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  1. 1. please place a teleport at the beginning of each dungeon that allows people entering late to quickly catch up to the group? 2. Prices of peach items and pvp vender items needs drastic reduction. Why are naryu tablets still priced so high? The F2P cost of tablets are massively absurd. It would take the average player more then a year to unlock hongmoon skills which are NEEDED to compete. By the time anyone unlocks all of this, they'd surely be a master at the game and not need said skill. 3. Please fix combat mode and it's bugs with thrall or whatever is causing combat mode to NOT disengage. 4. Please add the emote menu to controller compatible shortcut. people who play with controller have to use ALT+CTRL is very uncomfortable. Also add the ability to hot key the ALT button. 5. While were speaking of controller, please add the ability to hot key SS (back dash) as double tapping is disadantageous when people have this macro'd. 6. Please give us the ability to remove combat effects from other players. It's very hard for me to watch a boss with a bunch of magic and flashes going off in my face. 7. Please give us the ability to remove annoying message notices from randomly showing up. I can't complet aransu currently and don't need to be reminded to complete it constantly. 8. Please fix whatever bug or glitch that rubber bands or lags you when you attempt to jump or approach stairs in an odd way. A lot of times you can fail a wind walking attempt do to this strange bug. 9. Please fix aggro triggers on low level enemies. If i'm 10 levels above an enemy it has no chance of killing or hurting me. Why does it need to aggro when i walk passed it? 10. Please fix what ever is causing people to be trapped inside of matchmaking when they join a room and can't leave the room. In order to leave the lobby leader must cancel the search. Please fix this crap. 11. Please add the ability to group kick when inside a dungeon to non offline players. I can't tell you how many times i've attempted gloomdross to have people AFK through the dungeon. 12. Please add more USEFUL loot and get rid of useless loot to dungeons. Every higher level dungeon run should get you at least 5 moonstones, sacred orbs, crystals ect. Why kill incentive to run higher dungeons when the rewards are crap. Everything above foundry should get you at least 1 to 2 elysian orbs. Give us a meaningful grind PLEASE. 13. fix the requirements for PVP soul shields. If i could win 100 whirlwind games i doubt i would need the damn soul shield. 14. Lower the cost to send outfits. This actually should be free to premium level 10 accounts but you have to make a dime on every corner so at least reduce the ticket cost and add the ability to send regular outfits as well. WHY can we not send our hard grinded outfits to our other characters? 15. Please make heroic weapons chests, raven feathers, unsealed heroic weapons and weapon skins bound to account. Please stop the unnecessary madness. 16. Please bring back older outfits and rotate them for newer players to have an opportunity to purchase them. My suggestion is every non exclusive/event outfit should rotate at least twice a year. 17. Please give us a parse system and instant cool down reset system to training dummys in the secret training area. Please.... 18. Please fix the bug that prevents correct display commands to show up once you remap buttons on controller. For instance, when i get the prompt to knock down an enemy and i have me CC mapped to X, it will show a wrong input command instead. 19. Please lower the cost of sending items via the mail. I can't imagine why it would cost me MORE to send taihkan's skin then it would to just buy it from the market board. 20. Please add content from old dungeons to the achievement vendor. Right now the achievement vendor sucks. No one runs low dungeons and their content RNG is still ridiculously low. I understand you don't want to rendor the content useless but it is useless. No one...and i mean NO ONE runs most of those dungeons. If it wasn't for the widow drops no one would bother with the bloodshade. You've already rendered the content useless by buffing rewards from epic quests. 21. Increase rewards for old content. Thanks to gunner we finally got people running twisted wilds but it won't last. Other places like zewei ruins is still abandoned. If people could earn RELEVANT materials for their pet pod's maybe once a day, they'd be more likely to run this old content.
  2. HM Skills

    offals are tradeable. people sell them on the marketplace. yea, in korea if they buy a level 55 character they get some books or something. we currently get one of the foods.
  3. highest dps class? for pve n bosses

    KFM is no where near the highest dps. For melee it's assassin.
  4. HM Skills

    Not really. You can buy the duelist pack. You can make multiple characters and have them all do pvp dailies and collectively, collect enough points to gear one character. You can make another account, buy the duelist pack, buy the items that can be mailed and mail them to your main account. You can grind the dungeons that drop the pieces (i've never seen them drop in two months of daily runs)or you can just wait until the 55 update and hope they do like the korean servers and give you a few of them.
  5. same reason why naryu tablets still cost 20,000 zen beans yet drop like candy from any and every heroic dungeon. They need to update the overall game.
  6. I know the title is truculent but let me explain my point on balance and why i feel this game disrespects every balance rule. The general rule of balance is give and take, good and evil, so on so forth. The reason i believe this game ignores the rule of balance is because of it's lack of give and take. Example: ranged classes being highest DPS. The benefit of being a mobile and ranged attacker in the rule of game balance usually comes at the cost of DPS. You don't have to directly engage your enemy, you don't have to position or wait for cast times. You're safe from boss swipes and close AOE damage and you get 100% uptime. A great comparison is bard from FF14. The greatest bard with the best rotation will never beat a similarly geared melee class using the best rotation. In this game WL and FM are top dps when destroyers, KFM and the rest of the melee classes should be there. The difficulty doesn't reward the effort. Another case of ignoring general game balance. The hardest class to play "KFM" is mid tier at best with DPS and also must tank. Thus having to deal with "in your face" mechanics and the overall difficulty of closing distance to begin or maintain DPS on moving, jumping, attacking targets. Their optimal rotation requires ping related preciseness and finger dexterity. This amount of effort isn't rewarded in comparison to a warlock or force master doing a similar perfect rotation much easier, who don't have to worry about dodging or maintaining uptime while actively engaging in close quarter combat. Why play KFM? Balance should be in favor of your effort. It isn't. Skill takes a back seat to gear. I shouldn't have to explain the conflict of open world and 6v6 pvp and why you'll never see a mainstream pvp related title that allows a veteran to win without displaying veteran related experience. A good comparison is street fighter or tekken. Both combatants enter a match with equal opportunity to compete. This game displays a show of absolute dominion when one player's gear won't even allow another player to achieve damage. These two should never meet in a proper matchmaking system with that level of disparity. Being able to one shot wouldn't fly in any tournament you endorse so why allow it in game? I'll get a lot of disagreements with my point here but it's no lie. Classes have too much utility and not enough weaknesses. Let's use assassin for example. They take away my physical ability to see, spend most of their time attacking at angles, have great damage, mobility, counters, and teleports. so what do they lack for all of this advantage? IN the general rule of balance, a seemingly over powered class has an achilles heel. Summoner, force master, blade dancer, warlock and assassin are at conflict with this general rule. Each of these classes have game breaking utility that makes it seem as if they're cheating. Heals? A.I. companions with high health? great damage and mobility? range? double escapes? Stealth? Come back mechanics? Power ups? Freezes that take away approach abilities? The term glass cannon comes to mind but these classes have outstanding defensive options like a flashbang that turns your screen white or a invincible ice shield that gives you back your health. I'm not being biased, bitter, or disingenuous. They have few counters unless played against themselves. There is more but the overall or TL:DR portion is that range shouldn't beat melee except at a distance and powerful utility comes at a cost. Hard to play should equal rewarded effort. Highest DPS is reserved for those getting the most dirty. There's more but i'll stop here for now to see the overall opinion from users here.
  7. This is the most unbalanced online game i've ever played.

    My solution is to buff the weaker classes, simple. I'm not an advocate of taking away what makes a class fun. I would just like more incentive to pick what you like, not what's the best. I have two friends who started KFM not knowing they chose a weak class. They didn't do much research and thought the class would involve a bunch of grabs, air combo's and take downs. They have no clue about ani-canceling or optimal rotations as they're casuals looking for a new game to enjoy. No one wants to spend time AND MONEY, on a class that's bad. (in comparison)
  8. This is the most unbalanced online game i've ever played.

    That doesn't excuse the imbalance in PVE. The question still stands, why play KFM over WL? There is almost no aspect of KFM that is more valuable than WL outside the fact KFM can tank. What the developers are telling people is, "you're the under appreciated punching bag if you pick KFM". "Inside and outside of PVE". My issue is where is the incentive? I understand that no game is totally balanced and balance will take a back seat to fun. My problem is making classes obsolete. There is a reason why you see more summoners and warlocks then you do kfms. People, especially western audience, always gravitate to the easiest and most rewarding classes. The most played class should light a signal to developers that maybe they should buff other classes to keep diversity alive. Who wants a game where everyone is the same 4 or 5 classes?
  9. This is the most unbalanced online game i've ever played.

    The underlining point in this thread is this: Would you rather play an easier class and get the highest DPS? Or play the the hardest class and have one of the lowest DPS? Would you rather play a ranged class and have an easier time in PVP or play a melee class and have a hard time in PVP? That is the disparity between classes like warlock versus kung fu master. I assume some of you agree this is good development and my views are "outdated"? The world we live in.