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  1. New feature suggestion: In-game Barber/Beautician

    bump for more responses. It would definitely be a quality of life upgrade that would help make the player base very appreciative. The only reason i don't see it being implemented the way we want is, money. They would likely have to develop an interface for us to utilize this feature and i'm sure if they considered it, the topic that will arise is: "how will we make money from this". Sadly this game seems insistent on that very topic so may i suggest a trade off? My suggestion affects premium membership and hongmoon store products. Currently the premium is lacking so maybe allow the beautician feature to be a perk of lvl (you decide) premium members. That way, more people are willing to buy premium to access the feature and it's not considered pay to win in any shape or form.
  2. @ Developers: Please balance summoner

    Very insightful! Thanks for not attacking my skill as a player. I figured from the developers point of view this is a great way to keep the masses interested as picking a class is daunting for a beginner. Seeing the easiest class double as one of the best is great for the longevity of the casual player. Still, what i suggested wouldn't hurt casuals. It would just force the competitive to actually care about their cat taking pvp damage. I still don't see why making a summoner care about their cat translates into all the rubbish responses i'm getting about my skill.
  3. @ Developers: Please balance summoner

    I'm going to quote myself because people seem intent on arguing how bad i am at pvp instead of directly telling me what's wrong here. 1. i stated that summoner is mid tier in PVE DPS while being the easiest class in the game, While classes like KFM are much harder and are low tier. that's a balancing issue. 2. I stated that there is no such thing as a terrible summoner in PVP as their tier of terrible is actually what most would be decent at tougher classes. that's a balancing issue. 3. I suggested their cat's health be nerfed to help balance the playstyle of summoner whom most of them don't contain their cat and @grimoir willingly admitted will allow you to beat on the cat because the cat can absorb and recover health. He/She also said in their "tips" you go after the cat, you lose. REALLY? seems like that's a balancing issue. 4. I stated the cat dying is a serious threat to the summoner but in the handbook of how to fight a summoner (because i lose 100% to all summoners hur dur) is to NOT go after their main source of power??? seems like a balancing issue to me. Please continue to defend "ryu's unblockable fireball" like balancing.
  4. Weekly box loot ninja nerfed

    balance my ass. This is just some artificial way to continue to screw players and slow progression. This game is just backwards in too many ways. progression is slowed by much needed and basic mats being fairly rare and scarce. Top that off with an aggressive update schedule in which every two months there is content that makes all your work next to obsolete.
  5. @ Developers: Please balance summoner

    Since a lot of you are ASSUMING i lose to summoners or am bad at pvp, i'm going to ASSUME none of you understood or comprehended my topic. ONCE AGAIN, the cat's health is way too high and they do way too much damage to be so versatile. Both things need adjusting but i'd like to see more responses from people who DON'T MAIN summoner. I'll also assume people who disagree are summoners whether they'll admit it or not. See how assuming works?
  6. @ Developers: Please balance summoner

    Of course! i also played every other class except BM and SF. Summoners isn't the only class the NEEDS balancing. They're just the focus of this topic.
  7. @ Developers: Please balance summoner

    @grimoir: I'd also like to add that your "tips" doesn't correlate with my balance suggestions. What that means is, i would still LOSE to summoner even if these suggestions got implemented tomorrow. I just wanted to throw that out there so you take some time to READ before replying to me with easy to slam opinions.
  8. @ Developers: Please balance summoner

    Again you're making baseless assumptions on my skill and it's DERAILING the focus of the topic. If you didn't have "selective reading" you would have noticed i didn't contradict myself and only suggested two balancing fixes to summoner. The "TL;DR" or "Too selective; didn't understand" version would be: Nerf their overall damage output and nerf the health of the pet. The pet's health would, in fact, affect how summoner is played in all instances of pvp and pve. The damage nerf would only hinder them a bit in open world or 6v6 pvp. Nothing actually changes about the way the class is played(other then making the summoner more mindful of their pet), so stop acting like i'm asking for something ridiculous or drastic.
  9. @ Developers: Please balance summoner

    @klausflouride: don't worry, they probably won't balance the class any further. My topic is a topic that NEEDS TO BE SAID. NCSOFT has proven they lack integrity so this topic will fall into the pile while they continue to make money off of people attracted to easy classes with outrageous benefits. If i was capcom working on street fighter, why not just give ryu a fire ball you can't block. People (that play ryu) will defend it and suggest he's fine while the MAJORITY are looked at as whiny and poor players that need to "git gud". I know how this works.
  10. @ Developers: Please balance summoner

    @grimoir: Yea i didn't come here to argue or even debate your opinion. What i said is fact and has nothing to do with my level of skill (which you're assuming is bad). Your rebuttal is baseless and full of assumptions. My topic is backed by evidence, concrete and anecdotal. Also, don't be the grammar police, just don't be "that guy".
  11. forced pvp

    Just level up a summoner and run in a circle while rolling your face across the keyboard. Your cat will handle the rest. I promise you you'll win at least 50% of your matches. (not sarcasm either)
  12. This never happened to me before and now twice the game will lock up forcing me to ctrl+alt+delete to task manager to force shut down. Please investigate this issue.
  13. SOLUTION to the BT raid gear drops! PLEASE READ.

    You're forgetting that there is already a "lock out" in the form of finding a static capable of farming raven king. You may find it easy, but the vast majority of players still haven't gotten their first kill. This will do nothing to lock out the content especially since you need multiple accessories to get your "awakened" version. BT is old but very relevant and useful as it gives gold, accessories, soul shield upgrades, useful materials and aesthetics.
  14. rare gold chest

    to influence any gambling addiction you may have. Also to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ you off and dump any excess gold off into oblivion. Should you manage to hit the jackpot you won't keep it to yourself. You'll most likely shout it out in faction chat to influence others to partake in the RNG circle of doom.
  15. 15g for a Radiant Energy

    Even though i like the idea of exchanging my radiant energy for even more gold, the problem is, NCSOFT is now stuck between a rock and a hard place. Flooding the market with gold or massively devaluing gems. Even at the current 10g rate, there will be a massive increase in gold which will cause inflation. Tomorrow, the golden crap storm will slowly but surely hit us all. People will be walking around with thousands of gold and everyone will know it. You think the price of moonstones are bad now? Just you wait.
  16. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    It is not bait and switch. Bait and switch would be them NOT announcing the change before hand. Even if they didn't announce it, you agree'd in the EULA that NCOINS have no value. Which means you can't claim any lost property as any property was forfeit during your digital transaction, which you also agree'd too. Again, you guys only have yourselves to blame for this. NCSOFT is in no way involved in any remotely illegal business. I have read the terms over and over and i can assure you that there is no case for wrong doing or lost property. What occured was a lack of communication or misinformation unproven to be with ill intent. In other words, you can only assume they conspired to mislead you. You can't prove it. They've covered their end by disclaiming the content is subject to change. that disclaimer, is on record and will stand up. You can't dispute this. Just take your losses and decide what to do from there.
  17. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    For the love of anything holy LISTEN TO THIS MAN (or woman) I'd also like to add fix the "stuck combat mode" please! sheesh.
  18. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    EVERYONE CALM DOWN AND RELAX!!! They're listening and i can assure you they're sending this to the higher ups or talking about it seeing as this is the most popular thread.....ever. All i can say is expect extended maintenance.
  19. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Let's stop being pretentious acting as if NCSOFT did something illegal. They said in the stream that content is SUBJECT TO CHANGE. It's your own fault for investing in this "stock market" environment. You lost and you're upset. You gambled and you're negative. You got WHAT YOU PAID FOR so there is no scam. A scam would be taking your money and giving you nothing. I'm playing devil's advocate but only because i know law better then most of you and they aren't even remotely in any legal trouble here. As far as being anti-consumer? YES YES YES!!!! This game along with many other "free to play" games are obscenely anti consumer. This still is your fault, the consumer. It's your responsibility to decide if a deal is raw or not. They aren't guilty of false advertisement as misinformation and false advertisement are two completely different issues. You were led to believe you were going to receive a better then reasonable deal for your in game item. Before releasing a final build to you, they notified you a day early that deal would change. No contracts were signed, no binding statements were made or notarized by official entities. You aren't a share holder and you don't own property, you are entitled to nothing. You're not a victim of a scam, you're a victim of naivety and impulsive decision making. Had you not invested early, would you have felt slighted? The answer is no. You chose to get the jump on the competition and play the dozens. Don't mistake this post as a defense for the companies lack of consumer friendly behavior. I just hate how people misuse terms and over exaggerate extremes. If you're angry at a company for telling lies, don't lie and say they scammed you when you'd be a ignorant hypocrite like those who call people they disagree with, nazi's.
  20. So you gave some more premium stuff to f2p peeps

    we should get free costume tansfers for premium. It's the one thing we can have that's not considered pay to win.
  21. you'll still need a silver certain rank.
  22. Please remove the chance of failure from transmutation

    The game doesn't give you enough gold to sink. It'd be different if the average account holder, F2Per, or casual has roughly 10k gold but it's not. The average is somewhere around 500 or less and that's considering you're not in the process of a VERY expensive upgrade. It's a useless feature when it could take you literal months to afford the most basic of upgrades. You get around 7 to 10 gold in top dungeon runs. It's dumb how you pay real money for outfits, then salvage them for a chance at absolute failure? i'm better off handing my money to the guy with a sign standing on the corner.
  23. Especially from the salvaged fabrics. You don't make any money from this so why implement it other then to cause frustration as it seems to be it's only purpose. I refuse to use transmute when i see a chance of failure because i hate gambling precious and hard to come by materials. The fabrics being lost is basically like throwing real money in the garbage. I'm sure you'd just up the cost to transmute but anything is better then losing your hard earned mats.
  24. Farmable Legendary mystic badge please.

    The REAL reason this won't be implemented any time soon is because it's the only real reward for raiding. Once that content becomes obsolete, i'm sure they'll ease down the dungeon or provide an alternative. Until then i HIGHLY suggest you stay away from open world PVP content because those badges are designed to one shot anything with a virtual pulse.