close to a hundred.  Add the earnings from doing normal content and you have the stones AND the gold you need too.


    So please, have a little perspective.  You have no idea how the community feels at large.  Your focus is only on the whine and cheese crowd.


    Net, net?  If you changed it back now, you would have just as big a contingent whining about how it was better this new way.


    Gaming forums, they never change do they.



    you're off your meds if you believe the majority of the community LIKES this change. You being a contrarian doesn't offer a different perspective. It's just false for the sake of being anti-complainer. Adding more options is a win/win regardless of where you fall on the fence and EVERYONE is paying. It still costs 10 gold no matter what, so why not let people with an abundant amount of gold, spend it without burning themselves out on the content? How would it benefit the company if the already linear content becomes even more grating? See how reason exposes willful ignorance? 

  11. Yea i'm bored so why not talk into the wind? KFM has a bunch of useless and under utilized skills that need overhauling and the class itself needs balance changes to bring it more competitive with the other classes. These changes will affect both pvp and pve. 


    1. METEOR SLAM (grapple):

    SUMMARY: currently meteor slam is next to useless and very situational at best. Almost no KFM has incentive to use it and all of it's finishing moves are garbage so let's fix it!


    a. HEADBUTT- changed to inflict blinding for 5 seconds (very similar to assassin's "escape") damage inflicted stays the same.

    -Reason for change: if you got headbutted point blank while grounded, wouldn't you not see right for a few seconds? This would allow "okizeme" and mind games.


    b. ARMBAR- changed to prevent use of skills for 5 seconds, damage inflicted stays the same.

    -Reason for change: Just makes sense if your arm is essentially broken


    c. CLOBBER- Adds new debuff "weakened state" for 8 seconds which applies a 2 second knock down each time the opponent is hit down during it's effect.


    d. PUMMEL- Increased damage from 113~132[9.45xAP] to 174~203[14.50xAP]. Enemies inflicted by pummel suffer reduced movement speed of 10% for 6 seconds.


    2. ICE GUARD: 

    SUMMARY: Currently ice guard is out of place with KFM's current lore. They use wind and fire elements and should have a skill that reflects those. Ice guard is just bad and while it may prove useful in a few arena situations, we can fix it to make it viable and more in line with what you'd imagine a master of kung fu would use.


    a. ICE GUARD changed to WIND SHIELD(haha)-Resists damage and status effects from up to 3 attacks for 5 seconds. Gives the user and party members 60% bonus Movement Speed for 10 seconds. Cool down increased to 1 minute.

    DESCRIPTION- KFM summons the power of the wind to swirl an aura around themselves to protect from incoming attacks and heightened movement speed. While their friends may benefit from the force of the wind, only the kfm enjoys it's protection!


    3. EMIT FROST:

    SUMMARY: Just like ICE GUARD, EMIT FROST feels out of place with KFM's current wind/fire lore. Let's fix this to add even more polish.


    a. EMIT FROST changed to WIND BLAST- Knocks back enemies 11m and inflicts 2 sec Knockdown! Cool down reduced from 1 min 30 sec to 1 minute. Cool down cannot be refreshed.

    Reason for change- Phantom grip is overpowered and this makes KFM more viable in their defense against it.


    4. GALE FIST:

    SUMMARY- as of now gale fist is only useful for assassins and has no outside use for it. Since it's strictly a pvp move, let's fix this to allow for more viability in it's inclusion over swift strike and tiger strike. In order for this move to work properly, we'd also need to introduce a new move, exclusive to the flame build, very similar to SHIN KICK.


    a. Name changed to TORNADO KICK animation changed to 360 degrees (similar to shenlong kick with aransu badge) "3 meters" area. Deals 24 ~ 28 [2.00x AP](flame/wind)damage. Heals the user 10% of the damage dealt. Inflicts 2 sec Stun to stealthed enemies. Searing blow/cyclone kick is available on hit. Generates 5 Hongmoon Focus on hit. Costs 3 focus on use.


    b. TORNADO KICK Triggers new move KNEE THRUST available on stunned or dazed enemies. KNEE THRUST Deals 54 ~ 63 [4.50x AP] Fire damage. Deals an additional 18 ~ 21 [1.50x AP] Fire damage damage to enemies inflicted by Grab, Phantom Grip. Searing palm available on use. Searing blow. Available on hit. Cast time and cool down both instant. Range = 3 meters.


    5. ELBOW SMASH (HM Block move 3)

    SUMMARY- Just needs an overall buff to be more in balance with hongmoon block move 1.


    a. ELBOW SMASH triggers IRON SHOULDER during a successful counter. 


    6.FLYING SLAM move 2 and 3 merged


    7. FLURRY no longer tracks multiple opponents. (you're welcome fellow KFM's)


    8. EIGHT TALONS no longer tracks multiple opponents.



    Reason for change- these moves are next to useless and could use a real overhaul but we're just going to outright change them to add a completely different dynamic to kung fu master.

    a.  DRAGON BREATH- Deals 240 ~ 280 [20.00x AP] Flame damage. Deals an additional 10 ~ 11 [0.80x AP] Flame damage to enemies inflicted by "Devour".  Inflicts 1 stack of "dragon flame". Inflicts 2 stacks of "dragon flame" to enemies inflicted by "Devour". Generates 2 focus on successful hit, 3 focus on critical hit and 5 focus when used on enemies inflicted by Stun, Daze, Knockdown or Airborne. Costs= 3 focus. Range=16 meters. Cast time= instant. Cool down= instant


    DESCRIPTION- The Kung fu master Summons the power of flames through his fist to hurl at his enemies as they become devoured by the flames of the inner dragon. Devour can be achieved upon inflicting the enemy with 6 stacks of "dragon flame"

    ANIMATION- Similar yet unique to "one two punch" animation, the KFM will swing their fists in a haymaker-like fashion throwing forward projectiles of fire.


    b. TALON KICK- Deals 240 ~ 280 [20.00x AP] Wind damage. Deals an additional 10 ~ 11 [0.80x AP] Wind damage to enemies inflicted by "Prey".  Inflicts 1 stack of "Raptor fang". Inflicts 2 stacks of "Raptor Fang" to enemies inflicted by "Prey". Generates 2 Focus on successful hit, 3 focus on critical hit and 5 focus when used on enemies inflicted by Stun, Daze, Knockdown or Airborne. Costs= 3 focus. Range=16 meters. Cast time= instant. Cool down= instant


    DESCRIPTION- The kung fu master summons the power of wind through his feet to hurl at his enemies as they become prey to the fangs of the inner raptor. Prey can be achieved upon inflicting the enemy with 6 stacks of "raptor fang"

    ANIMATION- Forward spinning round house kick with left leg followed by spinning round house kick with right leg. This sends blades of wind projectiles forward at enemies.


    WHAT IS "DEVOUR" AND "PREY"? Renders retreat skills unusable and slows movement speed by 30% for 10 seconds. 


    To anyone reading this, you're probably wondering why i suggested anything "ranged". First i wanted to ensure i'm not replacing how KFM is played overall, and second, none of the "ranged" skills i suggested have soul shields, accessories and weapons to increase their modifiers. Their use is for pvp mostly and to give an answer to other ranged classes like force master that are hard counters to kfm. Neither move has defense piercing and aren't auto target. This means that all projectiles are performed in a cone (similar to comet strike) in front of the KFM. Poor or Spam use will result in a loss of focus as each costs 3 focus to use. 


  12. You do realize that once gunner is "pseudo nerfed", Warlock will take back it's throne. Both of those classes are broken and need a serious change to the ease of inescapable 100-0 damage. The problem is you would literally need max pet and octa or gilded pvp gems, maxed pvp soul shields, HM 18 and expensive potions just to avoid the flash kill or combo or death these classes are capable of pulling off with no effort on their part.

  13. I played all classes and i can assure you the ONLY class that requires actual skill is KFM. I actually have experience with fighting games and balancing unlike the majority of you and have attended and placed in tournaments in street fighter, tekken and guilty gear. Granted this game is nothing like them, but i understand meta and fundamentals. What i'm telling you is KFM is the only class that requires high skill. As far as offense is concerned, they must outplay you EVERY TIME. If you struggle with hongmoon block and don't understand the timing in their iframes, it means you're not serious about pvp or you suck.


    There is no tangible proof or evidence or video you can show to back up the claim that KFM doesn't require THE MOST skill. I challenge anyone to prove their point. You won't, you'll just post some BS and go on as if it holds water. I watch some of the top players play all classes and every class is balanced around gimmicks and shenanigans. Most classes weren't developed with skill in mind which is why most of your skills AUTO LOCK ON or AUTO CORRECT. INSTANT CAST with devastating results, shields and A.I. companions. Now if hongmoon block actually stunned you, then yes...you can talk all the crap you want and i'll agree, but it doesn't.

  14. This also furthers the gap between ultra whales and everyone else. Let's say you get lucky and get the new belt. How are you going to level it to max? Spend 3x the amount it would normally cost or wait for trove. Only pretentious and illogical people will tell you to grind. Ignore them, their intelligence level is severely lacking. I could grind a dungeon 100 times and still not have enough to max out a legendary accessory and I HAVE GRINDED JUST THAT. It doesn't work, and is massively unhealthy and barely conceivable.

  15. The best way to make gold in this game is to whale out! save up around 8 thousand dollars and wait for trove. Once trove hits, max out pet and soul as this is the absolute best times to do this. spend 1k on trove keys and around 1k on gold. Look at the market and buy up all lucrative mats. Keep what you need and sell the rest. Join a mid tier raid and stay with them until you get both BT accessories. Max those out with your mats. Then buy  VT run from whale clans and purchase your badge, necklace and weapon mat. If you can get soul shields and divine grace stones...buy those too. Run TOI until you get all the medals for your legendary badge merge. Then spend any money you have left on maxing out your gems.


    If you've done this right, you'll no longer need to spend much money as you'll be able to actually join one of those whale clans and SELL VT RUNS YOURSELF. This will get you enough to fund your pvp progression and anything else you want. Long story short, you need to sell runs. If you're super whale, you'll average around 20 to 30k gold on your character at all times because anything you get you can just sell since you no longer need mats. Just remember, to STAY A WHALE because that's the only real way you can go F2P afterwards.

  16. I'd like to apologize for not doing my part in warning potentially new people to NOT BUY these RNG boxes. Expect more in the next event, if the next event isn't the almighty trove itself. Ya know, to help all of you having problem with getting legendary elements/jewels. LOL!!!!